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Great news! You’re getting a dog, or at least you’re strongly considering getting one. But where to start? There are so many questions to consider.

Choosing a canine companion can be daunting, especially for first-time dog owners. So it’s important to become acquainted with facts about puppies and dogs. Thankfully, there are many ways to approach the situation.

Let’s run through what you need to know about getting a dog to make adding a new member to the family a whole lot easier.

Things to Consider 

Before we even start looking at your specific pooch possibilities and what we need to know about raising puppies. It’s worth ticking a few boxes to check whether you are as prepared as possible for your new housemate. Here are a few considerations to bear in mind before adopting a beautiful dog breed:

Are You Properly Suited to a Pet? 

This is a time to be brutally honest. A dog will require lots of attention and daily commitment. That means walking and exercising, feeding on schedule, grooming, and (at times) guarding like you would your own child.

It may not be a fit if you travel for work. If you spend lots of time away from home during the day, many dogs will not enjoy being without you for long periods of time, as some suffer from separation anxiety. In short, if you do not have the time to spend with a dog, it is probably a bad idea to consider adopting one. 

You need to also be honest about whether or not you have the patience to adjust to and train your new pup.

Do You Have the Proper Space? 

A small apartment may not be suited to a fluffy big dog. Breeds like the Bear Coat Shar Pei or the Golden Mountain Doodle might do better in a house with a large yard with space to run and play. If you have limited space, consider getting low-maintenance dog breeds like the Chihuahua Shih Tzu mix or the unique Cavapoochon.

A high-energy and playful breed like the Border Collie Blue Merle might not do well in a confined and pristinely-kept showhouse. In the same vein, some pets may not mix well with others due to a personality clash. 

Another consideration is safety. Just like you would “child-proof” a home, you should take steps to make your home safer for your dogs. Some things that are harmless to us can be dangerous to them. Errant pieces of food lying about, toxic plants, chemicals, and hazardous materials lying about should all be removed long before the dogger arrives.

Do You Have a Medical Plan?

That’s not necessarily a pitch for pet insurance (although it’s not a bad idea), but knowing what vet options exist in your immediate neighborhood is very important. It’s always good to have a game plan.

Otherwise, in the case of an emergency, where do you go? Do your neighborhood research before adopting, and you’ll have some peace of mind. 

What Type of Dog Should You Get?

So, this is the fun part, when you get to decide what type of dog you would like to adopt (assuming you are satisfied that you and your home are suitable on all fronts). Always consider adopting from a shelter before going to a breeder. 

Big Fluffy Dogs

Everybody loves a big fluffy dog, right? We seem to think that kids love them, and they often have the personalities of stuffed toys — friendly and comforting. The downside is they also get dirty much more often, and this shows up on those white big fluffy dog breeds even more.

Medium to Large Dogs

Speaking of big and fluffy, getting a large white dog seems to be equally as popular among families. Expect to up the shedding factor by ten, simply because their white hair is far more visible in your home than most other colors.  

There’s good news if you love big dogs but don’t fancy all their shedding. Some breeds shed very little or not at all (that we notice). If this sounds like your ideal pup, then big dogs that don’t shed are for you.  

Spotty Dogs

What’s cuter than a dog with spots? It’s not exactly known why spotted dogs like Dalmatians and Beagles became so popular, but we know that no two patterns are the same. This makes a spotted dog particularly unique in the family context. 

Asian Dog Breeds

For reasons too mysterious and numerous to mention, pets originating from Asia hold a particular fascination for animal lovers. Several Asian dog breeds from Asia have found immense popularity in the West, including mixes such as the Shih Tzu Pomeranians, Yorkie Shih Tzu, and Shih Tzu Maltese breeds.  

Plus, there are loads of cute Indian dog breeds to pick from, too. The choices are endless.

Blue-Eyed Dogs

If your tastes go more toward looks, you may be the kind of pet owner that searches for specific traits. Blue eyes are one of the most exotic characteristics people look for when it comes to dogs, and fortunately, there are several blue-eyed dog breeds to choose from.

Expensive Dog Breeds

Want to splash out on a dog that will wow your family and friends? Maybe you feel you can afford a decent amount on a dog’s upkeep. These expensive dog breeds will cost you a penny or two because of their rarity and their basic medical and maintenance costs. 

As you can imagine, designer pooches such as the adorable Pomapoo, the quirky Zuchon, and the Shih Tzu Mini all brandish a hefty price tag.

Aggressive Dog Breeds

Some people desire a sense of security around their homes and therefore look for dogs that are known for their ability to protect. It’s a little unfair to describe these as aggressive dog breeds, as all dogs possess the capacity for aggression. 

Proper training is required with these dogs, so you should only consider these if you have some experience with dogs. 

Well Behaved Dogs

At the other end of the spectrum, some dogs are more likely to be easy-going and friendly. They will also behave more passively when left alone or in a public scenario. These best-behaved dogs are great matches for people with similar easy-going natures.

And when it all gets too much you might enjoy lightening the mood with these dog jokes. Or how about some classic dog knock knock jokes?

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