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17 Tallest Dog Breeds You’ll Love

Everyone has their favorite breed. Some really love toy dogs, others love working dogs, and then there are those of us that simply cannot resist a big beast of a pup. The tallest dog breeds have become very popular with owners and dog lovers, and for a good reason.

While those unfamiliar would balk at the idea of having such a space-consuming behemoth in their homes, others know better. In many cases, these giants are gentle and loving. They provide a sense of family and calm, even if they can be intimidating to strangers.

This article celebrates them by offering the 17 tallest dog breeds commonly found in homes. 

17 Tallest Dog Breeds 

When considering tall dog breeds, note that most are also hefty in weight. Some are deemed giant breeds, and here are the 17 most recognized large breeds. 

1. Akbash

The Akbash breed is usually white and hails from the Anatolia region of Turkey. The word “Akbas,” on which the name is based, means “white head.” These gentle giants can grow up to 33 inches tall and weigh up to 140 lbs.


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2. American Mastiff

American Mastiffs have been recorded as weighing as much as a hefty 200 lbs. That means that these large dogs outweigh the average human. They grow as tall as 35 inches, too, which makes them really difficult to pick up. 

This great dog’s ancestors are said to have accompanied Hannibal on his war expeditions. A mastiff also once held the world record for World’s Largest Dog, so these pups are well-regarded on the size front. The Neapolitan mastiff is often even bigger than the American mastiff.


Image by Aleksandr Tarlõkov from Pixabay 

3. Borzoi

The odd-looking but beautiful Borzoi is a sighthound, standing 28 inches tall. Though perhaps not as hefty in terms of weight as some other dogs on this list (top weight is around 105 lbs), they are nonetheless striking in their appearance.

Their large bodies and narrow faces sometimes make them look comical, but the long silky coat and graceful, strong legs are captivating. However, these are traditionally hunting dogs, and they are known for their strong prey drive


Image: Nicolas2200

4. Bully Kutta

Don’t be too concerned if you’ve never heard of a Bully Kutta. Though they are primarily found in India and Pakistan, you may have seen one unknowingly. It is another mastiff breed, known for its aggressive temperament and dominant personality, and may not be the most common dog you encounter.

Nicknamed “The Beast of the East,” the Bully Kutta was once a working dog in the Indian region. As guards, they stood an impressive 36 inches tall, weighing 170 lbs. Their name does describe their general personality in a way. They tend to be strong of mind and instinctively aggressive.


Image by Ralph from Pixabay 

5. Great Dane

The Great Dane might be a favorite giant breed dog. It stands 32 inches at the shoulder and can tip the scale up to 175 lbs. Thanks to widespread media (and anecdotal evidence), Great Danes may be our favorites because of their almost kid-like personalities.

They often seem somewhat goofy and awkward. They are incredibly affectionate and sensitive to their environments. They will try to sit on your lap even when fully grown. In effect, they remain like puppies well into their adulthood. 


Photo: L. Shyamal

6. Himalayan Sheepdog

This Nepalese native is also known as Bhote Kukur or Bhotia. The name says a lot about its origins. Of the dogs on this list, they may not be the tallest, but they look enormous owing to their thick coats. That said, they can carry a hefty 90 lbs and stand about 28 inches. 

Himalayan-sheepdog tallest dog breeds

Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

7. Irish Wolfhound

Some believe the Irish Wolfhound may be the tallest breed in the world on average. The minimum size for one of these dogs is 32 inches. Some have been recorded at several inches taller than that.

If you’ve been watching your favorite historical drama about Rome and seen a wolfhound, rest assured this is entirely accurate. Wolfhounds have been dated as far back as the Roman Empire. They were used through the ages as hunting dogs, particularly for the big game.


Image by NATHALIE G. from Pixabay 

8. Kangal Dog

The Kangal is a wonderfully rounded dog standing about 34 inches and weighing 140 lbs. They originate from Turkey, where they were used to guard livestock in open fields.

Related to the mastiff breed, these dogs will potentially give a wolf or small black bear a fight if forced to. It has the distinction of having the most substantial bite of all domestic dogs. 


Image by Wolfgang Beuthin from Pixabay 

9. Landseer

The Landseer or Landseer Newfoundland breed looks like a loving and sizable dog, standing about 30 inches high. They can weigh as much as 170 lbs. The distinctive black head and white chest provide a cute look, despite its huge paws and stature. 


Photo: Lukas3~commonswiki 

10. Polish Greyhound

Greyhounds are known for their slim bodies and explosive speed — they are among the fastest dog breeds on the planet. The Polish Greyhound stands 31 inches and is a surprisingly strong dog, even though it does resemble the traditional greyhound. 


Image by HANSUAN FABREGAS from Pixabay 

11. Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Sometimes better known as Great Pyrenees, these dogs are absolutely gorgeous, with thick white coats, soulful eyes, and deep history. They were flock-guarding mountain dogs from Spain and France and can make excellent guard dogs. 


Image by Šárka Jonášová from Pixabay 

12. Saint Bernard

The big fluffy darling of the giant dog family, Saint Bernard, is intimidating in size and as loving and calm as any dog could possibly be. Regularly seen policing the Swiss Alps, they often measure 27 inches at the shoulder and can weigh as much as 180-200 lbs.

saint bernard most aggressive dog breeds

13. Scottish Deerhound

Some like to compare Scottish Deerhounds to Irish Wolfhounds. On the face of it, Deerhounds are slightly smaller than wolfhounds. They stand around 32 inches and can weigh up to 110 lbs. 

The breed is known for its wiry coat, though it is physically built more like a strong greyhound. It is typically black with some gray or white aspects. One fun trait of this dog is its love of the cold. This big dog breed prefers to live in cold climates and often seek out cold surfaces to lie on.

Scottish Deerhound

Photo: Pleple2000 

14. South Russian Ovcharka

Big and hairy, and potentially mistaken for a white Saint Bernard, the Ovcharka stands 26 inches and clocks in at 110 lbs. Their fringes cover their eyes, making them hard for strangers to read. This can sometimes cause problems, as they can become aggressive towards strangers if not properly socialized.


Photo: Inugami-bargho 

15. Tibetan Mastiff

This breed resembles a beast out of a comic book creepy tale. Some even say its thick neck coat makes it look a little like a lion. This large breed dog stands 26 inches and can weigh up to 140 lbs. The large head, upturned tail, and muscular body make it seem very alert and somewhat threatening to strangers. 


Photo: Pleple2000

16. Tosa

The Tosa Inu has a somewhat unfair reputation as being a dangerous dog. In part, this is because early accounts of the breed are associated with fighting alongside samurai in feudal Japan. The breed weighs around 170 lbs and is a formidable field adversary. 

Another attractive trait is its tendency to be quiet. The Tosa seldom barks and, even when fighting or playing, will hardly make a sound. 

These giant dogs are not for novice owners. Their history makes them very effective fighters, and they are particularly intelligent, not to mention stubborn when it comes to behavior. It will try to be the family boss. As an owner, you will need to be strong enough to prevent that. 


Photo: Adventurous36 

17. Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Lastly, The Central Asian Shepherd Dog, also known as the Alabay, may well be the tallest dog breed in the world overall, regularly measuring up to 43 inches. These tall dogs are simply huge, and as the name suggests, they were used as sheep guards.

At 170 lbs, they can also throw quite a bit of their massive size around. Thankfully, they are fairly good with families and children. 


Final Thoughts on Tallest Dog Breeds

Are you keen on adopting one of these large dog breeds? These 17 largest dog breeds will definitely occupy some space in your home. It is best to provide lots of open areas for giant dog breeds, though, so they are ideally suited to a home with a large yard or nearby walking trails. 

Most of these canines are super friendly, especially if socialized correctly, and will be loving members of your home if you choose to add them. 

Do make sure you only get your puppy from a reputable breeder. If you’re not sure how to go about this check out this article from the American Kennel Club.

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