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5 Things You Need to Know about Siamese Cats and Dogs

Siamese cats are a gorgeous breed that’s hard not to love — but when you already have dogs, can you make both furry companions see nose to nose?

Of course, if you have one of the least aggressive dog breeds, then integrating any cat should be a breeze. But it’s possible you’ve heard that Siamese cats have a bit of a mean streak, and you might be asking yourself — can I make this work? 

As it turns out, Siamese cats and dogs might just be as compatible as cheese and crackers. Here’s the scoop on how these gorgeous black-faced cats with blue eyes get on with friendly canines, and whether it’s a good idea to add one of them to your growing furry family.

siamese-cat-with-dog siamese cats and dogs

Image by Joy617 from Pixabay

1. The Siamese Cat’s Temperament

This breed has a bit of a reputation for being mean and somewhat aggressive. And, of course, such a thing would factor into whether they’d get on with any doggos in your house. 

While the Siamese breed might be quirky, they’re not normally aggressive or destructive if they’re socialized correctly and given enough attention but their owner. In fact, they tend to be curious and rather friendly. 

They are even compared to dogs in their desire to follow their human counterparts around, and their massive enjoyment for attention and their vocal nature. This can make them a great addition for a canine companion — on paper anyway. Let’s delve a little deeper into how they interact with dogs first, though. 

2. Do Siamese Cat Breeds Like Dogs?

The general answer is yes, they do like dogs. But their furry bond may vary in intensity depending on the individual pets and their personalities, ages, and temperaments. There are different types of Siamese cats, after all. 


Image by Pixabay from Pexels

It may also depend on how you introduce your new feline to your happy dog. If they get off to a good start and your pup is socialized properly, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be the best of friends. But what if the start is a little more rough? 

Sometimes the introduction starts out great and then the mood switches and they’re having a snarl-fest. Don’t stress just yet — some Siamese cats won’t take to a newly-met dog at first, but it isn’t the end of life as you know it. 

It just means a period of adaptation will need to be allowed and respected. Not all animals enjoy big changes in their lives. And bringing in another pet is one of the biggest changes in their small world for both the new pet and the old. It can take a long time for even friendly dogs and cats to adjust.

3. Which are the Best Dog Breeds With Siamese Cats?

Not all dogs are created equal. Some breeds are friendlier, while some are more feisty and vocal. Others tend to be stand-offish and prefer their space. 

Technically, any dog can match with a Siamese cat if you have enough time to work with them. But you’ll have more luck maintaining the peace in your household if you have a more compatible breed. Here are some of the better dog matches for Siamese cats:

Labrador Retrievers

They’re intelligent and friendly to a fault, and extremely amenable. They’re also really good at learning how to play with smaller animals like babies and cats so that they won’t hurt them, despite their bigger size. Labrador Retrievers’ playstyles are also naturally gentle.

They can get a little territorial, but as long as both animals have some separate space to call their own in the household, you should be perfectly fine.  


Image by Pixabay from Pexels


They’re pretty similar to a Siamese cat themselves: roughly the same size, and also filled to the brim with energy and curiosity. Beagles also tend to be very sweet and friendly, making them a perfect companion to your new kitty. 


Surprised? They’re pretty intelligent dogs with a natural curiosity and are incredibly loving despite their fierce name and features. They’ll complement your Siamese’s lifestyle well, and will keep your cat on its toes with their high energy levels, helping them to stay active and engaged for a long, healthy life. 


The beloved dogs of Instagram are also a sweet compliment for your feline’s new best friend. They’re not particularly high-energy, and they’re smaller in size, so you won’t have to worry about any playtime accidents. 

These dogs are also pretty sweet-natured and laidback, so they make a great companion to your cat. Pugs might be really vocal at times, but then again, Siamese cats can be vocal themselves. You’ll probably rake up the views on TikTok filming a karaoke session with these two together.  

4. What If I Don’t Have One of These Breeds?

These breeds aren’t the only ones that’ll get along great with your Siamese cat, so don’t feel like you can’t get a Siamese cat if your doggo isn’t on this list. The above dogs are just known for their friendlier temperaments, meaning they’re more likely to adapt to your cat quicker and with less hassle. 

No matter what breed of dog you have to pair with your Siamese, as long as you go about introducing them the right way, things should go smoothly.

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5. How To Introduce Siamese Cats To Dogs


Image by Alexander Grey from Pexels

No matter how compatible the dog and cat are likely to be, the slow approach is still the best approach and a proper introduction is critical. Here are some crucial tips for success. 

Acclimate Your New Siamese Cat 

Whenever you bring a new animal into your home, they’ll need time to adjust to their new surroundings. There’s a ton of unfamiliar smells, sounds, and objects that will assault their senses. 

If you’re savvy, you’ll have removed extra humans and pets out of the equation to make this homecoming less overwhelming. Allow your new kitty to roam freely without interference from other people or your dogs, and they’ll pick a few preferred spots that feel comfortable and safe to them. Having their own space in separate rooms will create the most comfortable environment for siamese kittens.

Your new cat will likely gravitate to these spots for some downtime if they feel tired or afraid in the future.

Create Separate Spaces

While humans can be introduced one at a time, you should try to keep your Siamese cat and dog separate at first. This will give them the chance to smell and hear each other without being able to confront each other. Soon, they’ll start to accept the other’s presence in the home. 

Ideally this should last a few days. But if your pets need more time, then a few weeks can also be a normal period of adjustment. Neither pet will likely enjoy being sectioned off from other parts of the house, but giving your new cat a comfy blanket or an interactive toy will help them be calm in their safe space. 

As for your canine buddy, throwing in a few treats and some of your worn clothing can help them feel more comfortable and relaxed. 


Image by rihaij from Pixabay

Introduce the New Pet at a Young Age

Pets learn social skills and are sponge-absorbent in their first few months. After that, it becomes harder for them to accept new or strange things in their lives. The younger your new cat or new dog is, the better! 

It’s the ideal time to establish good relationships with your existing dog, who will see a tiny kitten as less of a threat. The new little one will also be open to meeting their bigger furry friend with no preconceived notions or bad experiences. 

Although not impossible, it is definitely harder to introduce older Siamese cats and dogs to each other. But, with patience they will learn to get along. 

Just bear in mind that babies are full of energy — sometimes too much energy for your older pet. So have a playpen or a crate ready to put your kitty in for a timeout if their playful nature gets too much. Or try distracting it with a cat tower.

Be Patient

If your Siamese cat and dog aren’t great companions the first day, don’t stress. It takes time to build a strong bond, and you have to be alright with that and allow them to move at their own pace. Start with 5 –10 minute intervals of interaction and work your way up from there. 

Always supervise these initial visits in case either goes into an energetic frenzy and startles the other, or intrudes on a designated “safe spot” the other has claimed. Use treats and distractions to help them learn that being in the same room with each other is a good and comfortable thing.

Final Thoughts on Siamese Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs aren’t the comic enemies they’ve long been supposed to be. They can have a good relationship — some breeds more than others. And with the Siamese’s disposition for friendliness and energy, they’ll make a great friend to their canine companion. So don’t get fooled by the common misconception that cats and dogs can’t be a good match. 

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