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No Fuss, All Fun: 25 Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds Perfect for First-Time Owners

Dogs are cute bundles of joy who seek to bring a smile to everyone’s face every chance they get. As much as you may love these pristine pooches, looking after them isn’t always smooth sailing.

You need to consider many things, from how much exercise they need to grooming routines. So, no matter how much you may want to adopt every breed, some are just a little easier to look after.

Get ready to discover all the best low-maintenance dog breeds that will make you fall in love with man’s best friend.

Some may be expensive dog breeds, but that’ll be an afterthought when your laid-back pup sits by your side.

25 Best Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

1. Boston Terrier

boston-terrier low maintenance dog breeds

Image by Kindred Hues Photography on Unsplash

Do you stay in a small apartment but still want that dopamine from seeing your happy puppy daily? Then the Boston Terrier may be the breed for you.

These pointy-eared pooches have spread their friendly and intelligent energy globally since the late 1800s. Although this low-maintenance breed loves a good run around — expect the standard leash pull or two — they’re also really relaxed and don’t need you around all the time.

Boston Terriers are also one of the smartest small dogs around. And with a short coat that needs minimal grooming, they’re the perfect companion for just about anyone.

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2. Brussels Griffon

If you’ve ever seen the 1984 film Gremlins, then you may see a resemblance to the adorable Brussels Griffon. These highly intelligent pups are the epitome of loyalty, as they’ll stay by your side no matter what.

Brussels Griffon

Training them is also a breeze, and their wiry and short coats are hypoallergenic, which is a real bonus. They only need moderate exercise (at least half an hour daily walk). 

These vocal little guys are five to 15 pounds of pure joy, so get ready for the occasional chorus of barks. 

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If you love Spaniels (who doesn’t?), you’ll adore these gentle souled beauties. They make the perfect addition to any family home. Seriously, you and the kids won’t stop stroking their soft and silky fur, and they won’t be complaining.


In fact, these are possibly one of the most attached breeds around, so don’t be surprised if you find them laying on you at every chance they get. 

They may have a long coat, but they’re also super easy to look after, as they pretty much groom themselves. But giving them a brush once a week is a good idea.

4. Chihuahua

If you want a tiny diva to spice up your life, it’s time to welcome the Chihuahua breed. They may not be the best with children, but it’ll be hard to find a dog that’s this easy to look after.


Their smooth and short to medium-length coats have minimal grooming needs. While they’re happy to be by your side, you’ll also see them zooming around the house. 

They may be small, but these active dogs never let their guard down. So get ready for a vocal overload. You may even find them barking in their sleep.

5. Dachshund 


Image by Carissa Weiser on Unsplash

Perfect proportions aren’t a huge deal with these sausage-shaped cuties. With the motto of “everyone’s my best friend,” these short-legged and long-bodied canines are excellent pets for anyone and great companions.

These German love muffins also have a short coat that comes in a myriad of colors. And to make things even better, they’re one of the few breeds that don’t smell. Although they’re happy to lounge around all day, regularly walking them will keep them fit and healthy.

These boisterous little fellows can also live to the ripe old age of 16, making them the ideal long-term companion.

6. English Toy Spaniel

The English Toy Spaniel is a must-have for a gentle friend who loves everyone — including other dogs. Their medium length and silky fur means they require regular brushing twice a week. But these quiet puppies will love the attention regardless.

english toy spaniel

English Toy Spaniels can get ear infections, which need to be monitored, but generally, they’re really healthy dogs. Toy Spaniels weigh no more than 14 pounds and are no taller than 10 inches, and these calm canines still enjoy a good old tug of war.

7. French Bulldog

These high-octane pups may run endlessly around the house, but don’t let their energy levels fool you. They are one of the cutest breeds you’ll ever see. 

french bulldog

With a short and smooth coat, they pretty much groom themselves, while their affectionate nature makes them the perfect family pet. Although they suffer from health issues like hip dysplasia, these heavy-breathing pooches will always put a smile on your face.

8. Havanese

Get your fill of Cuba’s national dog and possibly the cutest long-haired breed ever. Bred from extinct Blanquito de la Habana, these 11-inch pups are perfect for the family and adore playing with other dogs.

Havanese black

Grooming their silky and long fur is a bit of a shlep. But you can also cut them at the puppy parlor, and they’ll be just as cute.

They live around 16 years and never lose their energetic, playful nature. Don’t worry, though; they’re hardly the overwhelming type of dog.

9. Italian Greyhound


Image by Christian on Unsplash

For a real speedster with a tiny 15-inch frame, get yourself an Italian Greyhound. Although their sensitive and petite body isn’t great around rough kids, these playful pups love running around with other dogs.

Although they’ll bolt at the sign of movement, these miniature canines are easy to train. Their smooth and short coat doesn’t need a lot of grooming and comes in 17 standard colors.

Due to their small size, you’ll have to watch out for injuries, particularly to the legs. Aside from that, they are super healthy dogs that live to around 15 years. 

10. Japanese Chin

For a multi-colored pooch that’ll love snuggling by your side on a cold and rainy day, consider the Japanese Chin. These cute dogs love attention, so they actually invite the weekly brush to keep their medium-length silky coats in tip-top shape.

Japanese Chin dog

They make the perfect apartment pet, as they don’t need much space to live a good life. All they need is you. Although Tay-Sachs Disease is common in these pups, breeders are often diligent and tend to plan breedings to avoid this fatal sickness.

11. Maltese

The Maltese are the perfect pedigree dogs that know how pretty they are. Originating from Italy — more specifically Malta — these little ones weigh no more than seven pounds. 

maltese dog

They may have bundles of energy, but they don’t require a lot of exercise. Even just running around the house will keep them happy. While Maltese are relatively healthy dogs who adore everyone, their long silky coats need a good daily brushing.

But it’s all worth it at the end of the day, as this beautiful dog breed is a lover of everyone through and through.

12. Miniature Schnauzer

If it’s the unconditional love you seek from a puppy that loses its energetic charm, then the Miniature Schnauzer may be for you. They may not be the best-tempered around other dogs, but that’s just because they want all your attention. 

Miniature Schnauzer

With their small frame and the enduring need to always care for you, these wiry-haired pups are simply the best. Their grooming is a bit demanding (once a day), but they hardly shed. Training them is also a breeze, as all they want to do is please you at every turn.

PS. They also make great family dogs or city-living companions.

13. Papillon


Image by Herbert Goetsch on Unsplash

For a friendly pup with a silky coat that all your friends will love, get yourself a Papillon. Technically a part of the spaniel family, these playful stiff-eared pooches adapt to any surrounding, whether a countryside home or a small inner city apartment.

They’ll literally be stuck at the hip, as they’ll follow you anywhere and everywhere. Their undying love makes them super easy to train, but you can also expect a yappy roommate — that’s for sure.

Despite their long silky coat, grooming once a month is more than enough. And to make things better, these little ones are tougher than they look, with hardly any health issues.

14. Pomeranian 

These tiny fluff balls are the perfect loving machine for any household. Their glistening poofy coat needs a fair bit of attention, and training them takes some careful consideration.

pomeranian emotional support dog breeds

Despite these slightly high maintenance characteristics, Poms are one of the easiest lapdogs. These boisterous fluffies can be your loyal companion for up to 16 years, as they have hardly any health issues.

15. Pug

For an adorably ugly dog that’s taken the world by storm, get yourself one of these flat-faced cuties. They may have issues breathing, and their eyes are vulnerable to infections, but these Asian sensations come with a lot of love.

black pug black dog breeds

They’ll adore everyone in the family and pretty much anyone who walks through the door. They’re also happy to lounge around all day and eat their fair share, so taking them on a gentle walk daily is essential. 

16. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are one of the best teddy bear dog breeds with a friendly and affectionate nature. Okay, they require daily grooming, but this is the perfect chance to get all that puppy love you crave daily.

Shih Tzu white and brown dog

Adapting to your plans is also a big bonus, and they require minimal exercise, so if you’re a busy individual, they’re the pooch for you. With an easy-going nature, these dogs have hardly any health issues and are super friendly with people and other dogs.

17. Toy Poodle

golden toy poodle with tongue out

Possibly one of the oldest and cutest dog breeds around, these tiny pups will love everyone in the family, big or small. A Toy Poodle’s temperament is also super easy to read, as these self-confident pooches love attention from anyone, even strangers.  

They’re relatively healthy dogs that love a good run around, so daily walks are necessary. If you’re not planning on regularly trimming their coats, grooming can be quite the ordeal due to their long curly hair.

18. Yorkshire Terrier

From one energetic mini dog to another, Yorkies are one of the cutest and most affectionate dogs ever. Despite their small frame, they make fantastic watchdogs and can live in almost any household without complaining.

Yorkshire Terrier

They are pretty vocal and require daily brushing thanks to their long silky coat. With a super protective nature, they don’t always look kindly at strangers. But as they’re easy to train, you can quickly get them used to fresh faces with regular socializing.

19. American Eskimo

These wolf-like pups are among the best companion dogs and are easy to train due to their emotional intelligence and affectionate nature. This white dog breed is also considered an ancient dog due to its wolf genetics.

american eskimo dog white

Get ready for lots of fluff, as these canines shed all the time, but a good brushing twice a week should do the trick. They’re perfect for fitness fanatics and will have loads of fun on long jogs or extended games of fetching the ball.

20. Basset Hound

They may trip over their ears occasionally, but these laid-back dogs are super easy and have a great time with other pets. These low-to-the-ground hounds are incredibly independent, so don’t be surprised if they completely ignore you occasionally.

Basset Hound

Bassets are one of the more needy breeds as far as health care goes, so it’s essential you keep track of any ear infections and similar issues. They’ll also need a good brush at least once a week, but on the whole, these easy-going pups.

21. Beagle


Image by Arun B.S on Unsplash

These quintessentially cute dogs were initially bred for hunting, so training them is as easy as pie. Their medium size and eager-to-please nature make them fantastic companions and great around children. 

The Beagles’ smooth and short coat is easy to maintain, while their energy levels never seem to drop. Beagles are prone to becoming obese if not walked for at least an hour a day. Otherwise, they have very few health issues and will make a great addition to any home.

22. Drever

Sticking with medium-sized dogs, you’ll enjoy the calming presence of the Drever, a Swedish breed. Like Beagles, they’re super easy to train with a hunting background and are great with other dogs and children.

drever dog

The short double-thick hair generally has two shedding seasons, but monthly brushes should help keep things under control. While they enjoy a good run around, relaxing on the couch with you is also one of their favorite pastimes. 

23. Golden Retriever

It’ll be hard to find a happier dog than these golden-haired beauties. They absolutely adore everyone and everything (even cats) and are one of the easiest breeds to train.

golden-retriever-on-the-beach why does my dog smell like fish

While their hair does require attention around twice a week, they are generally healthy dogs and make the perfect pet for a relaxed owner. That said, they need regular exercise and a fair bit of stimulation throughout the day.

Top Tip: Golden Retrievers are best in pairs, as they can entertain each other for hours on end if you have a busy work life.

24. Labrador Retriever

It’s hard to compare a Golden and Labrador Retriever, as they’re both fantastic dogs. Like their golden counterparts, Labradors are really friendly and love to play with everyone, even strangers.

labrador retriever blond on grass

Although Labs are susceptible to bloat, these happy campers are generally healthy dogs. Labs are also really easy to train, but training will only get you so far, as they require plenty of daily activity.

Top Tip: Like Golden Retrievers, Labs do best around other dogs.

25. Shiba Inu


Image by Jaycee Xie on Unsplash

If you love Asian dog breeds, the Shiba Inu will be your next medium-sized best friend. These energetic dogs are as attentive as they come, so they make excellent watchdogs.

Although they’re not bad with other dogs (early training is a great idea), Shiba’s much prefer the company of their owners. The fluffy coats shed almost constantly, so you may need to brush them regularly to keep the house from being overall by fluff.

Walks are always appreciated, but they won’t be bouncing off the walls trying to get your attention. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds

Well, there you have it, all the best dogs for an easy-going owner or first-time dog lover. Whether you want a big or small dog, there’s a whole host of options, so making a choice isn’t always the easiest.

To help make your decision just that bit easier, read about the best emotional support dogs to find the best companion for you.

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