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19 Dog Breeds Under 10 Pounds You’ll Love

Everyone who loves dogs has a size preference. Large dog people love the bear-like sizes of the Newfoundland or Tibetan Mastiff. However, where’s the love for those who prefer small pups?

These tiny pups might only weigh around 10 pounds, but they have a ton of personality (maybe even more than big dogs). Small dogs are not yapping rats and have their own charm, which makes people all over the world fall in love with them. There’s a reason tiny pups have become quite popular in this day and age. Who wouldn’t want a compact fluffball to love and cuddle?

If you’re in the market for a small dog breed, then look no further. Here are 19 pups who weigh under 10 pounds you’ll love.

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19 Dog Breeds Under 10 Pounds

From the monkey-like Affenpinscher to the popular and prissy Yorkshire Terrier, here are 19 dog breeds that weigh around 10 pounds and under. Who knows? Maybe some of these adorable bundles of joy fit the bill for dogs that fit under airplane seats.

1. Affenpinscher


Photo on pxfuel

The Affenpinscher might not be a pedigree breed, but this little dog is adorable in its own way. Their name comes from the German word “affeit,” which means “monkey,” and they really hit the nail on the head when picking this name. They weigh between 5 and 10 pounds, and even though they aren’t terriers, they were bred for the same purpose. 

Affenpinschers are not very trusting and will be suspicious of strangers and new surroundings. This comes in handy if you’re looking for a watchdog (not that their size will scare someone off, but maybe their monkey looks will). 

They also aren’t very active and will need you to take them on walks to keep them from becoming couch potatoes.

2. Biewer Terrier


Photo by Tamara Schipchinskaya on Unsplash

Biewer Terriers are the more fancy cousin of the Yorkshire Terrier. These adorable cuties were recognized as an official breed by the American Kennel Club in 2021 and are still relatively rare due to their small litter sizes. However, just because these smaller dogs are not that well-known, it doesn’t mean they won’t make your house a home. 

These little fluffballs weigh between 4 and 8 pounds and are known for the three colors that make up their coats (whereas Yorkies only have two). They also have more white in their fur as well as fuller tails. Biewers are super affectionate dogs and can be quite energetic, so they need plenty of dog toys and playtime to keep them busy.

3. Bolognese


Photo on pxhere

No, this isn’t the yummy Italian pasta dish. Bolognese is also a dog breed known to resemble the Maltese. They originated in the city of Bologna, so they are Italian (just not edible). They used to be quite popular, as even Catherine the Great was known to own Bolognese pups.

These furballs weigh between 6 and 10 pounds and love to be the center of attention. They’re also super sensitive and don’t trust easily. However, when they do, you’ve got a loyal pup for life. They are a good choice if your home mostly consists of small spaces.

Bolognese dogs are not very active, so if you decide to get one, make sure you have the time and patience to get them exercising.

4. Brussels Griffon


Photo from Canva

The Brussels Griffon may not be a well-known breed, but their personality and wit make up for it. Once you meet one of these pups, you will fall in love with their sassy moods and human-like behavior. 

This toy breed usually weighs between 8 and 12 pounds and is very energetic. They need a lot of exercise and love zooming around the backyard.

Griffon pups are also quite sensitive and will take things to heart, so be sure to discipline them with care (they will ignore you for days if you offend them). Luckily, their mood swings don’t last very long, and soon enough, you’ll have your sassy little companion by your side again.

5. Chihuahua


Photo by Alicia Gauthier on Unsplash

Chihuahuas are known as the tiny but mighty breed. These pups are one of the smallest dog breeds out there, weighing only up to 6 pounds. However, they have huge personalities despite their small size.

No chihuahua is the same, as their characters can vary greatly from grumpy pups to the sweetest babies. They can also be super energetic and love running around or lazy couch potatoes who want to chill out and relax.

6. Chinese Crested


Photo by Kanashi on Unsplash

This weird dog breed is known for its bald coat accented by a powderpuff-style tail, hairdo, and fluffy legs. However, there are actually two versions of Chinese Crested out there – the powderpuff pup and the bald breed. The completely hairless version is much rarer than the powderpuff Chinese Crested, but both of them are absolutely adorable in their ugliness.

They usually weigh between 8 and 12 pounds and have cat-like personalities (even though they’re dogs). These pups love to sit in high places and can be pretty social, but only when it suits them. They’re also relatively passive and need you to take them outside on a walk to keep them from becoming full-on lazy pups.

7. Havanese


Photo from Canva

The Havanese is an adorable little pup known for their long, silky coat that looks straight out of a L’Oreal ad. Weighing between 7 and 12 pounds, most of their weight is just hair at this point as their bodies are quite tiny.

These pups are extremely intelligent and train easily. They love to learn tricks and adapt to their surroundings very quickly. They originated from Cuba and were bred to be lap dogs for the aristocrats. Don’t expect them just to laze around, though, as they need a lot of exercise and will zoom through the house if they haven’t spent their energy completely.

8. Japanese Chin


Photo on pxfuel

The Japanese Chin is an adorable, playful pup with a goofy smile. They usually weigh between 3 and 9 pounds and are quite affectionate towards their owners. These pups might be active and playful, but they’re also independent and will disappear for a few hours to spend some me-time in the sun.

And if you expect to keep a clean home with a Japanese Chin, think again. They have a long coat that needs to be groomed properly at least once a week and brushed daily. Be sure to invest in a good quality grooming kit for Japanese Chins. 

These furballs also shed, so be ready for a ton of white hair on everything. But who can get mad at them with a face like that?

9. Maltese


Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

The Maltese breed is a short white pup known for its cloud-like appearance. They originated on the island of Malta and were believed to have protected the Phoenicians’ ship rations from rats and vermin.

Maltese dogs weigh between 6 and 9 pounds and are very gentle and loving dogs. Maltese love to spend time with you, either cuddling on the couch or sleeping by your feet. This can cause them to become couch potatoes, so you’ll have to put effort into getting them moving.

10. Miniature Dachshund


Photo by Sarah ( animal photography ) on Unsplash

What’s better than a Dachshund? The mini version, of course. Just like their bigger companions, Miniature Dachshunds are highly intelligent pups who love playing and having fun. They also make excellent watchdogs, using their voice to let you know when something strange is afoot.

Miniature Dachshunds weigh between 9 and 12 pounds, but some can be as small as 5 pounds. Originally bred to hunt badgers, they prefer to spend their days lazing in the sun and watching the world go by (i.e., they’ve become lazy pups). So curl up with a Mini Dachshund and a good book to cap off your day in the best way.

11. Miniature Pinscher


Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

Miniature Pinschers are recognized for their large ears and coloring that makes them look like mini clones of the Doberman Pinscher. However, they’re actually their own breed. Originating in Germany, they were initially bred to hunt rats and other vermin. Since then, they’ve become super popular worldwide, even earning the nickname “King of Toys.”

And no, this isn’t about their toy-hoarding attributes. It’s more like how the lion is the king of the jungle; the Mini Pinscher is the king of toy breeds. 

These furballs weigh between 8 and 10 pounds and can be incredibly confident and assertive pups. They’re also quite independent and will spend a lot of time doing their own thing.

12. Papillon


Photo by Anna Dudkova on Unsplash

Papillons are known as the butterfly breed of dogs due to their unique ear shape resembling wings. These adorable pups might look like calm little lap dogs, but they are actually spunky creatures. They would rather spend hours playing fetch than snuggling on the couch, so if you live an active lifestyle, these are the pups for you.

Papillons also tend to fare exceptionally well in dog sports due to their energy levels. They weigh between 5 and 10 pounds and are intelligent and friendly pups who love to be around people. These furballs can also be affectionate, but that’s usually overtaken by their constant need to zoom around.

13. Pomeranian


Photo by FLOUFFY on Unsplash

Pomeranian pups are spunky creatures with a lot of personality. This small fluffy dog breed from the German province of Pomerania used to weigh around 30 pounds a few centuries ago. Somewhere along the line, they became the small pups we know today who weigh between 3 and 7 pounds. Can you imagine a 30-pound Pomeranian, though?

They also didn’t have their lion-like coat. However, they evolved their signature double coats and fluffy fur due to living in arctic climates for a while. Pomeranians are sociable pups who love being around people so they make great companions. They’re also incredibly intelligent and will learn tricks easily.

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14. Schipperke

schipperke dog breeds under 10 pounds

Photo by Roxann Shepard on Unsplash

Schipperkes are basically little bear dog breeds. Their poofy fur, straight ears, and dark coloring can easily be mistaken for a black bear (although you don’t have to fight back if one of these comes at you). These pups weigh around 9 to 15 pounds and are pretty easy to train.

They’re very playful and love having interactive toys around to keep them busy. Schipperkes are also vigilant pups, making them perfect watchdogs. They’re lively and mischievous, having earned the nickname of ‘Little Captain’ in Belgium, their home country.

15. Silky Terrier


Photo from Canva

Silky Terriers are the Australian cousins of the Yorkshire Terrier. These pups usually weigh around 10 pounds and are quite eager to please their owners. They have a moderate energy level, so they’re not too overwhelming (although they do get bouts of energy from time to time).

These pups are well known for their long, silky hair that’s similar in coloring to the Yorkie. Silky Terriers are feisty pups with high spirits and dynamite personalities. You won’t be bored with one of these adorable dogs in your home.

16. Toy American Eskimo


Photo on pxfuel

Fun fact – the Toy American Eskimo is not an Alaskan dog. 

These adorable fluffballs actually come from Germany, even though they can definitely blend in perfectly with the Alaskan snow. Eskies weigh between 6 and 10 pounds and are known for their long white fur that makes them look like a ball of fluff.

These pups are very playful and love spending time running around with their owners. Despite their tiny size, they’re also quite protective and will try to surround anyone who threatens them.

17. Toy Fox Terrier


Photo from Canva

The Toy Fox Terrier is a class act with a lot of talent. They’re circus dogs who love to perform and have fantastic agility and athleticism. Descended from Fox Terriers who were used to catch foxes, 

Toy Fox Terriers were bred to catch rats and other vermin. Eventually, they found their way to the circus and became popular acts in the lineup.

These pups weigh between 4 and 9 pounds but have a big personality. They’re incredibly smart and have a lot of energy. However, they don’t like rough play, so be careful if there are small children in your home. These furballs get along with cats and other dogs, though.

18. Toy Poodle


Photo by Tuomas Härkönen on Unsplash

Toy and Teacup Poodles have become very popular as of late. These adorable tiny pups are known for their curly hair and loveable personalities. They weigh between 4 and 6 pounds but have a ton of energy in their little bodies.

Known as the national dog of France, they’re also known by the name Caniche, which means ‘duck dog.’ Isn’t that so cute? Toy Poodles make great family dogs as they’re active and love playing with young children. They’re also quite smart and very confident, as they know their worth. Ces chiens sont magnifiques!

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19. Yorkshire Terrier


Photo by Crystal Tubens on Unsplash

Yorkshire Terriers are probably one of the most well-known breeds on this list. These pups that weigh no more than 7 pounds originated in Yorkshire County in England before making their way across the planet. Even though they were initially bred to catch rats and vermin in mines, it’s doubtful you can get them to do much today.

These confident pups will take control of the house and refuse to lift a paw to do anything. Yorkies love to be pampered and will need a lot of attention. They’re also quite independent, so like a cat, these furballs will let pet parents know when they’re tired of you and want to be alone.

Final Thoughts on Tiny Dog Breeds

It doesn’t matter how tiny these pups are. They come with love the size of a Newfoundland and a ton of fun. So, when you decide to welcome one of the smallest dogs into your home, get ready to spend your days being entertained by a ball of fluff the size of a chipmunk with the heart of an elephant. Good things do come in small packages as can be seen with these popular small dog breeds.

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