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The Best 27 Gifts for Dog Walkers | Present Ideas

There is an almost endless stream of things that you can get for your little pup but what about the person that is taking them for walks every day? Picking the right gift is hard enough at the easiest of times but that’s why this list of 27 gift ideas for dog walkers is here to help.

If your dog is sleeping on you and not your partner, even though they take them on walks, it could be nice to reward your partner with a little gift to boost their feelings. There is something for everyone out there for those who walk dogs professionally or the owner who loves to walk their little friend.

dog walker in the snow gifts for dog walkers

Gifts for Dog Walkers

From gifts that are more for the dogs to ones that are purely for the person walking the dogs, here are some of the best gifts for dog walkers.

1. MisThis Dog Travel Bottle

If you are going on any medium-to-long walk, this dog travel bottle is the perfect companion. It also has the benefit of being a two-in-one design that carries both water and a little snack for your four-legged friend.

It can hold just over 250ml of water and a 200ml capacity for food as well. There is a leak-proof lock design to ensure no spillage in your backpack while on the move. It is made from a high-quality PC and ABS material that is non-toxic.

2. Kyeese Dog Raincoat

Just like people, dogs get cold too so this dog raincoat from Kyeese will keep your doggo warm and dry on any rainy excursion. It has a bright and reflective color scheme that also features a little hood to keep their head nice and dry as well.

There is a leash hole opening for added convenience to ensure a comfy fit. The poncho can be rolled up and stored in its own zipped pocket at the back of the raincoat for the ultimate portability.

3. VivaGlory Dog Seat Covers

The journey to and from your favorite walking spot can result in a few muddy or fluffy car seats. This dog seat cover is a universal car seat cover that will protect your rear seats and keep them clean after a muddy walk.

It is a universal design with a number of safety buckles and clips for a secure fitment. It is also designed to protect your pup from falling into the footwell under heavy braking with its hammock design.

Pull it out and give it a wash with ease after a few uses and it is good as new.

4. iYoShop Dog Leash

This dog leash is a strong and comfortable design that has a few added features. The handle is nicely padded so that it won’t cut into your hand if your dog likes to tug on the lead.

The leash itself is made of a reflective nylon rope material for added visibility and strength.

There is also a convenient little zipper pouch to store a few waste bags in to clean up after your dog while out and about. This leash comes with multiple colors to choose from to suit both your and your dog’s style.

5. Collapsible Dog Bowl

If you are going on a long walk or hike with your pup, these collapsible dog bowls are a great option. They can hold up to 450ml of water or food and come with lids to keep them nice and clean when not in use.

Unfortunately, the lid doesn’t have a sealing function.

They come with nifty carabiners to attach them easily to any backpack or belt. These bowls are made of lead-free and BPA-free silicone that is non-toxic and can even be recycled.

6. SingeFit Cohesive Bandage

Now your doggo hurting themselves is one of every dog owner’s or dog walker’s worst nightmares. These cohesive bandages are a good thing to have in the case that situation arises on a walk. They are made of breathable material with a self-adhesive application.

They are easy to use and can be torn by hand to cover up a scratch or wrap up a leg if needed. This tape can also provide support to dogs that need a little help to get out of the house and walk.

7. Vastar Adjustable Dog Safety Belt

Dogs can get a little excited on their way to a walk in the woods or mountains and having them jump around the inside of the car can be quite the hairy situation. These little dog seat belts attach to your dog’s collar and then will clip into the seat belt slot on your car seat.

This nylon belt is adjustable in length to ensure your dog is comfy in the car and can have some freedom of movement. Although adjustable, this might not suit large dogs and would be better for smaller dog breeds.

8. Skullcandy Sesh Evo Wireless Earbuds

Everyone needs some tunes to keep them moving and these wireless earbuds will keep the music flowing without having to worry about cables tangling in dog leashes. They will last for up to 24-hours and are sweat, water, and dust resistant.

They come in a nifty charging case and work with both Apple and Android devices. These are a great gift for dog walkers who are out and about all day and need to keep connected while staying hands-free.

9. Hands-Free Dog Leash

If you are not wanting to get pulled around by your arm all day, this hands-free leash is a great way to stop any shoulder pain after a long walk. This particular leash also has two shock-absorbing bungee cords and a built-in handle in case you need to handle your dog a little.

This leash is perfect for larger dogs, it will give more control over them so that they aren’t taking you for a walk. Reflective stitching on both sides of the leash ensures that it is visible in low-light conditions.

10. LED Reflective Belt

For the dog walkers that love to be up before sunrise, this LED reflective belt is a good piece of safety equipment. This rechargeable belt provides 360 degrees of visibility, ensuring you are seen from all angles in the darkness.

It has two modes, flash and glow, that can be changed with ease. It is easy to put on and has a comfortable fit. The belt comes with a lifetime guarantee and will last up to 20 hours on a single charge.

11. Double Dog Leash

Trying to hold onto multiple leashes with one hand can lead to some tangled situations. This double dog leash allows you to walk two dogs with just one leash. It is made of durable nylon with reflective threads for visibility during those nighttime walks.

There are tangle-free swivel attachments to avoid any tangling and let your dogs have more of a free range of motion.

12. MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer

This dog paw washer is a nifty little gadget to give the dogs a little clean so that they don’t trample dirt into the car or back into the house after an excursion into the woods. It is super easy to use by just adding a little water and then sliding the dog’s paw in and twisting the bottle.

The soft silicone bristles gently clean their paws and keep the mess in the bottle. This is a good thing to have with sizing for different size dog breeds and different colors to choose from as well.

13. Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker

Wouldn’t it be cool to keep track of just how active you are being and know how walking dogs is keeping you fit? A fitness tracker is a good investment to monitor your health while going on dog walks for hours on end.

It will track your steps, heart rate, and more to let you know just how healthy this lifestyle is keeping you. You could even see which dogs are more active than others by comparing your different walks with the results that this tracker provides.

14. Dog Treat Training Pouch

Taking pups on walks can be quite an interesting affair so this dog training pouch can carry all the essentials while taking puppies out on a walk. This pouch has storage space for small toys, some training treats and has a built-in dog waste bag dispenser.

It clips straight onto your belt or can be used as a sling bag with the included strap. The pouch is also large enough to store any personal items, like your mobile phone or keys.

15. Dog Walker Planner

Every dog has a unique personality and set of characteristics. These can be hard to remember if you are looking after multiple dogs. That’s where a dog walker planner comes in, this journal will help keep you organized.

It has sections for clients’ addresses, the breed and temperament of that dog. There is even a space to record if they are other dog friendly or not. All the information that you need is in one place.

16. Tractive GPS Dog Tracker

Now accidents can happen but on the off chance that your furry friend decides to wander off, a GPS dog tracker is a good backup to have to find them quickly. This tracker provides live location updates and location history which can be fun as well if you aren’t sure why your dog keeps following you everywhere.

You can create a virtual fence so that if they leave the designated area, you will be alerted. It is super small and lightweight and attached to the dog’s collar.

17. Bamboo Pet Supply Organizer

No last-minute rushing and trying to find leashes and treats, this bamboo pet supply organizer is a great way to keep all your dog walking essentials in one spot. It comes with holders for different leashes and keys.

There is even a compartment on the top for any treats, favorite toys, and waste bags. This can bring some much-needed organization to a chaotic lifestyle, while also looking good in any home. Hang it by the door and grab everything on your way out.

18. Best Dog Walker Ever Keychain

Sometimes simpler is better and this little keychain to say that they are the best dog walker ever is a great little gift. It is made of stainless steel so will not tarnish or rust over time. It also comes with a little velvet pouch making it perfect for gifting.

Show some love to your favorite dog walker with this small token of appreciation for looking after your four-legged friends.

19. TreatPod Treat Holder

For the minimalist dog walker, this little treat holder is the perfect gift. It is a spill-free design with an included carabiner clip for easy attachment to almost anything. It is also an airtight design so no need to worry about dust getting in with the treats.

It isn’t limited to treats though, you can put pretty much anything that will fit inside, from money to extra waste bags. It comes in either a generic blue or pink for you to choose from.

20. Dog Lover Coffee Tumbler

Most people love having a cup of coffee on a brisk winter morning walk. This insulated coffee mug is perfect for taking on walks with the doggos. It comes with a lid to stop any sudden spillage and thanks to its insulated design, will keep your coffee hot or iced coffee cold.

The best part though is the canines and coffee logo because who wouldn’t be happy with that combination?

21. Kong Dog Toy

Every walker should have at least one toy with them to entertain the dog while out and about. The Kong extreme dog toy is a tough toy that should last from the hardest of chewers. It is a nice thing to let the dog play with while taking a break from your walk.

You can never have enough dog toys with the rate that some dogs chew through them so these are a great way to help out.

22. DogiPack Dog Walking Belt

Now if there was an ultimate toolbelt for dog walkers, then this dog walking belt would be it. It features multiple compartments and pockets for storing personal items, dog waste bags, and treats. There is even a pouch for the included collapsible bowl.

This is a pretty fashionable belt while being a functional solution for anyone who is walking multiple dogs. Another perk is that the maker gives back by donating a portion of their proceeds each month to different dog rescue organizations.

23. Airtag Dog Collar Holder

If you prefer to use the Airtag system for tracking your dogs while out and about, this little Airtag holder for a collar is a great little thing to have. These are designed to be more resilient than the standard covers and a lot easier to clean.

It is almost impossible for the holder and the Airtag to fall off the collar thanks to its fastening system, ideal for the most rambunctious of dogs.

24. Knuckle Lights

For some added visibility and missing any potential puddles or holes, these knuckle lights are a great portable light to use while walking in the dark. These LED lights have a 160 Lumen beam to illuminate your path as you go.

They are also very lightweight and comfortable thanks to the adjustable straps to ensure a nice fit around your hand. As a tool of safety, they not only help you see but will help you be seen.

25. Modus Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrent

This gift can be hit or miss but imagine a large group of dogs barking uncontrollably, that’s where this ultrasonic dog barking deterrent is a worthwhile consideration. Controlling a large group of dogs is hard at the best of times but if they can’t hear you over their barking, it makes it near impossible.

This device emits a frequency to get the dog’s attention and doesn’t harm the dogs. It is important though to read the instructions thoroughly before using this item.

26. Walky Dog Bicycle Exerciser

The dog bicycle exerciser is a different approach to walking a dog but will change up the routine a little and benefit those dogs that love to run. This device attaches to a bicycle with a quick-release mechanism that has a paracord leash at the other end.

This design lets you walk a dog safely while riding a bike alongside.

27. Earth Rated Dog Waste Bags

This is something that any dog walker will use up quickly. These dog waste bags are leakproof and are made of recycled materials. They come with an odor-blocking scent to ensure that you don’t find yourself questioning if you still want to be a dog walker.

These are fairly large bags and this box comes with 270 of them. A gift of a different kind that any dog walker might be happy to receive with its lavender scent.

Final Thoughts on Gifts for Dog Walkers

There are a host of gifts out there that will make any dog walker’s life easier but will also make it fun for the dog as well. Finding a balance between the two is important though. These gifts are just some of the ones available that dog walkers will find themselves needing or not being able to live without after getting their first one.

Which of these gifts will you get for the designated dog walker in your life?

dog walker with multiple dogs

I covered all of the costs associated with writing this post on gifts for dog walkers. However, it does contain affiliate links. That means if you click through on some of the links in this article and end up making a purchase I may receive a small commission. It won’t affect the price that you pay. Just wanted to let you know.

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