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13 Things to Know About the Maltese Shih Tzu Poodle

When it comes to designer dog breeds, this hybrid is pretty unknown. This is probably because it is pretty new in the world of dog breeds but has already become an attractive dog. They are still somewhat rare so these pups can be hard to find.

This cute teddy-bear like pup has worked its way into many hearts. If you are considering getting one, there are 13 things to know about the Maltese Shih Tzu Poodle hybrid to help you make a decision.

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maltese shih tzu poodle in the garden

13 Things to Know about the Maltese Shih Tzu Poodle

1. Origins of the Malshipoo

The Maltese Shih Tzu Poodle hybrid, otherwise known as a Malshipoo, is a combination of three of the most favorite breeds. This hybrid is relatively new and is a very popular designer breed that originated in the United States. The purpose of this pup is to be a companion but because they are so new, they won’t be found on any registries.

This is a multi-generational breed meaning there are a few ways that this particular hybrid can be bred. The Schmoodle is the result of the parents being a combination of a Mal-shi cross and a toy poodle or a Shih-Poo and a Maltese. It is also possible to have a puppy born from a Malshipoo and any of the other parent breeds.

2. What Does the Schmoodle Look Like?

These dogs are a small breed that can be quite different from each other in appearance depending on the combination of breeds that their parents are. Some pups may inherit the Poodle coat, some the Maltese and others the Shih Tzu coat. Most puppies though tend to fall somewhere in the middle.

With three different breeds in the mix, there is almost no limit to the colors of the coat of your Malshipoo. There is a wide range of shades thanks to the Poodle and Shih Tzu genes.

In general, you can expect your pup to grow up to be around 10 inches on average and weigh around 10 pounds. The only certainty with their appearance is that they will fall into the toy breed category of dogs.

3. The Schmoodle Loves to be Around Their Families

The Malshipoo is an extremely friendly breed, with just about anyone and anything. They will become best friends with anyone that they may meet which makes them amazing family pets.

They will get along great with everyone in the house, even kids but just make sure that your children are careful around them. It is more for the dog’s protection than your kids as these little pups can be hurt easily.

There is little to no prey drive in your pup, they are actually very friendly in general so they will be just fine with any other pets you may have. Just socialize them with your other animals as early as possible to make sure that they don’t get nervous or scared.

4. Schmoodles Are Considered to Be Hypoallergenic

These little doggos are commonly considered to be hypoallergenic because all three of their parents are hypoallergenic dogs. This is great for allergy sufferers since anyone with allergies won’t be affected by any dander that would trigger a reaction. They also tend to have a non-shedding coat which adds to less pesky hairs covering your furniture.

Although, some could possibly be moderate shedders as well depending on which of the parent’s coats the pup inherited. Overall, most of the Schmoodles will have little to no impact on any allergies. It is a good idea though to go and visit the puppy beforehand to see how your allergies do react to the puppy.

maltese shih tzu poodle puppy

5. Maltese Shih Tzu Poodles Aren’t Too Picky With Their Diet

This tiny hybrid doesn’t have any particularly specific dietary requirements and they won’t eat too much food. But, because they are so small, they are prone to obesity so make sure to not overfeed your little friend. In general, a high-quality dog food that is specific to small breeds is a good idea.

If possible, a food that has supplements of glucosamine and chondroitin is ideal to aid joint support as these doggos are susceptible to hip dysplasia. Some of the best dog vitamins will be a great help in ensuring the longevity and healthy life of your doggo.

6. Malshipoos Are Incredibly Easy to Train

All three of its parents are incredibly intelligent breeds, particularly the Poodle. A first-generation Malshipoo will be a highly focused and intelligent dog. However, unlike the Shih Tzu, this pup is a star when it comes to training. This little dog is quite perceptive and they are eager to learn and comply with your commands.

This eagerness to learn and comply makes them an amazing dog for first-time dog owners or any potential owners who don’t have the training skills or patience required. As with most breeds, early socialization is recommended with children, other pets and even traveling if you plan to travel with them.

Training should start at a young age with positive reward training being the perfect way to build a bond with them.

7. They Don’t Need Much Exercise

Because of their small size, they don’t need much exercise so when you can pry them away from sleeping on your lap, a 20-minute walk a day is enough. They do have a playful attitude though and when that hits, it is best to indulge them and play around with their favorite chew toy for a little.

It is best to take them on a walk and encourage exercise though as a lazy or bored Malshipoo has the potential to be destructive. Believe it or not, if they are not indulged or stimulated with exercise or affection they can get to the point of dog depression.

maltese shih tzu poodle brown

8. Personality is Everything with Malshipoos

Malshipoos are an immensely intelligent breed that are loyal and playful with their family. This intelligence does mean that they will need moderate mental stimulation to ensure that they don’t get bored and misbehave. Even though they are pretty independent, they love to please and be around their owner with their friendly and playful nature.

They are complex in that although they are independent, they love to both give and receive affection and are incredibly loving. So, if you are looking for a dog that will be by your side, or curled up on your lap, and keep you company then this is the dog for you.

9. The Malshipoo has Some Health Concerns

As with all dog breeds, there are a few health concerns to keep an eye out for when it comes to your Malshipoo. Some minor conditions include; patellar luxation, hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia. More severe conditions that can make themselves known include; bloat, hip dysplasia and epilepsy.

Generally, minor conditions are easily treatable and manageable with the more serious requiring more intensive treatments. This hybrid is pretty robust with most of the other vulnerabilities of the parents’ breeds being counter-acted with the mixing of their genetics.

10. They Are an Adaptable Hybrid Breed

These lap dogs are suited to apartment living or even a condo home. They are adaptable to most situations as long as their owner is with them. They are however not suited to large homes or farms because of their small size. If introduced to it from a young age, they will happily travel with you almost anywhere.

Although adaptable, they are still house pets and will need your protection when you take them away from the safety of your apartment.

maltese shih tzu poodle brown and white

11. Schmoodles Have Fairly Standard Grooming Needs

Your pup could have a range of different types of coats depending on which parent breed they take after. Their coats should be shaved at least three times a year and you will need to use a quality brush a few times a week to keep their coat tangle and debris free.

Make sure to clean their tear stains on a regular basis as they are prone to these because of their Shih Tzu and Maltese parents.

If you want to support their full coat or what is known as a ‘show coat’, expect daily brushings with the traditional center part and top knot. These are the most common grooming considerations, just like their one parent breed, the Shih Tzu.

Apart from those, the standard basics of keeping their nails trimmed and getting their ears cleaned are what is needed from time to time. Don’t forget to brush their teeth on a regular basis as well to prevent tartar buildup.

12. Male vs Female Malshipoos

There is very little to no difference physically between the male and female puppies. However, when it comes to their temperament, there are a few notable differences. Female pups do tend to be more intelligent with a more independent nature. Female Malshipoos are also more protective in general and are less affectionate when compared to males.

The male pups are far more playful and will actively seek out more attention from their owners and also give it more freely. You will be surprised to find that they are not stubborn and are actually very dependent on their owners, unlike the females.

13. They can be Quite Vocal

Although they make great apartment dogs, they do tend to be quite vocal, something your neighbors won’t be too happy about. From barking to yapping and even whining, they do it all and rather loudly. Malshipoos will do this to voice both their pleasure and displeasure so keeping track of what they like and hate will be tough.

maltese shih tzu poodle white

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Proper training though should mitigate this problem from when they are puppies but it is a natural tendency of this breed. Although they are quite vocal, they do not make great watchdogs at all.

Is a Schmoodle on Your List of Dogs to Own?

This is a lovable little breed that will give you years of affection and companionship. Are you looking for a dog that will be by your side? If you are looking for that and a pup that will be a friend for the years to come, the Malshipoo is the dog for you.

Although small in size, they have massive hearts and will make sure that your heart is always warm. The question is, will you be getting a little Schmoodle to keep you company.

maltese shih tzu poodle wearing kerchief

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