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29 Blue Eyed Dog Breeds You’ll Love

Are you thinking about getting a new puppy with icy-colored eyes? Dogs are adorable no matter their eye color, but some owners have a special affinity to blue-eyed dog breeds. If you’re planning on getting a dog and want to know what dogs have blue eyes, then you’re in the right place.

This list will take you through 29 different blue-eyed dog breeds to help figure out which would suit you best as a fluffy companion.

blue eyed dog breeds

29 Blue Eyed Dog Breeds 

The breeds below have blue or light grey eyes, but keep in mind that any mix of the listed breeds can also result in a blue-eyed pup. Without further ado, here are 19 dog breeds with blue eyes that will melt your heart.

1. Cardigan Welsh Corgi

If you’re looking for small dogs with blue eyes, try the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. These dogs are adorable, with signature short legs like the rest of their Corgi cousins. They are also known for being high-spirited and athletic despite their little legs.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

If you’re looking for cute dogs with blue eyes, then this dog breed might be a great fit for you. They’re spunky, adorable, and even get along fabulously with young children.

2. Dalmatian

When people think about Dalmatians, the first thing that pops into their heads is the spots. Of course, Dalmations do have funky, spotted coats. But did you know that they can have blue eyes?

dalmatian dog

Dalmations are not as popular as other breeds like the Golden Retriever, due mostly to their primadonna dispositions. These fashionistas can be fussy, need a lot of exercise, and get agitated when left alone. But who doesn’t love spotted dogs with the blue-eyed gene?

3. Dachshund

Dachshunds hardly need an introduction, as the so-called “sausage dogs” are beloved by many. These small creatures are adorable, standing only about nine inches tall at their biggest with unmistakably long bodies and various coat patterns. 

two daschunds

If you’re looking for a dog breed that can be around kids, you can’t go wrong with a Dachshund. They’re affectionate, vigilant, and all-around cute.

4. German Shepherd 

German Shepherds make it onto the AKC’s list of most popular breeds year after year, and we can see why. They’re loyal, brave, and extremely protective, making them amazing guard dogs or watchdogs. You’ve probably met at least a handful of families who adopted German Shepherds for that very reason, not to mention how friendly these dogs are with children.

german shepherd

Today, you can find this popular breed all over the world as loving family pets. Interestingly, German Shepherds also work as guide dogs and therapy dogs.

5. Siberian Husky

Ah, the Siberian Husky. What a beautiful dog breed! If you’re a big dog lover, you’ve probably seen tons of pictures on social media of the most adorable Siberian Husky puppies. These rare dogs have thick coats with amazing soft fur. This dog’s coat can be something to behold and it comes in different colors.

blue eyes of husky dog upclose

Besides being so pleasing to the eye, Siberian Huskies are also great with young children and friendly towards other dogs. This dog with blue eyes is athletic and playful, making them a great choice for a family.

6. Border Collie

Border Collies are smart, energetic, and affectionate dogs that any owner would love. The usual Border Collie eye color you’ll see is dark brown. However, they can have blue eyes as well.  Borders are curious and intelligent creatures as they were bred to be sheepherders.

black and white border collie

They need plenty of exercise, which would be no problem for an avid jogger. If you’re a new owner, don’t worry, these dogs excel when it comes to obedience.

7. Australian Shepherd

Despite the name of this dog breed, Australian Shepherds actually originate in Europe. The ranch dogs are descendants of European herding dogs called Pyrenean Shepherds. Border Collies and Collies are also part of the Australian Shepherd’s long lineage.

australian shepherd

Australian Shepherds come in various coat colors, including blue, red, blue merle, and red merle coat. For those who don’t know, the merle gene (or dappled) gives a coat color that has dark-pigment splotches on top of a lighter shade of fur.

8. Shetland Sheepdog

If the name Lassie rings a bell, then you’re familiar with the Shetland Sheepdog. This dog breed is beyond fluffy, with a long coat of straight, harsh hair. They are also obedient and diligent herding dogs that are exceptionally receptive to training.

Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdogs (also known as Shelties) have almond-shaped eyes, either blue or partially colored. Shelties also make competent therapy dogs.

9. Weimaraner

Weimaraners have the best nicknames, that is, “the Silver Ghosts.” These lean, mean canines were initially bred as gundogs. If you’re not familiar, gundogs are meant to help hunters and gamekeepers find and retrieve game during the hunt.


Weimaraners are beautiful dogs, but they’re not a good fit for people who live in apartments or first-time dog owners. They need a lot of training and space where they can run around and play.

10. Great Dane

The famously large Great Dane stands between 28 and 32 inches tall, making it one of the biggest of the large dog breeds. When standing, these dogs are taller than most people! Despite their intimidating size, Great Danes are affectionate, friendly, patient creatures around young children.

Great Dane

Great Danes also make excellent watchdogs as they’re alert and vigilant, not to mention large enough to scare any intruder away.

11. Cocker Spaniel

Remember Lady from the Disney animation Lady and the Tramp? Yep, she’s a Cocker Spaniel. You can recognize these sweet dogs from their long, floppy ears and big, adorable eyes.

Cocker Spaniel

Besides their ears, Cocker Spaniels are also known for being gentle animals that are very affectionate with their owners. These canines are sweet, good with kids, and don’t get aggressive around other animals or dogs.

12. Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdogs are large and athletic, with signature coats that are super shaggy and fluffy. If you’re after a big hairball for a family pet, the Old English Sheepdog is a great choice. They’re friendly and affectionate with young children and good with animals.

old english sheepdog

This is a perfect breed if you want a blue-eyed dog to keep watch of your property. Old English Sheepdogs have a thunderous bark and they rank high in watchfulness.

13. Shih Tzu

Unlike many dog breeds on this list, Shih Tzus were bred for companionship, not work. These canines are undeniably cute with big, round eyes, long fur, and tiny bodies. If you’re planning to adopt a Shih Tzu, get ready to meet a mischievous pup with a delightful disposition.

Shih Tzu

You wouldn’t think it to look at them, but Shih Tzus don’t shed much, which is a huge bonus if you’re fussy about your furniture and rugs.

14. Boxer

Boxer dogs are fun-loving, active, and good with young children, making them fantastic family pets. Besides being friendly around the kids, they’re also good with other dogs, which is a big help on your first adventure to the puppy park.

brown boxer dog

According to AKC, Boxers consistently top lists of America’s most popular dog breeds. You can find Boxers all over the world, however, and not just in the U.S.

15. Alaskan Klee Kai

Alaskan Klee Kais are descendants of ancient native dog breeds from Alaska. They have distinctive facial masks of black and white fur and signature fluffy tails. These small-sized dogs get their names from the Alaskan Athabaskans words ‘Klee Kai’ meaning ‘little dog,’

Alaskan Klee Kai

As beautiful as Alaskan Klee Kais are, they are not well-suited for family pets. These canines are very reserved around unfamiliar faces and rank low in playfulness.

16. Catahoula Leopard Dog

The Catahoula Leopard Dog has a famously varied coat with tan markings and white trim. Interestingly, this is the only dog breed initially bred in Louisiana in the U.S. deep south. Like other herding and working dogs, this breed was made to help farmers herd and catch cattle like cows and hogs.

Catahoula Leopard Dog

The origin of the breed traces back to the Catahoula Lake area in central Louisiana, which is where the breed gets its name.

17. Australian Cattle Dog

If you haven’t heard of the Australian Cattle Dog, you may know the breed standard by its other names, the Blue Heeler or the Queenslander Heeler. This breed is a distant cousin of the famous Australian wild dog, the Dingo.

australian cattle dog

Australian Cattle Dogs are muscular, competent herding dogs with a high level of intelligence and more than a touch of mischievousness. These dogs do require a significant amount of exercise, however, to avoid health issues.

18. Beagle

These dogs have adorable drooping ears, cute faces, and some have one blue eye and one brown. You may have met a few Beagles in your lifetimes as these are some of the most popular breeds to adopt. Beagles are loyal, easygoing companions with a lot to offer.

beagle drinking water

These dogs are friendly with young kids and relaxed around other dogs, making them a good choice if you’re looking for a family dog.

19.   Neapolitan Mastiff

The last breed on this list is the Neopolitan Mastiff, known for its huge, imposing size and immense strength. Surprisingly, these gentle giants are very sweet, playful, and gentle around their loved ones and people who don’t pose any threat.

Neapolitan Mastiff

They can also have some white markings on the backs of their wrists, their chests, and their undersides. If you’re looking for a big dog to scare off intruders, consider the Neopolitan Mastiff. It’s big, intimidating, and highly alert.

20. Bergamasco Sheepdog

The Bergamasco Sheepdogs is an ancient Middle-Eastern breed with centuries-old ties to Italy. These dogs are big and powerful with strong protective instincts. 

Any homeowner would be happy to have one as a guard dog. Don’t worry though, Bergamasco Sheepdogs are never aggressive without cause and they’re fun and loveable around their human companions.

Bergamasco Sheepdog

These are all great qualities in a pet, but this breed isn’t known for its temperament alone. Bergamasco Sheepdogs have incredibly shaggy coats with long hair that even covers their eyes.

21. Rottweiler

Rottweilers have been given a bad rap for being ferocious but they can be perfectly friendly if trained and socialized properly. Originally bred as guard dogs, it’s no surprise this breed can become territorial. However, a Rottweiler can make a great companion for the right owner.

rottweiler dog barking

They’re loyal, fun-loving, and incredibly protective creatures. Be warned though, these guys can drool until the cows come home.

22. Basset Hound

Like Beagles and Cocker Spaniels, Basset Hounds have long, drooping ears. They’re also known for their charming dispositions and big paws and they’re a popular breed among dog lovers.

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds have exceptional scenting abilities as well as loud, ringing barks. This is because they were originally bred for sniffing out the trail of deer and rabbits.

23. Beauceron

Beaucerons are high-spirited, friendly canines with high levels of intelligence. They have sleek, dark black coats with some red markings, as well as red feet or ‘red stockings.’ Strong and protective, Beaucerons make dashing companions.


These dogs were originally bred to guard flocks of sheep, which explains their fearless nature. Beaucerons are unwavering in their efforts to protect their owners.

24. English Setter

English Setters are gentle creatures known for their mild-mannered natures. Although they are super alert and territorial, one word from their owners will soon calm them down. These pups are highly trainable and have no problem in obedience training, as long as they get enough exercise and mental stimulation.

english setter

While blue-eyed English Setters are rare, they are not unheard of. They are also known to be very affectionate animals, even with young kids.

25. American Staffordshire Terrier

‘American Staffordshire Terrier’ is quite a mouthful, but owners of these dogs tend to call them by their nicknames ‘AmStaffs.’ The AmStaff is a stocky, muscular dog with alert, pointy ears and a glossy coat.

American Staffordshire Terrier

This blue-eyed dog breed is known for its extreme loyalty (even by canine standards) as well as being very receptive to obedience training.

26. Great Pyrenees

Bred centuries ago in the Pyrenees Mountains, the Great Pyrenees is a working dog made to protect sheep from wolves. Because of their place of origin, these dogs have endlessly fluffy coats to protect them from the cold.

Great Pyrenees white

Great Pyrenees dogs are vigilant and powerful because of their history as working dogs, but they’re also mellow companions to have around the house.

27. American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier, otherwise known as the Pit Bull, has been known to be aggressive towards other dogs. However, many owners testify to the fact that these dogs can be perfectly loveable and friendly if trained properly. As long you socialize your Pit Bull early on, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

american bull terrier white

These dogs can have blue or brown eyes, and their shiny coats are usually red, blue, brown, grey, black, or white.

28. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are well-liked housepets and popular for their friendliness. In fact, they ranked America’s number one most popular dog breed on AKC. These canines are high-spirited and loveable much like their Retriever cousins.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers come in black, chocolate, or yellow coat colors.

29. Hungarian Mudi

Hungarian Mudis (or Mudis) are Hungarian farm dogs bred for herding work. They are loyal protectors due to their history and make great watchdogs for homeowners. Mudis are also highly intelligent and agile canines.

Hungarian Mudi

According to AKC, Mudis are very rare today and there are only a few thousand of them left.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Breeds with Blue Eyes

Which dog breeds are commonly associated with beautiful blue eyes?

Several dog breeds are commonly associated with blue eyes, including the Siberian Husky, Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Weimaraner, and the Dalmatian. These breeds are known to frequently display stunning blue eyes, either in a single eye or both.

Are blue eyes in dogs always a breed-specific trait?

No, baby blues in dogs are not always breed-specific traits. While certain breeds are more likely to have blue eyes, individual dogs within a breed can have variations in eye color, including blue. Factors such as genetics and individual variation can contribute to blue eyes in dogs, regardless of breed.

Do all blue-eyed dogs experience vision problems?

Not all blue-eyed dogs experience vision problems. While it is a common misconception that blue-eyed dogs are prone to vision issues, eye color alone does not necessarily indicate poor vision. It is important to remember that eye health problems and vision quality depend on factors such as genetic mutation, overall eye structure, and potential inherited conditions, which may or may not be related to eye color.

Can blue-eyed dogs have different colored eyes?

Yes, blue-eyed dogs can sometimes have different colored eyes, a condition known as heterochromia. Heterochromia can result in one blue eye and one eye of a different color, such as brown or green. This unique trait adds to the charm and distinctiveness of certain dog breeds.

Final Thoughts on Blue-eyed Dogs

As mentioned, not all of the breeds above have strictly blue eyes. While many of them can be born with blue color eyes, they can also have partially colored eyes or eyes of a different color.

Blue-eyed dog breeds are attractive to owners as they are a little harder to find than brown-eyed dog breeds. That said, it’s important not to adopt a dog without knowing what you’re getting yourself into. Be sure you’re prepared to give your pet all of the regular exercise, grooming, attention, and nutrition it needs.

husky dog with blue eyes up close

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