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13 Things to know about the Beagle German Shepherd Mix

The Beagle and German Shepherd on their own are some of the most popular breeds around the world. But what happens when you combine the two and get a Beagle German Shepherd mix?

The result is the Beagleman (or Beagle Shepherd), an energetic and highly affectionate companion that loves to be around people. But before you dive in head first and commit to getting one of these lovable dogs, there are a few things that you need to know.

Read on to understand everything you need to know about this hybrid designer dog. Plus, you’ll learn a couple of cool facts about German Shepherds and plenty about beloved Beagles too.


13 Things to Know About German Shepherd Beagle Mixes

1. The History of the Beagle Shepherd Mix

The Beagle Shepherd, as the name suggests, is a hybrid-breed pup between a Beagle and a German Shepherd. It is a designer dog with an unknown origin, but if it is like most other designer dog breeds, then it was likely bred in the 1990s or very early in the 2000s. Unlike the German Shepherd Corgi mix, the current idea is that it was created with the goal of achieving a breed with a stronger sense of smell.

Since the breed is still pretty new, it hasn’t had much time to be studied, unlike its parents, but it does come from a purebred german shepherd and a purebred beagle dog. This is common knowledge as that is the only way to achieve a designer dog breed status with a mixed breed dog. 

It would seem that they are only currently known to be available in North America, with it being more common there, but this isn’t a certainty.

To understand the breed a little better, it is probably best to take a look at their parent breeds. This way, you can get more of an idea of the history of why this designer dog was created in the first place and how your Beagleman will behave as it grows older.

Everyone knows that German Shepherds are famous as police dogs because of their discipline and immense intelligence. It is a much-studied breed and has proved to be a great companion.

beagle german shepherd

However, their protective nature requires early and patient training. They are also really playful and extremely athletic, a favorite amongst active owners. It might be a good idea to brush up on some German Shepherd dog facts to understand them even further.

The Beagle is known to be a lovely companion but is also a hunting dog breed. As with the other parent breed, Beagles are used within law enforcement because of their sensitive noses and sense of smell, making them one of the breeds of choice as sniffer dogs. They are extremely friendly and are also hard workers who make amazing companions.

Funny enough, Beagles are actually considered not to be that intelligent as they tend to follow their nose and ignore everything else.

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2. The German Shepherd Beagle Mix Are Pretty Popular Dogs

The two different parent breeds are immensely popular in their own right, but the combination of the two breeds has resulted in a dog that has grown in popularity. They are actually being adopted just like their parents as dogs for law enforcement because it inherits a lot of the similar traits of their parents but with a heightened sense of smell.

What makes them popular as well is their exclusivity. There are very few breeders for a Beagle Shepherd, making them very rare and harder to get than one of their parents. The Beagleman has inherited a lot of its athleticism and energy from its parents, making them a popular choice of dog for families with kids.

beagle german shepherd

It is important to remember that you should always choose a pup that suits your lifestyle. Although they are popular dogs, it would be a little unfair to get a Beagleman if you are unable to fulfill the needs of the dog. So, ensure that this dog is for you before taking the step and picking a puppy.

3. Beagle Shepherds Are Incredibly Easy to Train

You can thank the German Shepherd genetics for this one, as the Beagleman is pretty easy to train to do ordinary tasks. They are hyper-intelligent dogs that can also learn more intricate and elaborate tasks relatively easily. Their razor-sharp wit is a lovable trait, but the Beagle gene could come out and make them come across as pretty sassy.

There are quite a few instances where they will just get a bit of an attitude. They feel that they already know what you are asking them to do, so they tend to not listen properly. Maintaining their attention is important then so that they fully understand your commands. Positive reinforcement is always a good option.

Compared to the average length of a dog’s memory, hybrids have an insanely long memory. It could rival an elephant, so how you train them is important as they will not forget for a long time.

Punishment of any sort should be avoided when training this active dog. With that long memory, there are instances where these dogs have held grudges against their owners for long periods of time. Rewards and constant repetition are the best ways to train one of these little dogs.

As puppies, it is important for them to know what they can and cannot chew. They are chewers, so make sure that you draw that line at a young age when they start chewing their feet, and everything else, or your furniture and shoes will be at risk. This breed is also known to be yappers and barkers, so it is important to try and teach them when it is appropriate to bark and how much they should engage in various scenarios.

beagle german shepherd mix

Introduction to other pets is also important while they are young. It is in their nature to hunt so knowing that your other pets are friends is important. You wouldn’t want that hunting urge to make itself known to other loving pets, but this is very unlikely to happen.

Early socialization with other pets and strangers is good to help prevent any future issues when meeting new people. Even though they are relatively easy to train, some professional training would be very beneficial to help control your puppy in certain situations.

If you’re looking for a mix without the sass of the Beagle, opt for a German Shepherd Black Lab mix instead. They’re just as intelligent but a little more forgiving.

4. The Appearance of the Shepherd Beagle Mix Is a Bit of a Lottery

The thing with a hybrid cross-breed is that there is generally no set of exact standard characteristics that you can expect. The same is true for a Beagleman, and there is a set of general characteristics or features that your pup could have and grow into. You will only know for sure as the puppy grows up.

There is only one common thing for every Beagle Shepherd: all of their eyes are brown. Unfortunately, you won’t find any blue-eyed puppies in this hybrid breed, but they’re just as beautiful with brown eyes. To get an idea of how big your pup will be when it grows up, you can take a look at the size of the parents, and you will get a rough estimate.

Their coat is a combination of the German Shepherd and Beagle. It is typically pretty dense and will either be medium or short and be a straight hair texture. Their bi-color or single-color coat is a bit of a chance, as there are four different possibilities of red, silver, white, and black.

There have been instances of tan and liver color coats, but those are rare. There is a chance that the puppy could adopt the double coat of their German Shepherd parent. Basically, it is a complete lottery in which color coat, whether it is a combination of one, two, or three colors, your pup will inherit.

Their facial features have dropped ears that aren’t floppy but could also be pointed, with dark eyes, a black nose, and a pretty long snout.

The Beagleman is considered a medium-sized dog, but they can weigh anywhere from 20 to 70 pounds depending on which parent they take after most and even which gender they are. They also range from 14”-24” tall depending on their gender and if they take more after the Beagle or the German Shepherd.

If you’re searching for a smaller companion, the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix is a great option. And for a larger family dog, the Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix is the way to go.

beagle german shepherd mix

5. The Shepherd Beagle Mix Isn’t Hard to Groom

With that somewhat fluffy coat of theirs, be prepared for a light dusting of hair in your home throughout the year. But be prepared for spring when your Beagleman will lose its winter coat and shed quite profusely. This is where a daily brushing routine will be best to reduce the amount of hair around the house.

Their nails can grow long pretty quickly, so frequent nail trimming would be beneficial if you want to protect your furniture or any wooden floor.

These dogs are prone to tartar buildup, so their teeth should be monitored.  A good way to help combat this and keep their teeth healthy is frequent brushing. You should start getting your puppy used to it from a young age so they don’t struggle when they are older. Once a week should help keep them all healthy and good.

You can get away with bathing your dog every few weeks, but water can find its way into their ears, especially if they inherit floppy ears. So make sure to dry their ears properly and carefully. You will also need to clean their ears once a week with a specific solution to help prevent future infections.

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beagle german shepherd mix

6. Your German Shepherd Beagle Mix Puppy Needs Plenty of Stimulation

Their intelligence is both a blessing and a curse. Because they are so smart, they are super easy to train, but they need a higher level of stimulation, or they get bored. This boredom then leads to a destructive outlet where they will act out. When it comes to toys, apart from a really good chew toy, more interactive dog toys are a good choice.

This need for stimulation also moves into needing attention from their owners. It is a pretty common occurrence for Beaglemans to have separation anxiety, which is another reason why they act out. A good idea would be to have another small intelligent dog for them to play around with while you are busy.

Their overall temperament is a pretty amazing combination of all the lovable and desirable traits of their parents. But your puppy’s temperament is also unpredictable since the personalities of the parents are extremely different. There is a strong chance that they will be super noisy, and another way they act out is to bark for more attention and entertainment.

They are naturally very curious and like to adventure on their own and explore so very strong communication skills are also important to keep them mentally involved.

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beagle german shepherd

7. A Beagle Shepherd Puppy Doesn’t Take Up Much Space

Due to their size, they don’t need much space to live in while they are resting or at home. A balance needs to be struck where if you live in a smaller space, you will need to take them out on walks and runs more often. If you live in a home and have a large garden area, you can burn off some of their energy with 30 minutes of playtime.

The larger space will let them stretch their legs more and love to be outdoors. While an apartment lifestyle could potentially work, it is not the ideal living space for them. But don’t leave them outside to sleep, either. The risk of them getting sick is relatively high. Keep them inside where they will be nice and warm with you.

beagle german shepherd

You can expect to wake up with them on your bed in the morning as they are pretty clingy with their owners and love to be around you. But who would complain about that? Just make sure that you have a small pet hair vacuum to help contain the spread of hair as they shed their winter coat in the spring.

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8. The Beagle Shepherd Mix Has a Few Health Issues

The general consensus is that hybrids are better when it comes to their health. Being cross-bred means that the different genes from each breed help to fight and counter any genetic concerns of each other.

The outcome is normally a hybrid that is much healthier than a purebred. Still, there are a few health problems that are carried over from the Beaglman’s parents.

There is a potential for this hybrid to inherit Intervertebral Disc Disease, mostly when they are older. This is a progressive degeneration of the spine that could be slowed with surgery but, unfortunately, cannot be stopped.

Obesity is another common health concern that would be the result of overfeeding and lack of exercise, particularly with this breed, as they need a lot of exercise.

Unfortunately, both of the parent breeds are prone to epilepsy, and that trait is still found in the Beagleman. This can be controlled to an extent with various medications that are available. Hip dysplasia is another concern that is common in most dogs of this size.

A Beagle Shepherd does adopt a few health concerns from its German Shepherd parent gene pool as well. These come in the form of mainly intestine issues. These are the most common issues they inherit, particularly bloat and pancreatic issues. This is where a strict and specific diet comes into play for these dogs. Consider following a slower and more spread-out feeding schedule.

beagle german shepherd

9. The Beagle German Shepherd Mix Has Specific Diet Needs

A critical thing that you should know about a Beagle Shepherd is that they have a specific diet that they need to follow. Firstly, you should always serve your dog an appropriate portion size which is determined by their build and weight.

Their diet should be made up of mostly protein and fat with a limitation on the amount of carbohydrates. Whole proteins such as chicken and beef are preferred.

With their susceptibility to bloat, it is better to serve your pup four to five small meals instead of two large meals throughout the day. Also, a training bowl is recommended to ensure that they don’t eat very quickly.

They burn a ton of calories with the high energy output they have, so replacing them is essential to maintain a healthy weight. Sugars should be avoided as this hybrid struggles to process sugars. However, as long as they do get the exercise that they need, a few treats here and there are fine to give your companion.

10. Your GSD Beagle Mix Needs a Fairly High Amount of Exercise

The level of energy that these dogs have is incredible. They want to go-go-go almost all the time. This is something to remember when you get one of these pups. You are inheriting an exercise buddy who will be by your side on all your excursions.

You should set aside at least one hour a day to either play with them or take them for a walk to burn off some of their energy so that they don’t keep you awake at night. A long run will make them smile with joy as they love to run and hike.

It is not recommended to take them off the leash in wide-open spaces as their tendency to follow their nose will kick in, and they will not listen to you. A strong leash is needed to take them on walks and keep them on track.

A lack of exercise could lead to physical and even some behavioral problems. They are naturally working dogs and have a strong body composition that needs to be worked on daily. They do also have a lot of stamina, so it will take some time to get those energy levels drained a little.

While Beaglemans are working dogs, if you have wide open spaces at home, consider getting a German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix or a Border Collie German Shepherd mix.

beagle german shepherd

11. Beagle Shepherds Make Amazing Family Dogs

A Beagleman is a lovely family dog who adores companionship. They would be best suited for a larger family as they are incredibly social and will soak up as much attention as they can.

Even though they are a medium-sized breed, they are pretty good with children. Although it is best to introduce them to your smaller children while they are young to understand boundaries.

These dogs are immensely protective of their family and will always be willing and waiting to play with everyone. Their social nature means that they will jump from one family member to another and, with their genetic traits, will be extremely alert to any potential dangers at night. They are companions, though, and do need to be around their owners almost constantly.

Although they make fantastic family dogs, they are not really best suited to the elderly due to their exercise needs. Beagle Shepherds are also not ideally suited to anyone who lives alone and is a working professional. 

They will bark a lot to attract your attention, not ideal if you work from home and are in meetings during the day a lot. Extended periods of alone time will cause them to act out since they need to be around you most of the time.

While Beaglemans are fantastic family dogs, if you’re looking for a loving companion with a more protective streak, adopt a German Shepherd Rottweiler mix or a Pitbull German Shepherd mix. However, these dogs will need intense training and socialization.

12. Pros of Owning a Beagle Shepherd Mix Puppy

Because of their intelligence, you can teach them a wide range of different tricks. There is even an option to get some extensive coaching that will allow them to perform much higher level acrobatic and exotic tricks.

If you already live an active lifestyle, then this dog will be your absolute best friend. If you live a somewhat active lifestyle, then your Beagleman will encourage you to be more active with the immense amounts of energy that they have and need to burn off. So enjoy and embrace that this dog will almost force you to venture into the outdoors and go on adventures with them.

They are incredibly alert dogs with a strong lineage of hunting and hounds, making them dutiful guard dogs to have around the house. They are mouthy and will be sure to bark and let you know if they feel uneasy or somewhat stressed.

You will have hours of entertainment with one of these pups by your side. They are loyal and incredibly loving, so if you need an emotional support animal or therapy dog, then a little Beagleman is a top choice. They will almost never leave you alone.

13. Cons of Owning a Beagle and German Shepherd Mix

While the German Shepherd and Beagle mix can bring immense joy and love, there are a few downsides to owning one of these Beaglemans. They will need constant attention, and if you cannot provide that, they will howl almost endlessly. So if you live in a shared space or in close proximity to others, this could be an issue with neighbors getting upset.

Due to their diet needs and potential health risks, they can be pretty expensive to own. The main thing is that they require a significant amount of time. You will need to set aside a fair amount of time each day to give them the attention that they need and exercise them.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the German Shepherd Beagle Mix Dog Breed

Do Beagle German Shepherd mixes have a strong prey drive?

Beagle German Shepherd mixes may have a moderate prey drive, influenced by the Beagle’s hunting background. It’s essential to provide proper training and socialization to manage their instincts around smaller animals.

Are Beagle German Shepherd mixes suitable for families with children?

Beagle German Shepherd mixes can be good family dogs, especially when properly socialized and trained. They can be affectionate and get along well with children, but supervision during interactions is crucial, especially if the dog is larger and more energetic.

Do Beagle German Shepherd mixes have a distinct appearance?

The appearance of Beagle German Shepherd mixes can vary greatly, depending on the traits they inherit from each parent. They might have a combination of features, such as a Beagle’s hound-like face, droopy ears, and a German Shepherd’s more upright stance.

Are Beagle German Shepherd mixes suitable for first-time dog owners?

Beagle German Shepherd mixes might not be the best choice for first-time dog owners due to their strong personalities and energy levels. They require experienced owners who can provide consistent training and meet their exercise needs.

Final Thoughts on the Beagle German Shepherd Mix

For adventurers and outdoor lovers, this is a dream dog that will happily be by your side with every single excursion that you embark on. Sure, they may be a little loud and can be a little destructive if you leave them alone for extended periods, but what they offer in the love that they return is almost unbeatable.

They can be hard to find, but they will be worth it in the long run as they will bring you around 16 years of amazing memories. The question remains then, is this the dog for you, and if so, when will you be getting a little Beagle German Shepherd mix for yourself and your family? 

NB: Do make sure you only work with a reputable breeder when finding your beagle german shepherd puppy (if a rescue dog isn’t an option). Check out this article from the American Kennel Club particularly if you are in the United States. 

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