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8 Things to Know about the German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix

Have you ever wondered what a German Shepherd mixed with a Chihuahua would look like? Well, now you don’t have to. They’re quite a feisty mix, with the best qualities of German Shepherds and Chihuahuas. This means that they’re loyal, friendly, sassy, and will offer unsolicited growls.   

The German Shepherd Chihuahua mix defies all odds and is not necessarily recognized by the American Kennel Club. This means that there may not be much consistency or regulations among the breed.   

If you’re curious about whether this breed is meant for you, keep reading to learn more about their history, temperament, and special requirements. 

Here’s everything dog owners need to know about German Shepherd Chihuahua Mixes.

german shepherd chihuahua mix dog up close

The Chihuahua

If you’re looking for a big heart stuffed inside a tiny dog, then you’ll find a friend in the chihuahua. This toy dog breed, made famous by the likes of Paris Hilton and many a fashionista, reigns from the hills of Mexico.   


These smaller dogs are pretty accustomed to being in handbags and shouting orders at passers-by and have made a reputation for being loud and sassy little canines. They’re an excellent companion, though, and their small size makes it easy for them to cuddle up alongside you after a long day. Especially since their little hearts can’t take as much overexertion.

Getting to Know the Chihuahua

Meeting your little buddy, you may find that they’re a little sassier than you’d like, but they will handle everything within their gracious stride. Remember that these purebred dogs have been around since pre-Columbian times, and their regality, confidence, and charm have been increasing ever since.   

Chihuahua Shih Tzu Mix big ears

When you get your buddy home for the first time, you may have to ensure that they know who is boss. While this breed is a smaller size than most, their personalities will fit the size of your bedroom, so don’t be surprised if you end up sleeping on the couch.   

They’re loud, so they’ll bark at every new sound, unexpected wind, and even incessantly — especially if you’ve made any sudden movements. Eventually, though, they’ll get accustomed to the new stimulus and settle in. Luckily, they’re easily adaptable to their new surroundings.


The Temperament of the Chihuahua

We’ve already established that they’re pretty noisy, quite busy, and especially sassy, but what else do we need to know about this breed?   

Everything they’re feeling is pretty clearly smeared across their faces. Their beady eyes and upright ears open up their faces and small stature so that you can see absolutely everything they may be feeling — or thinking.   

They’re quite playful and would thoroughly enjoy a range of fun activities, attention, and the likes. All they need is a little bit of training and enough time to cuddle up in your lap throughout the day.   


These small dogs are pretty playful and just as open to strangers, so they’ll be consistent in just about any setting. Just be sure to keep them warm, and their mood will remain as pleasant as when they woke. They are good with young children and can be great family pets.

The German Shepherd

This typical herding dog is ever-popular thanks to its trainability, friendliness, and desire to serve. The German Shepherd dog is ferociously loyal and will do everything in its power to protect you and your kin. As long as you’ve made great strides in getting them to be your friend, they’ll be your number one fan for as long as you need them to be.   

german shepherd

These puppers love having a purpose. This is an intelligent dog that adores being the main worker and helping get things done. So, whenever you see your dog being a bit too playful, you may want to consider giving them a job to do. Whether that’s walking you down to the corner shop or ensuring that all the toys have been played with.

Getting to Know the German Shepherd

When you first bring your new best friend home, you’ll notice that they are quite energetic, smell basically everything, and probably want to urinate on your bed — taking care of business first.   

German Shepherds are relatively protective and territorial. They will do what they can to cement their place in the hierarchy but need a guiding hand to ensure that they’re not taking advantage of your kindness or employing themselves as the number one boss.   

german shepherd facts

They’ll need quite a bit of support at first while adapting to their new space. Most importantly, they will need a consistent pattern, early socialization and training from a young age to become beautifully behaved big boys (or girls).

The Temperament of the German Shepherd

The German Shepherd, as it is usually known, can be described as loyal, intelligent, and courageous. This breed doesn’t shy away from a challenge and will most likely be the one to instigate a bark-off with anyone walking by the gate.   

The mood of this kind of dog is entirely predictable as they tend only to want a handful of things. They’ll pant when thirsty, moan when hungry, and growl when you’ve invaded their space. The temperament of the German Shepherd is quite an easy one to manage but may be best for experienced owners.   

They can become quite protective but will be good with bigger families and families that have a lot of love and energy to share.

german shepherd posing

The German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix: 8 Factors to Consider

As you can tell, the parent breeds of this hybrid breed are two of the most interesting for various reasons. Still, they are exceptionally similar in terms of adaptability, barking, etc. They’re quite lively and would need lots of stimulation to stay happy and healthy.   

These two breeds together have created something mysterious and exceptionally worthwhile. If you’re as adaptable as your dog, this breed would be excellent for you. As you keep learning about your pup’s personality, you’ll learn how to better care for and love them.

1. The History of the Chihuahua Shepherd

Since the AKC does not officially recognize this breed, there is no clear and authenticated history for this breed. To understand the history thoroughly, we’ll have to keep wondering when the vaults will open as to which breed went where to result in this intriguing cross.

2. The Nature of the German Shepherd Chihuahua

Since there are no standard regulations and breeders have been free to do as they please, your German Shepherd Chihuahua can become just about anything it wants to and anything you nurture it to become.  There is no standard for their overall nature, so as you read this, remember that each German Chihuahua is unique.

german shepherd chihuahua mix

3. Socialization

Getting your new German Shepherd Chihuahua acclimated into its new world will require lots of patience and even more consistency and routine. They may become more like their Chihuahua parent, who is relatively more reserved around new people while still being open to new environments. The german shepherd chihuahua mix temperament will depend on which parent it most resembles.    

The best way to get them on board is to bribe them with a couple of treats or a really interesting toy before expecting them to become your friend. Although, in this case, perseverance is key. Your pupper will eventually realize that you’re responsible for buying the things they love and will warm up to you soon after.   

If their personality leans closer to the German Shepherd side of their genetics, they’ll be extremely happy to make new friends with proper training. They will most probably be the reason you’ve got a couple of coffee play dates lined up over the upcoming months.   

A busy German Shepherd Chihuahua mix will quickly and gracefully adapt to any new environment. They’ll either become the talk of the room or command it with their own clamorous voice. Either way, getting people accustomed to this breed should be a breeze especially with some obedience training.   

The only concern is their unpredictability with small children. When you do eventually learn enough about your pup, you’ll be able to discern whether they’d be good around kids or not. However, it’s always advisable to be extra cautious. Especially since both species will react with minimal control. You’ll want to be in a controlled space where you have easy access to both the kid and your pup.

4. The Appearance of the German Shepherd Chihuahua

Your German Shepherd Chihuahua will either be more German Shepherd or more Chihuahua; there is no way of knowing for sure just which way your pup’s genetics will take them. They will be an average-sized dog, somewhere between what is normal for both breeds.   

german shepherd chihuahua mix dog

You can expect a German Shepherd-looking face stuck on a Chihuahua-shaped head. They’re usually black, brown, tan, and very rarely white. You can expect a German Shepherd’s stature condensed into the Chihuahua’s size. All adorable and a treat to behold after you’ve laid your eyes on them.

German Shepherd Chihuahua Coat

They may possibly take after the German Shepherd‘s double coat — In which case you can expect lots of shedding. The Chihuahua genetics will ensure that your pupper has a thin first layer; this will give them an easy to care for coat.

5. Health Issues of the German Shepherd Chihuahua

Chihuahua Health Problems

For the most part, this breed is relatively healthy. There are some genetic issues that you may or may not have to deal with. Some issues are relatively easy to avoid with a healthy diet and good lifestyle habits like regular exercise and vet check-ups.   

The Chihuahua is usually prone to heart conditions like patent ductus arteriosus or mitral valve disease. Other than their beautiful hearts, you’ll also have to keep tabs on their eye issues, loose kneecaps, and idiopathic epilepsy. While things like epilepsy are hard to diagnose before it happens, you can send your pupper for check-ups at the vet and screening tests. So, a cardiac exam, an eye test, and so on will help you plan for any future issues that may arise.

german shepherd chihuahua mix

German Shepherd Health Issues

The German Shepherd is also usually pretty healthy, except for when they’re in their old age. You can expect things similar to most dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis, and even degenerative myelopathy.   

Most of these conditions are easy (albeit pricey) to maintain, and you’ll most likely have to get regular checkups and ensure your dog is on regular supplements. This can take the form of CBD supplements like drops or tinctures to help with the pain.   

A healthy diet will help alleviate most of their ailments but will not cure whatever genetic diseases they’re susceptible to. Always try to get your pupper screened before taking them home, and make sure that they’ve got all of their vaccinations and boosters.

More on the Health of the German Shepherd Chihuahua

This hybrid dog will most probably have a mixture of problems from both parent breeds. Most commonly, you can expect issues from their joints, knees, and their heart.   

Since the Chihuahua is prone to Patellar Luxation, you can expect it quite difficult to allow your pup to jump from high places. Getting off the bed may be a bit difficult, and so will climbing up onto the couches. They’ll need some support to help their little legs.   

Other than that, as they mature, you’ll be cognizant of their heart issues and possible dysplasia. You can help alleviate their heart issues by ensuring they have a healthy balanced diet and high-quality dog food. This dog needs a strict regime with someone always ready to step in if they’re eating too fast.   

A special diet with heart-healthy vitamins may delay the onset of heart issues and can ultimately help them live fuller lives. You may also want to consider adding supplements to their diet to help with their joints and bones. Although, before changing a diet or offering them any extra vitamins, it’s always best to run it by your vet first. 

6. Exercise Regime for German Shepherd Chihuahua

As you may have guessed, there is no set number for the required exercise. In most cases, you’ll have to figure this out as you go along and check in with your pup regularly. So that you can figure out how much exercise they’ll need every day or every week.   

chihuahua german shepherd mix

If your mix is more like a German Shepherd, they may need daily exercise; somewhere around 90 minutes and less should do the trick. This is because the German Shepherd is a pretty big and busy dog with high energy levels.   

If your mix assumes more of the Chihuahua traits, they’ll be a bit smaller and less energetic and will need less exercise. A rule of thumb is to cap them off at around 30 to 45 minutes daily.   

Start your pup off by going on a five-minute walk. You’ll have to grab some water, food, and possibly a bag for them to chill in after — depending on how dramatic they are. Start with five minutes and incrementally increase their exercise time until you can gauge just how much walking and playing your canine friend can take.   

Be sure not to over-exert them, as their bodies are not always made to become the next Rocky Balboa. They’ll shuffle along as best as they can but always be conscious that they’ve got twice as many steps to take as you do. 

7. Dietary Requirements of the German Shepherd Chihuahua

Your German Shepherd Chihuahua mix will most likely require some specialized diet to ensure the best growth. You’ll probably want to focus on heart-healthy foods and ensure they’ve got enough supplements like calcium and bone-healthy vitamins as well.   

Be sure to give your pupper something sweet every once in a while, especially for the good boys, and you’ll see your pupper in absolute adulation.   

They can eat a bit too much too fast, so also try to monitor their eating. You’ll have to train them to eat properly or to have some version of “table manners.” Ultimately, you’ll have to feed them twice a day, at least one bowl of food and one yummy but healthy treat.

8. Things to Consider Before buying a German Shepherd Chihuahua mix dog

Before buying your German Shepherd Chihuahua mix, you’ll want to consider a few things:  

  1. Is there a rescue and rehabilitation center or animal shelters nearby that I can check out?
  2. Are you ready to pay exorbitant prices for a dog?
  3. Are you buying from a reputable breeder?

The world of dogs is often competitive in terms of breeding. Breeders may want to create new breeds equipped with speed, strength, agility, and smarts — or attempt to make the next cute designer trend. Nonetheless, their attempt at playing God can often leave you and the animal kingdom at a disadvantage.   

So, if you are looking for a pup, try to get one from the local shelter or rescue center first. If you’re still hoping for a specific doggo and have found someone selling them, be sure to check the breeder’s credentials.   

You’ll want to be sure that your pup was taken to the vet for any kinds of vaccinations beforehand and that they’ve been screened, are in good condition, and were well taken care of. You’ll want to be sure that your breeder is not extorting you for high prices on rare dog breeds.   

9. Adopting a German Shepherd Chihuahua

Pup lovers have been advocating for adoption for as long as there has been the internet. Whether you choose to buy a dog or rescue one is a personal decision that only you can make. There are pros and cons to each, but as you may be very well aware, adopting serves the greater good of the pups themselves.   

chihuahua german shepherd mix dog

You can get into contact with any nearby shelter, rescue center, or specific German Shepherd or Chihuahua rescue centers. Adopting a new pup may be more rewarding for you but could require more of your time and attention, depending on where you get your dog from.   

Consider that you’ll have to re-train them or get them accustomed to living with someone new. Adopted dogs always need just a little bit more TLC than most.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a German Shepherd Chihuahua Owner

Are you still unsure whether you’d like to adopt a German Shepherd Chihuahua mix? Here’s a quick pros and cons list to get you started.

Cons of owning a German Shepherd Chihuahua

  • They can be extremely loud.
  • They don’t do well in big families with kids.
  • They may be riddled with health issues when older.

Pros of Owning a German Shepherd Chihuahua

  • They’re a unique breed.
  • They are incredibly protective and loyal.
  • They also make excellent cuddle buddies.

Frequently Asked Questions about the German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Dog

Do German Shepherd Chihuahuas Make Good Family Pets?

No. On their own, the German Shepherd is great for a family, especially with kids. Although, the Chihuahua does not always enjoy being around busier families, especially with kids. So as you can imagine, there is no chance to guess how your pupper may react. For this reason, it may be best to just leave them in the apartment with adults and smaller, less traditional-style families.  They work better with younger couples who wouldn’t mind walking this beast of a mouse around and ensuring that they receive a ton of cuddles. But, the German Shepherd Chihuahua would not enjoy a family with younger kids as their bodies, limbs, and hearts are a little bit more fragile than most.

Can my German Shepherd Chihuahua Live in My Apartment?

Yes. This pupper (usually) doesn’t get as big, so they’ll be in a better environment somewhere cozy with lower chairs or stairs taking them up the couch. They need a certain amount of exercise and stimulation to keep them happy. But for the most part, they’ll be exceptionally happy in an apartment.   Your neighbors may begin to complain if your pupper keeps yapping all day or decides to bark incessantly at the wind moving the curtains. This may make apartment living a little bit more of an extreme sport, especially for introverts. But, as long as your German Shepherd Chihuahua mix is happily occupied with toys or treats.

What Do German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Puppies Cost?

Since the breed is not recognized and not necessarily regulated, you’ll want to compare the prices of their parent breeds for a better idea of what the German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix would cost. Estimated guesses sit upwards from $200.

How long do German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix dogs live?

You can expect around 9-20 years with your German Shepherd Chihuahua mix. Thanks to their mixed breed genetics, they are supposedly more likely to live longer. So, if you’re thinking of getting this breed to join your family, you’ll want to be sure that you can commit to such a long lifespan. Remember; in their older years, this dog may suffer from some terrible conditions that may put a strain on yourself, your budget, and your heartstrings.

Final Thoughts on the German Shepherd Chihuahua

There’s just about everything you need to know about the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix. They are an unpredictable breed because, like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’ll get.   

But, for an experienced pet owner, they are a whole baguette-sized roll of fun and would sufficiently fill that pup-shaped hole in your heart. You need to be there for them, be consistent, and ensure that they’re learning all of the best habits you can offer them.   

Don’t worry about it if you’re still unsure that this breed is for you. Owning a dog is not like owning a handbag; you have to be sure of your decision before getting that beauty from the pound. Have a look at a few other dog breeds available before you set your mind on the first one you see.

chihuahua german shepherd mix

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