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13 Things to Know about the Pomeranian Shih Tzu Mix (With Pictures)

The Shiranian — also called the Pomshi, Shih-Pom, Pom-Tzu, and Shih-A-Pom — is a designer dog breed that is undeniably adorable. They are a combination of cuteness and good nature that resulted from cross-breeding between the Pomeranian and Shih Tzu breeds.

These toy-sized pups are small, sweet, and super affectionate. They are the best cuddle buddies, and you won’t need a spacious home to keep them happy. With their floppy ears and silky fur, the Shiranian is one of the most charming pups you’ll ever encounter.

The Pomeranian Shih Tzu mix is a friendly dog that gets along well with kids, seniors, and other animals. These cute canines are well-behaved, but they have some vital care requirements you should know.

So, if you’re considering bringing this loveable dog into your home, you’ll need to do your research. Before you head out to get a cute harness for small dogs, here are a few fascinating facts that you need to know about the Shiranian.

pomeranian mix shih tzu 1 brown face

13 Facts About Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix, AKA The Shiranian

The Shiranian is an excellent furry companion with its friendly nature and adorable appearance. Here are a few things you need to know about the Shiranian dog breed.

1. Shih-Pom’s Origin

The Shiranian comes from breeding the Pomeranian and Shih Tzu breeds. The Shih Tzu is an Asian dog breed and one of the oldest in the world. In contrast, the Pomeranian breed comes from the former Province of Pomerania — a region in northwest Poland and northeast Germany.

The breeding process is in an attempt to reduce genetic health issues that are common in purebreds. So, what resulted from the intentional breeding of Shih Tzus and Pomeranians in the United States during the late 1990s?

The Shiranian inherited delightful characteristics from both parent breeds. They are good-natured and intelligent with an outgoing temperament. Since the Pomeranian and Shih Tzu are small-sized pups, it’s easy to see why the Shiranian can fit in a purse.

As both the Pomeranian and Shih Tzu are purebred dogs, the Shiranian is considered a designer dog. Generally, designer dogs are bred with a specific purpose in mind. Whereas mixed-breed dogs often result from nature taking its course.

Before designer dogs were a thing, any pup that wasn’t purebred was called a mixed-breed dog. The ancestral history of mixed breed dogs is more complicated with mixtures of purebreds, mixed breeds, and unknown branches of their family tree. Whereas purebreds, like the Shih-Pom, can be tracked as far as the first breeding families.

2. Pomeranian and Shih Tzu Mix Appearance

Shiranians are one of the most beautiful dog breeds. Characterized by a short muzzle, tiny black nose, floppy ears, and medium to long coats, these pups are as cute as they come. You can also get these furry fellows in a myriad of options, with solid or multi-color coats being the most common.

Typical Pom Shih Tzu mix coat colors are black, brown, red, white, sable, and brindle. The Shiranian has a flowing coat with a straight to wavy appearance.

Similar to their Pomeranian and Shih Tzu parents, the Shiranian boasts thick double-coated fur. The double coat protects these precious puppies from extreme weather conditions, keeping them cool in the summer and warm during winter.

The appearance of a first-generation Shiranian is often unforeseeable. A first-generation Shiranian is bred from the Pomeranian and Shih Tzu. In comparison, a second-generation Shiranian comes from parents that are both Shiranians. Often the results of first-generation breeding are unpredictable in terms of appearance and temperament.  

So if there’s a specific type of Pomshi you’re looking for, it’s better to go for a second-generation breeder that can perfectly pair the pooch to you.

Shih Tzu pomeranian with white paws

3. Shih Tzu and Pomeranian Mix Size

The size of a Shiranian will depend on which parent breed is predominant. But, since both the Pomeranian and Shih Tzu are small-sized dogs, you can expect the Shiranian to be cute and compact.

The size of a Shiranian will depend on which parent breed is predominant. But, since both the Pomeranian and Shih Tzu are small-sized dogs, you can expect the Shiranian to be cute and compact.

4. Pomshi Personality and Temperament

Shiranians are as sweet as their appearance. They are cheerful and friendly pups that love being around people and need human companionship to feel happy and well-adjusted.

These designer dogs inherit charming personality traits from both parents. The personality of each Shiranian varies, but they typically fall in the middle of their parental characteristics.

Some traits inherited from the Pomeranian include being energetic, easy to train, and intelligent. If your pup mostly takes after their Imperial Shih Tzu parent, you can expect an attentive, friendly, and loyal little dog — but they also have an inherited stubborn streak.

No matter which parent’s personality is dominant, most Shiranians are highly affectionate and good-natured pups. They are loveable canines with moderate energy levels who love a good nap as much as their afternoon walk.

With their friendly and playful nature, Shiranians get along well with kids and other pets. But if you’re looking for a watchdog, these affectionate dogs aren’t the best choice. They are lively dogs and more likely to get a stranger to play with them than protect your home, making them one of the least aggressive dogs.

After all, who would be scared of the cutest little fluff ball known to man?

Pomeranian Mixed Shih Tzu puppy

5. Family Compatibility

Shiranians are exceptional pets for most households, from single persons to large families. Their ideal companion would be a retired senior. But, they love being around any human that provides them with pampering and attention.

Generally, they get along well with older kids and adults. Shiranians love kids, but like other small fluffy dog breeds, they become nervous around overly excited younger children.

And since they’re small pups, they can be easily injured by a little one’s rough play and enthusiastic handling. However, if you teach your kids how to approach these adorable dogs, they’ll quickly become best mates.

When it comes to other pets, these friendly canines get along well with other animals. They don’t enjoy spending time alone, so having a furry friend to play with helps reduce the risk of separation anxiety. It’s best to introduce them to other pets slowly and calmly so that they can adjust.

Pomeranian Mixed Shih Tzu being held

6. Separation Anxiety: Pom-Tzus Fear of Being Alone

Shiranians are loving and cheerful pups but can become unhappy if left alone for extended periods. These pups are sensitive and require lots of affection to feel self-assured and happy.

It is common for a Shiranian to struggle with separation anxiety. Common signs of separation anxiety in dogs include destructive behavior, barking, obsessive pacing, and urinating around the house.

Separation anxiety in dogs is triggered when they feel upset from being away from their guardians and loved ones. Some common dog behaviors caused by anxiety in pups include:

  • A change of ownership
  • The loss of a family member
  • A change in their environment, like moving homes
  • Being left alone for long periods, especially if it’s the first time
  • Significant changes in family schedule or routine

If you find your pup having mild separation anxiety, you could leave out recently worn clothes to keep your smell around. Additionally, consider using natural calming supplements to help with anxiety.

7. Ideal Environment for a Shiranian

If you have limited free space in your home, you’ll be happy to know that Shiranians do not need a spacious environment to thrive. All you need is an abundance of love and space in your heart to keep these pups smiling, so they’re fairly low-maintenance dogs in that perspective.

As long as there is a dog toy to keep them busy, Shiranians do well in most types of homes, from spacious houses to one-bedroom apartments. However, they do not enjoy extreme temperatures despite their double coats.

Although Shiranians boast soft and thick fur, they get cold during extremely icy weather and may need an extra blanket or comfy dog jacket. In summer, you’ll have to dab some dog-friendly sunscreen on their sensitive noses, ears, and other exposed areas.

Providing Shiranians with a comfy indoor living space is best, as they should not be left outdoors. But, they require sufficient outdoor time to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle with daily walks in the area.

8. Grooming Needs

Contrary to their small appearance, Shiranians’ maintenance is mighty. Their coat is both striking and high-maintenance. To keep these cute canines comfortable and looking their best, you’ll have to brush your pup daily.

In addition to the daily brushing requirements, Shiranians need monthly grooming. As these furry fellows shed regularly, you’ll have to get the vacuum ready. It’s best to use a pin brush or wide-toothed dog comb when brushing their soft fur.

Pomeranian Mixed Shih Tzu brown and white

Shiranians require regular bathing to keep their coats soft and clean. But bath time should only occur when needed as excessive bathing can strip their coat of its natural oils. As most small dogs have sensitive skin, you should opt for a high-quality shampoo and gently towel dry.

Although these dogs enjoy being pampered by their owners, you should avoid blow-drying as it can irritate their skin. Shiranians require regular trimming around their ears, eyes, and feet as their hair tends to grow profusely in those areas.

If your pup shakes its head often, that can be a sign it’s time for trimming around these regions. That said, if you’re not confident in your hairdressing skills, it’s always best to head to your local groomer.

To avoid cracked or split nails, you should trim their nails with a nail clipper every two weeks. To maintain good oral hygiene, you can treat your pup with a tooth-friendly chew. You should brush their teeth daily and inspect their mouths at least twice each week as this breed is susceptible to dental issues.

When it comes to Shiranians’ cute floppy ears, you’ll have to regularly check for ear infections and clean them at least once a month. Before cleaning your puppy’s ears, inspect them thoroughly for any scratches, dirt, discharge, or parasites. If you notice a nasty odor from their ears, it is best to consult your veterinarian.

To clean your puppy’s ears, you can use a moistened cotton ball and gently wipe out their ears. Keeping Shiranians’ ears dry is vital as it reduces the risk of recurring ear infections.

9. Feeding and Dietary Needs

Generally, Shiranians have moderate energy levels and require around half to one cup of dry dog food daily. However, the dog’s age, weight, energy, and health can impact their individual dietary needs.

For instance, food for small dog breeds like the Shiranian will factor in the difference in eating habits compared to larger dogs. In comparison, senior dog foods are specifically designed for older dogs. It is always best to consult your veterinarian for feeding recommendations.

Shiranians have a high tendency to become overweight. So, keeping to a regular feeding schedule and avoiding excessive amounts of dog treats is vital. Dogs with potential oral issues, like the Shiranian, do well with dry blend foods.

10. Potential Health Issues of The Shiranian

The life expectancy of Shiranians is between 13 to 15 years. Although they tend to live happy and healthy lives, Shiranians still face some potential health concerns.

The primary aim of breeding the Shiranian was to reduce genetic health issues common in purebred pups. However, the Shiranian inherits health conditions from both the Pomeranian and Shih Tzu breeds.

Some of the conditions are minor such as dental issues, while others are more serious such as cataracts and hypothyroidism. Here is a list of some of the common health issues that Shiranians may suffer from:

  • Bladder stones
  • Dental problems
  • Cataracts
  • Epilepsy
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Allergies
  • Hip Dysplasia

It is vital to maintain good care of your pups and speak to your vet when developing a care routine to keep your dog happy and healthy. Before purchasing your lovable puppy, you should visit the breeder to inspect the dog’s living conditions.

It is essential to check their health certificates and the health clearances of the parent dogs. Additionally, it is good to have occasional tests done, like eye examinations, blood count, and allergy tests.

You can also introduce some dog vitamins to help avoid symptoms such as hypothyroidism — Vitamin B is the best for this. High-quality fish oil can also help prevent cataracts. This said, consult the vet before introducing any of this into your Shih-Poms diet.

Pomeranian Mixed Shih Tzu brown and white

11. Puppy Training

The trainability of Shiranians is “moderately” easy. These pups are known for their intelligence and ability to catch on to commands. However, Shiranians have the propensity to be stubborn at times.

When training small dogs, you should not expect overnight changes as these puppies get easier gradually. It is best to train your pup from the early stages with positive affirmation, as they respond best to this form of training.

This will help prevent them from developing the dreaded small dog syndrome. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, don’t worry. Small dog syndrome is not a life-threatening disease. But, it can become a problem.

Small dog syndrome is a theory that refers to small-sized dogs who misbehave and get away with it because of their adorable stature. It is vital to ensure that your little canine is aware that you’re the leader.

One of the best methods you can use during training is praising your dog’s good behavior with positive reinforcement. You should approach puppy training with both firmness and a soft touch. If you’re unsure about your training approaches, consider attending obedience classes — this will help your pup socialize as well.

12. Shih Tzu Pom Mix Exercise Requirements

It is vital to provide Shiranians with adequate daily exercise. They are moderately active dogs and require the same activity level that most humans do – so a daily walk is a win for all.

Shiranians enjoy walks, but their little legs will appreciate it if kept short. A 20-minute walk and a few rounds of fetch at your local park will be perfect.

They are well-suited for living in small spaces, so you would not need a big yard to entertain them. However, they are prone to becoming overweight. As such, it is vital to ensure your dog is getting enough exercise and burning those calories.

As the Shiranian is a friendly and sociable breed, it is best to provide them with a daily dose of dog interaction. If you head to your local dog park for some exercise, you’ll be able to tick off their daily activity and socialization training simultaneously.

Shih Tzu pomeranian chocolate brown

13. Shih Pom Price

Similar to their coat maintenance, Shiranians are among some of the most expensive dog breeds. As the pomeranian x shih tzu is a charming pup with wonderful traits inherited from two (royal) purebred dogs, it will cost you a pretty penny.

You can expect to pay between $750 to $1,500 for a pomeranian shih tzu mix puppy from a reputable breeder. Although they are designer breeds, you may be able to find them at animal shelters for a lower fee.

The essential medical expenses of a Shihpom can come to around $435 to $535 per year. It includes flea treatments, regular veterinary check-ups, shots, and pet insurance. Additionally, you’ll need to prepare for non-medical expenses like food, toys, treats, training, and grooming – this can cost between $530 to $630 annually.

Pomeranian Shih Tzu Mix Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shih Tzu Pomeranian mixes hypoallergenic?

Shih Tzu Pomeranian mixes are not considered hypoallergenic as they inherit their coat characteristics from both parent breeds. While some individuals may produce less dander and shed less, there is no guarantee that they will be hypoallergenic. Regular grooming and cleaning can help minimize allergens.

What is the temperament of a Shiranian?

The Shiranian’s temperament can vary depending on the influence of its parent breeds and early socialization. Generally, they are affectionate, lively, and friendly dogs. They tend to form strong bonds with their owners and can be great family companions. Due to their Shih Tzu ancestry, they might have a bit of stubbornness, but with positive reinforcement training, they can be obedient and responsive.

Are Shih Tzu Pomeranian mixes good with children and other pets?

Generally, Shiranians can be good with children and other pets, especially if they are well-socialized from a young age. However, due to their small size, they may be more delicate, so interactions with young children should always be supervised to avoid accidents.

How long do Shiranians typically live?

The life expectancy of a Shih Tzu Pomeranian mix is typically around 12 to 15 years, but with proper care and a healthy lifestyle, they may live even longer.

Final Thoughts on the Half Pomeranian Half Shih Tzu Breed

Shiranians are friendly and adorable pups that make exceptional family pets. These lovable dogs are super social, affectionate, and always ready to meet a new friend.

If you have a small living space, these tiny canines would be the perfect addition to your home. Although they may be a bit challenging to care for, the remarkable presence of a Shiranian is definitely worth the daily brushing requirements.

With their enchanting and lively energy, having a Shiranian around will certainly brighten your days. If you love the sound of the Shiranian but want to discover more options, read about all the other smart small dog breeds.

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