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Getting Your First Cane Corso: What You Need To Know

Finding the perfect breed of dog can be a long and arduous process- that’s why The Dog Snobs exists! There are a lot of factors to consider when picking a breed of dog for your family, including size, function, temperament and grooming needs.

One breed that’s becoming increasingly popular is the Cane Corso. These stunning Italian Mastiffs have been popular in Europe for decades and can be gentle giants and loving companions when trained and handled correctly.

Cane Corsi (yes, that really is the plural of Cane Corso) are among the largest breeds of dog in the UK, with many adult dogs weighing over 100 pounds, or 45kg, so they require a lot of care and attention. While the breed is relatively new to the country, it’s becoming increasingly popular, particularly among those who love large breeds. If you’re thinking of getting your first Cane Corso, then here are our top tips.

Black-Cane-Corso-Puppy first cane corso

Make Sure They Get Plenty Of Exercise And Stimulation

Cane Corsi are an intelligent, active breed of dog that thrives when given a job to do and needs lots of exercise. Due to their large size, they don’t make great dogs for those who live in flats or aren’t particularly active.

Adult Cane Corsi need at least 60-90 minutes of vigorous exercise daily. So, you need to take them for walks, play fetch, or give them a job to do, such as guarding livestock or even just playing fetch. Meet their needs for activity to prevent destructive behaviours, which can be incredibly dangerous in a breed this big.


Watch Their Weight

Although they’re active dogs, Cane Corsi are also prone to obesity, as they enjoy their food! Also, it’s easy for owners to mistake an overweight Cane Corso for a muscular one. As such, you need to work with your vet to understand the ideal weight for your dog based on their height and build. You can then create a diet and exercise plan for them that will help to maintain their ideal weight.

Choosing raw dog food for your Cane Corso can help to give them all the nutrients they need without any added filler, especially if you choose a premium brand.


Remember That Training Is An Ongoing Process

Because Cane Corsi are such large dogs, it’s imperative that you keep them under control at all times. While training is an ongoing process for every dog, that’s particularly true for this breed. Obedience training will be a lifelong process, as will socialisation, so that your dog doesn’t become aggressive or reactive.

Cane Corsi are a guarding breed, so you need to make sure that you can control their instincts. This can be incredibly difficult, so if you struggle to deal with your dog, then work with a professional trainer familiar with the breed to ensure they’re always an asset to your family and not a danger.


Be Prepared For High Ownership Costs

Owning any big breed is always more expensive than a smaller one because you’ll need to feed them more and pay for larger toys and accessories such as collars and harnesses. The cost of owning a dog over their lifetime will rise with inflation and depend on a variety of factors, including their general health and whether you take out insurance on them.

Another cost to factor in is the price of a puppy or adoption fees if you’re rescuing an older Cane Corso. This initial cost will be high, as will any major veterinary procedures, including spaying/ neutering. As a big dog, a Cane Corso usually lives around 10 to 12 years, so you need to be prepared for the cost and effort that this will require before you commit to becoming the custodian of a member of this ancient and beautiful breed.


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