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10 Things to Know about the Corgi German Shepherd Mix

Of the many wonderful designer dogs doing their rounds, a breed that gathers the most head tilts may be the Cormon Shepherd. This is a Corgi German Shepherd mix that brings adorability to the table and has dog lovers swooning at their sweet and spunky nature.   

German Shepherds are best known for their loyalty, while Corgis are best adored for their tiny legs and stature. Most people forget that both breeds bring astounding intelligence, playfulness, and love into one — albeit a small bundle of joy. 

If you’re wondering whether this dog is right for you, this guide to the Cormon Shepherd will teach you all about their temperament, health, exercise regimes, diet, and so much more.  Keep reading to learn everything you need about this German Shepherd Corgi Mix.

corgi german shepherd mix dog

The Corgi

This small dog counterpart to the German Shepherd Corgi is a sweet-natured, loving, and intelligent breed with very little drooling. You can expect openness to new people like no other from them, and they will play with just about anyone.

corgi dog

Getting to Know the Corgi

When you bring your Corgi home, you’ll have to work on socializing your puppy first. They’re usually quite adaptable to new situations and places, but you’ll have to focus on appropriately training them for the best responses in their early socialization.

Work your way to warming up to the dog, and you’ll be rewarded with a ton of cuddles and adorable wake-up calls in the mornings.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The Temperament of the Corgi

As previously mentioned, the Corgi is quite playful. So you’ll have to spend a lot of time every day throwing balls around or being entangled in a game of tug. Luckily, they are also quite eager to please their owners and will have a lot of fun learning to follow commands. 

This also opens up a new bond between family members and your doggo. And this kind of relationship will grow and adapt when you include many games and mentally stimulating toys as well. Since this is a herding breed, the best way for them to learn is through finding purpose in the things they do. So, try to get them bones with something delicious inside instead of just giving them plain treats.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

While they are a whole bundle of fun, despite their small size they are also quite protective. This means your Corgi means they’ll bark at just about anything and anyone within your space. You will have to work toward introducing new people to them in a way that puts them at ease and calms them down.

The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd dog is a strong breed. They are best known for their easy-to-train nature and protective instincts. Overall, they’re great with other dogs, big families, and even younger kids; no wonder they’ve always been so popular.

german shepherd

Getting to Know the German Shepherd

Every good thing you’ve heard about these dogs is accurate. They’re an exceptional breed with very few negatives. You shouldn’t have any behavioral issues as long as they’re in the right environment, receive proper training and adequately cared for.

German Shepherds are an intelligent kind that’s also playful, sweet, loving, and protective. Because of these wonderful traits, your German Shepherd will love to follow commands and respond to positive reinforcement so you’ll form a special bond doing so. A typical German Shepherd has a thick, short coat on their long body that keeps them snug during colder seasons.

german shepherd facts

The Temperament of the German Shepherd

There’s a reason this breed is so popular for getting practical jobs done, like working in the military, helping the disabled, or tending to the flock. The temperament of this herding dog is a mixed bundle of, well, everything. 

They’re exceptionally loyal, vigilant, alert, and protective. They will be cruel to those who harm you and kind to those they love. They are pretty kind to those they trust, and bonding is essential to them.

german shepherd face

Whether they’re bonding with kids, other dogs, or new house guests, they tend to adapt relatively quickly. Especially if they’ve been appropriately trained and a game of tug is involved.

They’re quite energetic and need regular exercise and playtime. Without it, they don’t have an outlet for an otherwise healthy and happy trait which may result in frustration and ultimately destructive behaviors. 

This playful breed is intelligent, too, so they will need lots of mental stimulation. They are quick on the mark and will need extra help to enhance their problem-solving capabilities. Since they’re most accustomed to purpose-driven activities, they may not appreciate simply licking the peanut butter off the bone.

german shepherd lying down

The Corgi Mixed With German Shepherd

Similarly to the German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix, this beautiful designer breed looks like someone took a shrink ray to a German Shepherd. Many facets of their appearance and personality are copied and pasted from the parent breeds. 

Before getting yourself a German Corgi Mix, you’ll have to consider various factors like health, appearance, and temperament. By understanding both breeds a little better, you’ll have an easier time understanding what your cormon shepherd mix needs.

This breed is specifically great for experienced owners, as first-timers may find them to be a bit harder to care for. This is because these german shepherd mixes require so much attention, thanks to their playful nature and stubborn streak. If you are an inexperienced owner, you might need help to train these dogs appropriately.

german shepherd mixed with corgi

1. The History of the German Shepherd Corgi

Since this breed isn’t recognized by the American kennel club, it’s challenging to determine precisely where the mix originated or how it came to be. However, we can assume that the Cormon Shepherd mix was most likely bred out of curiosity.

Since they’re two of the most intelligent dog breeds out there, it makes absolute sense to wonder what offspring would be like. And now, we know.  

2. The Nature of the Corgi Shepherd Mix

Considering the nature of the German Shepherd and Corgi, it’s not far-fetched to believe that your Cormon Shepherd will be exceptionally intelligent and over-protective. You’ll also have an adoring pupper who would love cuddles and may never want to leave the doggie park.  

As with most crossbreeds, there is no particular conclusion as to how your Corgi and German Shepherd mix pup will develop. Your pet will become more of the traits that you feed.

While the Cormon Shepherd doesn’t necessarily mind spending days lazing on the couch, don’t let them make a habit of it. You want to encourage movement and lots of fun exercises to keep them from becoming too chubby.

This will also help them relieve any excess energy they may have. It can eventually also tire out your pup so they don’t spend alone time destroying your favorite plant or couch cushions.

Beware because this breed can develop a mean streak — whether this is nature vs. nurture is still up for debate. So, be sure to remain consistent with your pup and offer them everything they may need to become the best version of their adorable little selves.

german shepherd corgi mix

3. Socialization

Socialization is quite an essential aspect of any dog breed. Introducing them into your home, family, or new pets is one of the first things to tick off your socialization checklist. This means you’ll have to train them as you go along.

Initially, they’ll take time to smell everything before warming up to new people or pets. It’s good to remind them who is boss by providing them with firm, consistent rules around the house. While they’re getting warmed up, you’ll want to teach them which things are worth playing with and maybe invest in some toys to keep them busy. 

Once they’ve found their space within the home, they’ll be open to learning more from you. This is where the fun commands like catch, rollover, and play dead come into play. Be sure to couple all of this with positive rewards like yummy treats.

4. Do Corgi German Shepherds Make Good Family Pets?

Yes, these affectionate furry love balls make for a wonderful addition to any family. Whether you’re big or small, the Cormon Shepherd will be kind to just about anyone.

Since the German Shepherd Corgi Mix is so playful, they will do well as a companion to your younger kids. However, they do need to be trained and introduced to babies and toddlers in a controlled environment beforehand. If they’re introduced incorrectly, you could exacerbate any negative behaviors. 

The same goes for meeting other animals as well. Your Corgi German Shepherd Mix will want to smell just about everything and everywhere before nudging their new acquaintance to play with them. Again, you’ll have to be cautious when introducing new animals to each other since there is absolutely no way of knowing what they’ll do next.

german shepherd corgi mix dog

5. The Appearance of the Corgi German Shepherd Mix

The Cormon Shepherd usually has most of the German Shepherd’s features with the body of a Corgi. You can expect a pupper with short limbs, a stocky build, and an absolutely adorable butt. Their tail is usually that of a Corgi and will stand upright most times, unlike a German Shepherd.  

Their faces are flat, and their ears are pointy. While most of the face is built like a German Shepherd, they do not have the muzzle of one. Instead, they have a shorter snout like a Corgi has. Their dark-colored almond-shaped eyes will gaze black holes into your soul as it’s set off by the black, tan, brown, or fawn-colored fur around their faces.

German Shepherd Corgi Coat

The German Shepherd and Corgi mix has a double-layer coat, which means they tend to shed quite a bit. This is because their short hairs need to keep all their warmth while shedding it off for the summertime. Regular brushing will help to keep this in line. 

During winter, you’ll have to brush your pup often to ensure that there aren’t any ticks or fleas trapped between their sheaths of fluff. Unfortunately, this breed isn’t one of the breeds that don’t smell. So, you will also want to wash them as often as possible – at least once a week or twice a month.  

The complicated seasons are usually during the shoulder seasons when the weather changes. Around that time, your pup will shed off any old layers to insulate for the winter or summertime. You’ll want to try washing them just as frequently, but ensure they’re properly dried, or you could be sitting with a cold and miserably sick pup.

6. Can My German Shepherd Mixed With Corgi Live in My Apartment?

Yes, since this dog doesn’t grow to be that big like other Shepard crossbreeds like a Border Collie German Shepherd Mix, for example, there is no problem with keeping your pal in your apartment.  

The Cormon Shepherd is relatively chilled compared to a German Shepherd that needs tons of space to run around. They will need to be in an area where they can do their business at will without interfering with the act of living.  

They’ll be pretty happy in an apartment if they are topped up on food and water. They’ll also want to have a warm, safe space for afternoon naps. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t try to leave your pup at home alone or let them go without water for too long. 

Being alone in a confined space for too long can cause your German Shepherd Corgi to act out destructively. They will need some kind of treat or toy to keep them busy during the day. And, since they love attention and affection, they’ll also need engagement, snuggles, and play with you throughout the day.

german shepherd corgi mix black and brown

7. Health Issues of the Corgi German Shepherd Mix

Before delving into the health indications of a German Shepherd Corgi, it’s best to know where these diseases come from and what they will present as. Knowledge, in this case, allows you to care for your dog and adequately prevent any severe conditions.

While each breed is fully equipped with its bag of worms, often with mixed breeds, there is no way of knowing what your dog will have to succumb to.

Corgi Health Issues

This small breed tends to live for around 12 to 13 years. As we know, this isn’t a tall breed and will only grow to about 12 inches tall. Their stocky figures can hold around 30 pounds, making them exceptionally adorable, especially with their short legs.

Unfortunately, they are also prone to some health issues. You can expect Von Willebrand diseases, degenerative myelopathy, and other problems like eye disorders, cardiac issues, and hip or elbow dysplasia.  

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Ideally, your breeder will have already screened the puppy before selling them to you. So, you should know beforehand how it will play out. The best thing to do with these disorders is to watch out for signs and symptoms.

German Shepherd Health Issues

The German Shepherd is generally quite a healthy dog. You can expect a good doggo to follow you around for around seven to ten years. 

That said, you’ll find that this breed is still prone to some issues. Most of them are easily screened at a very young age, but for the most part, it’s always best to be aware of these issues and know which signs to look out for.  

german shepherd running

By taking your dog for hip or elbow evaluations, you’ll know if your dog is prone to hip or elbow dysplasia. This is best described as a degenerative issue where the sockets and joints don’t grow into each other properly. 

You can also prepare for ailments like bloating, cataracts, and even cancer. Luckily with a healthy diet and proper care, these can be avoided, and other conditions can be treated.

More on the health concerns of the German Shepherd Corgi

Now that you know more about the parent breeds, you’ll know what to expect from your Cormon Shepherd. With appropriate screening beforehand, you’ll have a better idea. But unfortunately,  there is no way to be sure which issues they’ll inherit from their parents with mixed breeds.

Luckily, with supplements like fish oils for dogs and a balanced, specified diet, you can manage some of the symptoms your dog may experience.

Your corgi is prone to diseases like

  • Obesity
  • cataracts
  • bloat
  • back problems
  • hip dysplasia and joint dysplasia

8. Life Expectancy of the German Shepherd Corgi

You can expect your German Shepherd Corgi to live around ten to 15 years. Although, with the different kinds of ailments that this breed is prone to, there is no way to say for sure how long your special pup will stick around.

No official clubs recognize this breed, so there is no natural way to determine the standard. While the abovementioned number seems the most common in the mix, it’s not always accurate.

9. Exercise Regime for German Shepherd Corgi

Since this mixed breed pup is quite prone to obesity, it’s always best to include a healthy and consistent exercise schedule in their lives. Not only will it keep you fit, but it will also shed pounds and add years to your dog’s life.

At first, you’ll have to get them accustomed to walking. That means that they’ll have to get used to being on a dog harness. At first, you’ll want them to get used to wearing the harness around the house. Then, you’ll introduce walking alongside and being led by you. 

Once they’re happily hopping by your side, you can introduce various commands like sit, stay, stop, and so on. This will help make your walking journey just that much easier.   They’ll need around two hours of exercise every day. This can include quick walks as often as possible but can also be made up with a rigorous catch or hide-and-seek game. 

Exercising is essential, but so is maintaining a healthy diet. The two concepts work hand in hand to provide your pup with the best possible care and may diminish the chances of future health conditions.

10. Dietary Requirements of the German Shepherd Corgi

As your dog ages, you’ll have to change and adapt its diet to ensure your pup is healthy and happy. You’ll also have to consider any health changes as your pup grows to cater to your doggo’s needs.

As a puppy, it’s best to use wet food full of nutrients and yummy vitamins. This will help them develop a smooth, shiny coat and supplement their growing bodies. Since puppies grow the most in the first 12 months of life, you’ll also have to keep track of how much your puppy needs to eat.

You can follow various dietary needs listed on the dog’s food. Always check in with your vet if you’re looking to offer them a specialized diet. Some puppies may need extra fiber, vitamins, or even glucosamine; this may mean adding chewable tablets to their diet.

However, after 18 months, puppies get easier to manage, and as your dog ages, you’ll have to try and add supplements to the diet. These aid in reducing the symptoms of any kinds of diseases they may have. As usual, all of the research in the world can help you choose some of the better brands, but you’ll always have to double-check with your vet to see if you’re making the right choices.

How Much Are German Shepherd Corgi Puppies?

Again, it’s worth noting that the German Shepherd Corgi is not a registered breed. This means that there aren’t many regulations around the breed. So, if you see a ‘German Shepherd Corgi Mix for sale’ sign, you’ll have to shop around for the “best” prices.

Most prices are around $200 in the United States for this german shepherd mix puppy and fluctuate based on the puppy‘s availability, popularity, and health. Before buying your dog, check the breeder’s credentials and find out if any evaluations have previously been done on the dog. And do your research to ensure you are buying your puppy from a reputable breeder.

After you’ve purchased your dog, you’ll have to get it straight to the vet, check that the puppy is vaccinated, and ensure your pup is healthy. Your vet should be able to tell you the dog’s status. So, it’s best also to check that the breeder has taken the dog to the vet and received a clean bill of health before completing the transaction.

Adopting a German Shepherd Corgi

Adopting is always 100 times better than buying a dog. There are always so many animals in rescue centers looking for a forever home. As a dog lover, it is your responsibility to check that you’re capable and willing to spend the necessary time with your dog. Whether that involves training or playing with them, you’ll have to be confident in your capacities as a caregiver.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a German Shepherd Corgi Owner

Before finding your forever Corman Shepherd, you must know what you like and dislike in a dog breed. Not yet convinced? Here’s a pros and cons list to help you make a quick decision.

Cons of owning a German Shepherd Corgi

  • They’re not hypoallergenic
  • They can become quite loud
  • They can be destructive
  • Some pups can have a stubborn streak

Pros of Owning a German Shepherd Corgi

  • They’re family-friendly
  • They are easy to train with consistency and positive rewards
  • They’re wonderful watchdogs
  • They don’t grow too big
corgi mixed with german shepherd black and white

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the German Shepherd Corgi Mix called?

It is called a Cormon Shepherd, which is a mix of the two dog breeds’ names.

Do German Shepherd Corgis Make Good Family Pets?

Yes, these affectionate furry love balls make an excellent family addition. They love snuggles and to play, so whether you’re a big or small family, the Cormon Shepherd will be kind to just about anyone.  

How Much Are German Shepherd Corgi Puppies?

The German Shepherd Corgi is not a registered breed, so there aren’t many regulations around pricing the breed. Most costs fluctuate, so you’ll have to shop for the “best” prices. Ideally, you should check the breeder’s credentials and find out if any evaluations have previously been done on the dog to know if you’re getting a healthy dog before purchasing.   

How Long Do German Shepherd Corgi Mix Dogs Live?

Based off of both breeds, a Corgi German Shepherd Mix will live for around 10 to 15 years on average. However, because it is a crossbreed, you should keep both breeds’ ailments in mind. As they are prone to different ailments, this number is just an estimation and can fluctuate.

Final Thoughts on the German Shepherd Corgi

There you go. When choosing a breed of pup, you’ll find that the puppy will most likely choose you first. In that case, it’s always best to know as much as possible about what to expect, what to do, and how to care for your beloved baby properly.

If you’re reading this before finding a dog, it’s always best to try and adopt instead of buying. Some breeders may not be registered, so you’ll always have to check out their credentials and the pup before finalizing any payments.

The German Shepherd Corgi is a beautiful dog breed and an excellent addition to any household. So, don’t be too afraid of them when you can love them. They may not be the best for first-time dog owners, but they will reward experienced owners with years of unconditional love and affection. 

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