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10 Bald Dog Breeds (2022) You’ll Love

“Baldy” used to be an insult, but bald is bigger than ever on the fashion scene — and the pet scene too as it turns out. 
Bald is bow-wow-beautiful, if you ask some dog lovers, and hairless puppers are on the up-and-up in terms of popularity. While some people drool over merle coats, you can boast the mottled colors of your pupper’s silky skin (feel free to boast about the lack of shedding, too). 

Not all hairless breeds are created equally, however. Some tend to be more clingy and some pups will follow you everywhere. Others tend to be more independent and protective. That just means that, when choosing which bald dog breed is ideal for you, you have a greater range of options in terms of temperament and energy. 

Now let’s let the fur fly and dig into some of the most popular bald dog breeds out there.

Image by Popovicmjeljica from Pixabay

10 Bald Dog Breeds

Here are some of the best baldies you could hope to have in your home. 

1. Chinese Crested

Possibly the most famous bald breed of dog, the Chinese Crested actually comes in two varieties: completely bald, and “powderpuff.” 


Image by Distelfink on Pixabay

The powderpuff tends to have a soft double coat, but the hairless grows tufts of fur on their heads, ears, tails, and paws. They have pretty spotted pink skin and feather-white hair, and they can look ultra adorable with a styled coif. 

They tend to be loving and cuddly canine BFFs, although they have an energetic side too that makes playtime a hoot. They’re a popular toy breed, so don’t expect big sizes here.                    

2. Peruvian Inca Orchid

Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful baldy! The Inca Orchid is also called the Peruvian Hairless, naturally originating from ancient Peru where it was mostly a companion dog. 


Image by Aleksander Tarlokov from Pixabay

They’re super affectionate and very protective of their loved ones, which is a plus. But as a result, they have a tendency to develop separation anxiety when they’re on their own. They’re quite athletic, so get ready for a daily run to wear them out and keep them happy. 

Although most of these sweet dogs are completely hairless, some may have scanty tufts of hair on their heads, paws, or tails. They come in a variety of sizes from small to large, and their skin colors can be a kaleidoscopic rainbow of pink, tan, white, gray, brown, and black.  

3. Hairless Khala

Also referred to as the Bolivian Hairless Dog, they’re a pretty rare breed and look similar to the Xoloitzcuintli. They’re a fearless breed fully dedicated to their owners. Protecting you will be of the utmost importance to them, so training is important to prevent any accidents. 

Some may grow tufts of white fur on their heads, and the length of their legs varies from short to long depending on their breeding lineage. 

4. American Hairless Terrier

A medium-sized breed founded in the 1970s, the American Hairless tends to make for an intelligent and playful furry friend. They love to be around their people, so they’ll happily seek out your company and lounge around the house with you. 


Image by Rpping from Wiki Commons

That being said, their energy is pretty high so they need a long walk daily to avoid any bad behavior related to boredom or excess vigor. Their skin colors are very pretty, ranging from chocolate and black to red and apricot. 

5. Xoloitzcuintli

Also known as the Mexican Hairless Dog, Xoloitzcuintlis are super chilled doggos known for  their calm natures. Don’t think they’re glorified lazy bois, though. They’re pretty alert and exceptionally loyal, making them excellent watchdogs. 


Image by Anders Mejlvang from Pixabay

Xolos can come in different sizes, ranging from toy to standard. It’s a difference of 10 pounds to 55 pounds, so know which size will suit your lifestyle before you get one. Their adorably wrinkled heads make them look like they’re concentrating really hard, while their muscled bodies have a “don’t mess with me” vibe. 

Fun fact: these bald dogs are an ancient Aztec breed whose breeding history goes back thousands of years. Tell me now that you don’t want one. 

6. Abyssinian Sand Terrier

Its alternative name is the African Hairless Dog, and this rare breed is small to medium-sized and loves to exercise. So if you’ve been looking for a running buddy that won’t shed all over your furniture, this is the dog for you. 


Image by Sarah Hartwell from Wiki Commons

They’re quiet with a calm temperament, despite their energetic enthusiasm for walkies. Their appearance can vary, with some being solid colors and others having mottled markings. Either way, they’ll be some amalgamation of black, gray, bronze, or sand-colored. 

Like many of the breeds on this list, some are completely hairless while others can have tufts on their heads and tails.  

7. Jonangi

Native to India, the rare Jonangi were once herding and hunting dogs. As pets, they tend to be wary of strangers, but are blindly loving and affectionate to those they know, including kids and other pets. 


Image by Wedichunt from Wiki Commons

They’re a little similar to bull terriers in terms of muscularity and disposition; they also tend to yodel rather than bark. While many of the dogs on this list can sport some tufts of hair, the Jonangi isn’t completely hairless — rather it has a super short, smooth coat that’s practically invisible.   

8. Ecuadorian Hairless Dog

An ancient dog breed that is a likely relative of the Inca Orchid, it’s incredibly rare to see one of these doggos today. 


Image by Perro Calvo from Wiki Commons

They tend to be smaller with long legs and have a tuft of hair on their head. They’re also very energetic with a strong prey drive, so keeping them occupied with a chase toy like a flirt pole will do them a world of good. 

They are very loving, though, and curling up next to their favorite humans is treasured bonding time. Uniquely among dogs, this breed has no premolar teeth.

9. Hairless Chihuahua

You can expect pretty much the same from a hairless Chihuahua as one that sports a coat; they just have a genetic defect that caused them to be fur-naked. They have big personalities and bond closely to their humans. 


Image by Paradais Sphynx from Wiki Commons

They also get protective over their territory, like most small dogs. If you’re looking for a hairless toy breed with a predictable personality, this is potentially the furry friend for you. 

10. Argentine Pila Dog

Closely related to the Peruvian Inca Orchid, the Argentine Pila Dog has superbly soft skin. They’re affectionate, playful, and loving, and can vary in size from 9 pounds to 55 pounds, so there’s a Pila to suit everyone. 


Image by Monica Cassels from Wiki Commons

The most common size is small, though. Their tail tends to curl forward like a little hook and their bodies are fairly short. The skin color varies, and some spotted or piebald markings aren’t uncommon. 

These special doggos also tend to have a longer lifespan than average, about 20 years.

Are Bald Dogs Hypoallergenic?

For most people, it’s really the dog dander and saliva that creates that snuffy nose and itchy skin they experience. So while bald dogs are not entirely hypoallergenic, without hair to carry the dander and saliva, allergy sufferers do have less trouble owning them as they don’t shed. 

How Do I Take Care of a Bald Dog?

As you can imagine, hairless dogs don’t do well in cold climates because they have nothing to help keep them warm. That’s where you step in. 

They’ll need some warm jerseys for winter and little shirts for chilly spring days. A lot of people lean into their hairless pup’s need for apparel and have fun buying them a designer wardrobe.  Who doesn’t love those cute Instagram pics of dressed-up doggos?

The clothes help protect them not only from the cold, but the sun as well. Without fur to protect them, their vulnerable skin can get sunburnt. Otherwise, make sure you rub them down with a dog-friendly sunscreen if it’s too hot for clothes. 


Image by Nata Zotova from Pixabay

You may also need to be more aware of the hard surfaces in your house. Without any fur to serve as a cushion, they’ll need blankets or beds to soften the blow to their exposed joints and skin.  

Do Bald Dogs Have Any Health Risks?

Bald dogs are their own kind of special, so they tend to have their own particular set of health problems to deal with apart from the usual parvo and distemper scares. Most obviously, their skin can dry out or get flaky. So instead of grooming, you may need to get in the habit of applying a nice oil to keep their skin healthy and hydrated. 

Without the hair follicles with oil-rich sebum from sebaceous glands to coat the skin and keep it in good condition, their skin can dry out, increasing the risk of infection. A moisturizing shampoo that contains lipids will work wonders, too. 

Frequent bathing is also a necessity to prevent a skin infection known as pyoderma. For standard floofs, their fur protects them from these infections, but these sweet baldies are more susceptible to them. 

10 Bald Dog Breeds (2022) You'll Love 1

Image by Anders Mejlvang on Pixabay

They’re also prone to developing white cysts below their knees. It’s more of a cosmetic thing than a health crisis. But you should know all the same that it’s not life-threatening if you find some on your furless pooch. 

Bald dogs need regular dental check-ups because the same gene that causes hairlessness is responsible for dental abnormalities, too. They might be missing teeth altogether, sometimes up to half of them. They may also have malformed or malpositioned teeth. You may need to make adjustments to their diet or dental plans accordingly.  

Remember that sunscreen that was mentioned earlier? It’s actually important not only to prevent the discomfort of a burn, but also to reduce the likelihood of skin cancer. Exposure to the sun can cause inflammation and infections that may eventually lead to squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. The paler your hairless dog is, the higher the risk of these carcinomas from developing.

10 Bald Dog Breeds (2022) You'll Love 2

Image by Jim from Pixabay

Final Thoughts on Bald Dog Breeds

Bald dogs are popular on Instagram for a reason — they’re fluffing cute, and their uniqueness sets them apart from yet another cutesy Labradoodle

They can be loving companions and protectors, plus you won’t have to worry about pet fur on your clothes. What more is there to say, really? When it comes to bald dogs, there are plenty of reasons to be a frontrunner in the popular pet game and grab one.

Is it the lack of shedding that you love so much? Take a look at these big dogs that don’t shed and see if one of them spark your interest.

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