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15 Best Retractable Dog Leashes You’ll Love (2021)

One of the most recurring nightmares of dog owners is their pooch getting into trouble due to a weak dog leash. It often happens that you are walking your dog on a pleasant day, when suddenly his leash snaps and he charges down the pathway towards a busy road. No matter how hard you try, it is difficult to match up to his speed which has been fueled with sufficient adrenaline.

This nightmare could be avoided if you purchase accessories such as a dog leash that properly induces all the qualities required for safe-keeping. Retractable dog leashes are one such example. Marked as an exceedingly popular pet product, retractable dog leashes come at a wide variation.

Among the other aspects, the aforementioned leashes help in training, as well as gaining an upper-hand on your dog who has a specific skill of running away or becoming incredibly hyper.

You might wonder about the need to invest in something as conspicuous as a retractable dog leash, when any regular ones could be availed for a simple walk in the park. However, these leashes are crafted in a manner that helps you achieve your desired goal.

The best retractable dog leash has gained quite a popularity in all sections of society. Celebrities stand as the biggest investors in the retractable dog leashes. Flexibility and convenience are their prominent qualities, as it allows your dog to move freely. You can maintain your dog’s distance at your own will, as the line can achieve varying length.

To prevent you and your fellow dog owners from making a wrong investment, this guide articulately puts forth the necessary requirements and determinants for purchasing the best retractable dog leash. Not only does this guide help you in understanding the concept of a retractor, but has also given a comprehensive review of various products.

15 Best Retractable Dog Leashes

1. TUG One Handed

TUG Best Retractable Dog Leash

A simple and ergonomic retractable dog leash comes with a designer handle and an aesthetic monochrome colour. Each component of this product is built to last, as the retractable line provides sound strength and consistent retraction mechanism.

TUG’s patented design allows you to enjoy long comfortable walks with your pooch and maintain a healthy distance, without fearing the line being tangled. Moreover, the quick-lock and brake system is as efficient as it looks.

Available in three sizes for different dog weights, both the handle as well as the line are made of durable material. The handle boasts of an anti-grip tool that helps you find a flexible gripping.

Each of the three sizes (Large, Medium and Small) comes with specific lengths of lines and can be rolled on and off easily using the lock button.

This heavy-duty leash comes with a safety warning that warns of several instances, where danger could be perceived before using the item. Furthermore, the positive customer feedback has certainly placed the TUG leash as a tough competitor for the best retractable dog leash.

2. Hertzko Heavy Duty


One of the specialities of the Hertzko dog leash is that it can be used for both house cats and dogs. Enjoy the light breeze and the pleasant weather with your four legged companion, and make it’s training as well as fun experience.

The Secure Locking Mechanism, along with the Belt Feeder ensures that the users have a smooth experience, instead of worrying about untangling their dogs from the tape.

The handle is designed in an ergonomic manner, whereby it fits right into the palm of your hand. Now, whether you have a labrador or a beagle, it will not slip out of your grip quickly. The 16 feet nylon ribbon leaves ample space between the pup and his master, while also securing them together.

The locking system of the metal collar near the tip offers security from your dog breaking free. After he/she acquires their suitable distance you can press the brake button with your thumb. To keep the thread tightened, simply hold the leash by its handle. Moreover, you also receive a lock option which enables instant retraction whenever necessary.

Apart from these attractive qualities, Hertzko guarantees the success of their product. If somehow you end up dissatisfied with their service, they promise to refund your money back within 30 days of purchase.

3. The Furry Pal Flashlight Dispenser

The Furry Pal

This Furry Pal boasts of providing unparalleled customer satisfaction with its 3 in 1 retractable dog leash. It might not have reflective stitching or neon components to compete with the ultra-modern dog leashes, but what makes the product stand out, is it’s multi-functional setup.

A bright-LED is mounted up on top of the unit to offer a peace of mind, while you take your furry companion on a hike in the dark. The built-in flashlight is a splendid addition to provide ample visibility, although the batteries have to be bought separately.

Resembling a tactical weapon due to its unique design, this possesses a mean locking mechanism, which eradicates your stress regarding tangling or a jammed leash.

A perfect addition to your collection of pet accessories, the brand promises to replace the leash if you are facing any trouble or even the product, if such a necessity arises.

A waste dispenser bag is added to the package, along with a free roll of plastic bags to help you get rid of an embarrassing situation. Lastly, B C Retail promises their consumers a lifetime of manufacturer warranty in case of any damage or defect.

4. Flexi Giant Leash


Another strongest contender of the best retractable dog leash category defines how fashion and security can go hand-in-hand. Packed with a manual and safety collar, Flexi Giant Leash comes with a limited manufacturing guarantee.

Add colour to your daily walks with a resplendent neon shade encasing the tape. The German company brings you the longest-running nylon line extending up to 26 feet. The sturdy tape is not the only impressive quality, both the chrome snap hook and soft grip handle is designed to be used for long walks.

Available in 2 different sizes and 5 bright shades, it sports 3 separate width sizes. Being the inventor of retractable dog leashes, the brand remains true to its customers and continues upgrading itself with every product.

Flexi emphasized user safety, hence, asks users to secure an additional collar that pairs with their leashes. The Giant Tape resembles their New Neon, although it assures their users with a more comfortable anti-slip handle than the latter.

German engineering shows its top class efficiency with butter-like operations and uninterrupted service. It comes with a single hand mechanism whereby you can brake and lock using your thumb.

The only setback? It’s expensive.

5. Fida Walking Tangle


This heavy duty model upgraded itself to a more pronounced and sleek design. With additions such as a durable swivel hook that offers more reliability than its previous version, Fida has quickly secured a spot amongst the best retractable dog leash.

More than 27 years of manufacturing has seen excellent professionalism, and worthwhile innovations. Fida is searching to make the pet owners’ lives comfortable, still. Embodying both freedom and protection, it sports a key component named “core spring” which not only is tensile, but also keeps the retraction polished.

Each of their products pass through strict quality checks before reaching you. Therefore, you receive a complete package of comfort gripping, sturdy tape, rust proof swivel hook and belt feeder.

Apart from the 30 days refund guarantee, Fida offers a 12 month warranty period for any damages incurred.

6. Triton Anti Slip


As pet owners, we have an idea about the significance of protective gear. From nutrition to protection, you have to pay close attention to each of their needs. In the case of dog leash, the Triton Retractable dog leash goes beyond your average run of the mill ones.

Other than a rubberized handle made with superior gripping facility, there is a chew-proof nylon tape that extends up to 16 feet. Wherefore, you save your pocket from feeling the pinch of replacement at frequent intervals, as well as handle the device easily during monsoon.

Their premium quality snap clip is made of metal alloy and fitted with 360-degree whirl to stave off any tangling. The said clip is not only awfully strong and dependable, but is also manageable and can be attached to your dog’s collar or harness.

While some retractable dog leashes use cheap polyester ribbon which can wear out due to excessive chewing, Triton comes with a 16 feet reinforced nylon line that is exceptionally chew resistant.

Apart from that, it consists of one touch locking system, anti-slip rubberized handle for comfort gripping, and a free collapsible water bowl with carabiner clip. Thus, long walks with your pooch no longer sound hectic.

Moreover, Triton offers you a lifetime guarantee of replacing any defective or damaged units.

7. Pet Neat Retractable Dog Leash

Pet Neat

Packed with essential guide books and entertainment units like ebooks for your dog, first aid and training guide, you can enjoy an assured service with the Pet Neat Retractable Dog Leash.

This is the best retractable dog leash unit for the new dog owners. Owing to the build, guidelines and comfort of use, the beginners can take proper care and maintenance of their pup.

Like any other dog leash, it comes with a 16 feet heavy duty leash and an internal spring which can cope up with the active and energetic dogs. Encased in a durable ABS casing, the anti-slip handle helps you in maintaining a strong yet comfortable grip, even with Labradors.

On the other hand, there are Brake and Lock buttons to lock the leash and reel your dog back from a distance. The waste bag dispenser which comes along with this unit is an economic as well as sustainable gain.

8. BABYLTRL Tangle Free


If you are looking forward to an economic and effective purchase, BabyLTRL is the best retractable dog leash for you in that case. Not only does the brand provide you with a flexible leash, but it also rewards your dog with additional benefits such as a water bowl, collar and a waste disposal mechanism.

Each of their units come with an adjustable collar, which is underlined with a reflective strip that helps you keep safe in dark. The metal D ring at the front is attached for connecting the ID tags of your pooch. Whereas, the collapsible water bowl can be used to pour water as well as food for them.

Made of safe, reusable and reliable materials, this component is convenient for travels, or long walks. Moreover, the waste bag dispenser and its counterpart is an added benefit, as you do not have to worry about a mess while taking a relaxing walk.

After manufacturing dog leashes for over 18 years, BabyLTRL has developed a flair for innovation and comfort, hence, their products pass through periodic upgrades and come out even better.

The brand does not boast of it delivering chew-resistant products. With complete honesty they stated that this leash, made of premium fabric, can turn fatal if tangled around your dog. Correspondingly, this unit is not suitable for untrained dogs or puppies.

9. MigooPet’s Reflective Comfort


Designed to control your medium-sized or small furry friends, this Upgraded Dual MigooPet retractable leash, might be one of the ideal products you have been searching for. You can bask under pleasant weather while taking a walk with your dogs, without becoming frenzied about tangling.

The 360° untangling swivel fulfills its duty to keep the walk a hassle-free affair. It has an automatic adjusting feature that helps untangling the criss-crossing of the leash.

Moreover, the dual mechanism works especially well, because of its One Hand Locking System. Both the anti-slip comfy handle and the locking tool boosts your confidence to walk two dogs safely.

Created for pet parents who want to give their furry friends more leeway while upholding protection and control at all times, it is furnished with a 16ft anti-fray and anti-tangle nylon ribbon. The central spring mechanism retains the leash under slight pressure for total control.

Once you maintain some of the basic precautionary measures, it can develop to be a relaxing time. Keep the unit away from children and avoid wrapping the leash around any object or your dog, as it might turn deadly.

10. Beastron Tangle Free


Before we get onto the product descriptions and specifications, there are certain tips Beastron aims to share with their customers. These guidelines are precisely crucial for the new pet owners.

Firstly, prior to using any leash, retractable or a regular one, it is wise to train your pets. Such a discipline will improve impulse control, i.e., ensuring your dog does not undergo violent behavior or move around you before you give him/her any instruction. Next, letting your dog become familiar with the handle of the telescopic leash prevents him/her from being frightened when you accidentally drop the leash on the ground.

Secondly, never touch the extended portion of the leash in an attempt to control it. The metal clasp has a high chance of hurting you when it recoils back at a high speed.

Thirdly, keep it strictly away from children. Their under-developed strength renders them unsuitable for handling a retractable leash. Thus, it could endanger both your child and dog.

Lastly, keep a regular check on the condition of the line, its effectiveness of the rope and the buckle device. The retractable dog leash must be used with a dog harness. Otherwise, the rope’s abrupt stop will cause harm to the dog’s neck, head, or joints when they run at full speed.

This heavy duty unit is brilliantly durable with a 16 feet of tough nylon tape encased in an ABS casing. It sports a hands-free convenient system, whereby the multi-function and locking buttons makes your and your pet’s lives much easier.

11. Peteast 360 degree


Another eerily similar product to TaoTronics, is the Peteast’s dog leash unit. Designed to favour dogs of small sizes up to 26 lbs, this product highlights the strength and durability of its nylon cord.

Designed in a sleek curvature, it is covered in a luscious matte black colour is certainly safety wrapped in a fashionable garb. The conservative colouring favours most of the traditional pet owners.

The product in question is more than just a tool – with features such as Quick lock and release and ergonomic handles, it can be easily considered to be among the best retractable dog leash category. The one-hand brake helps regulate the device much smoother.

Sporting a tangle free tape carrying a 360° swivel, allows the leash to be kept in control even when it is far away. The upgrade button with a pause function enables you to legislate the distance between you and your pets at any time.

You do not have to lock the belt every time when you release or retract it, so you can control your pet more easily.

12. Happy & Polly with Flashlight

Happy & Polly

Wish to go hiking in the dark but cannot brave the dark?

Leave all your inhibitions behind with the Happy and Polly brand. They understand the significance of an evening stroll with your furry companion, hence, they’ve customized a retractable dog leash especially for this purpose.

Furnished with a dapper and detachable aluminum alloy flashlight, it glows super bright at night. The detachable component acts as a benefit, as the torch resembles a mini portable carrying unit. It is powered by 3 triple A batteries which, however, is not included in the package.

Happy and Polly surprises its customers with a whole new set up. The unit’s handle is not only anti-slip, but in an attempt to abolish even the slightest of chances, they have added a hook on the underside. This hook can be used both ways – either for better leverage or to latch a carry on.

Unlike the usual durable nylon tape, this brand has used a 16.4 feet bungee leash. The bungee lines are known for its flexibility and strength that dissipates excessive tension caused due to pushing and pulling.

Such a formula is necessary for energetic and uncontrollable dogs. When your pooch takes off abruptly, your arm and muscles are protected from receiving a rude jerk. Thus, making it the best retractable dog leash for untrained dogs.

One of the vital attractive aspects of this unit is its 2 in 1 Magic Box and the Poop Bags that are packed together. The Magic Box has a clip on one side that can be latched to your belt or pocket. You are able to store snacks and those 15 disposable plastic bags inside, for your dog.

13. Peteast Tangle Free


Why worry when you have the brand’s efficient support system? Not only are the Peteast providing you with a 12 month warranty period, they are assuring you to refund your payment if their products turn out unsatisfactory.

Boosted from the previous model, this unit sports an upgrade button where you will notice a pause function working. Sucha tool guides you to adjust the distance between yourself and your dog. There is no need to go through the hassle of brake and lock each time when you retract or release the tape.

Reflective stitching certainly glorifies the premium material used to encase the model in. The strong nylon line extends up to 16 feet with the reflective seams adding a glow in the dark, this, safeguarding both you and your dog.

The unit is covered in the durable ABS plastic casing, which is a popular comfort provider among the pet owners. Their materials are non-toxic, powerful and odourless, and can easily stand against jerky movements of your dog.

Besides, you receive a portable poop bag dispenser made of biodegradable materials, however, it only includes one bag in a package. Along with your product, Peteast lays down a few necessary guidelines ensuring you get the best out of their products.

Firstly, when you are retracting the belt, do so towards the metal hook to avoid tangling. Secondly, when the belt is completely released, you need to retract the belt manually.

14. Wot I Retractable with Flashlight

Wot I

The retractable dog leash, from Wot I, has everything a dog owner would want in a retractable dog leash. With a wider nylon leash compared to the rest in this list, it assures more durability and strength. The sturdy line extends up to a whooping 26 feet and is suitable for all dog sizes.

One of the heavy duty retractable leashes, conveniently packs a punch with a set of waste dispenser bags and a powerful LED light. It effectively enters the category of the best retractable dog leash, for large dogs, with its high powered performance and comfort gripping ability.

However, even with the safest of the products, there are certain precautions you must maintain. Keep the unit away from children in order to avoid unwanted accidents, dry the leash before use in case it gets wet, check the leash, unit and your dog’s collar before using them; and lastly, do not open the plastic case or disassemble any of the parts.

After ensuring the safety of your pet, you can walk your dog freely using the one hand brake and lock system and have a relaxing time outside.

15. Tuff Pupper

Tuff Pupper

When we talk about Tuff Pupper, we are speaking about a brand that specializes in pet accessories and animal products. Guaranteeing their consumers, as well as the four-legged companions of security and comfort, the brand has formulated a unit with superior quality materials.

Their retractable dog leash is one such phenomenon, manufactured of a rugged ABS material that holds up to the harsh glare of the sun, freezing winter and torrential rain, you can enjoy small hikes or any other adventures, without worrying.

What makes their retractable dog leash different from the others?

Their premium quality manufacturing – anti-slip comfortable handle, weather-resistant casing and a tough 16 feet nylon tape. Similar to other retractable leashes, you can expand, lock and recoil the leash as per your convenience, thus, reigning a tighter control on your pet’s erratic behaviour.

Not only do their leashes have reflective seams running the entire length, but the 3M technology also provides maximum glows that allows you and your dog to brave the night-time adventures.

As stated previously, it is built with a strong ABS material and double sewed nylon tape for the leash. Plus, a steel buckle rated for over 50,000 usages is attached. Inside it is a heavy-duty coil spring release cog for consistent, rehearsed release and retraction.

Furthermore, this unit can support dogs weighing up to 120 lbs. Along with the above-stated qualities, consumers will enjoy a world-class customer service with a 60 days refund guarantee and a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing dissatisfaction.

Last but not the least, there is a waste bag dispenser with sufficient rolls of disposable bags packed together with the unit.

Factors To Consider In Choosing The Best Retractable Dog Leash

Not all regular leashes are suitable for every breed. Like dog food and clothes, these too have certain specifications based on the breed, temperament, height and weight.

Although some leashes might have their own qualities, they are tailored to serve the basic purpose of keeping the pets under control in public and using them as a guide during training.

Your pooch is a part of your family, hence, his/her well-being is your responsibility. Similarly, he/she needs an appropriate amount of training to function and be active in their daily lives. When you take your pet outdoors, there are certain etiquettes and behavioural burdens these four-leggeds have to bear as well.

Dosa Mastiff dog
Dosa Mastiff dog

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Firstly, if not trained, you might end up paying a hefty fine for leaving a mess behind on the road or a park or in any water body. Further, you have to remember that your pooch is very much an animal who would follow his/her instincts.

Imagine your dog starting off abruptly, while you are out for a walk, and chasing down some other animal; it can be another pup too. Here comes the need to control their sudden urges, as well as retrain them from causing a ruckus.

Thereby, the need for proper dog leashes arise.
A leash helps keep your dog safe. Also to be factored in safeguarding other people who may be ambushed by your dog without any incitement. It is your task to secure your dog on a leash when moving in public or at any place where it can be a danger to other people.

Chippiparai Dog
Chippiparai Dog

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Secondly, even if your pooch’s whining to run free breaks your heart, you cannot let your dog run free without a leash, unless you are inside a dog park zone. There are retractable leashes which give you and your pup some freedom in this case. Retractable leashes can be used in areas with vast openings and not too crowded – thus, allowing your companion to roam freely within the specific range of that leash.

Retractable leashes are beneficial in numerous ways. One such being the ability to control the leash range. You can opt for shorter lengths while on a walk, or drive and switch to increased length in a park.

Thirdly, you might face a situation where you have to pull your dog quickly away, say, he/she lunges at another animal or a person due to an unconscious provocation. Be it a small, medium or large dog, the only way to perform such a feat with impeccably fast reflexes, is to have a satisfactory grip on the leash.

Normally, a 6-foot leash for steadying and instructing a dog is enough. Dog leashes are modeled to match various ruff styles. These retractable dog leashes are a blessing. The extent of this leash can go as far as 26 feet.

Chinese Chongqing Dog Hündin
Chinese Chongqing Dog Hündin

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Simultaneously, you must know the risks of using a retractable leash. If you are not cautious, it can prove ineffective. Check out the best retractable dog leashes in stores, but before that, become well-versed about the pros and cons of using this type of leash, along with the manner of usage. Also, remember to buy a leather dog leash that is compatible with the collar.

FAQs on Retractable Dog Leashes

1. How Do You Fix A Retractable Dog Leash?

  • Test the friction and retraction by drawing out the entire length of the leash and letting it retract.
  • Undo the fasteners on the side of the retractable leash.
  • Check that the spring is working correctly.
  • When it is operating suitably, the pressure in the spring will heighten the moment you pull the leash out from the coil.
  • Replace all the screws and plastic casings, then draw the leash out repeatedly
best retractable dog leashes

2. How Long Should A Dog Training Leash Be?

Generally, 8-10 feet. If you are looking for a longer leash for training objectives, you might want to try 8-10 feet extending leash. Such a length enables you to maintain control of your dog, but also permits for more distance between you and your pet.

3. Should I Take My Dog’s Collar Off At Night?

Most certainly in order to protect your dog’s neck, it is suggested to alternate between several ruffs and maintaining a perennial check whether they still work on your dog well. This is another motive, as to why it is approved granting your dog rest at night, without a collar to give his/her skin a prospect to air out.

4. Should Dogs Wear A Collar All The Time?

No, you could be jeopardizing your pet’s life! Leaving a dog’s collar on at all times can have some very severe outcomes that could possibly land your pet in the hospital. Moreover, leaving your pet’s collar on 24-7 can cause damage to the coat and skin of the neck.

best dog food for puppies

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5. How do you train a dog to walk on a leash beside you?

  • The most common tactic used by the trainers or pet owners is to challenge their pooch.
  • Latch a standard retractable leash with a 6-foot leash to your dog’s collar.
  • Clutch the leash and toss a ball or treat quite a distance away from you and your leashed dog.
  • When he pulls toward the object, turn and walk in the opposing path.
  • Let him continue towards it until he can take it as a reward.
  • Although the instructions ask you to use a retractable leash, it is advisable to depend on a regular leash for training purposes.
Kintamani Dog
Kintamani Dog

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