19 Dog Breeds That Whine a Lot Story


Dog Breeds That Whine a Lot

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When choosing a pet, you might want to know if your future companion is more or less likely to be vocal.

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That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 19 dog breeds that whine a lot so you can decide which breed is best for you.

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Good toy breed owners understand that the energy-filled Maltese will whine when their needs are neglected. Changes to their routine, a lack of mental stimulation, and loneliness are key reasons Maltese whine, howl, and bark.


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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Though a Staffy will whine for any reason, they don’t really bark. Most of the time, when Staffies whine, it’s due to boredom, frustration, anxiety, and excitement.


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You’ll find these pooches tend to be quite vocal and will tell you when they need just about anything. Boredom, hunger, curiosity, and the need for time outside are all typical reasons why a Poodle will whine at you.

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Miniature Pinscher

Because of this breed’s heritage as a multi-purpose working and companion dog, you’ll find its whining is related to its need for attention, mental stimulation, and its need for activity.

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Their wrinkly faces and long ears are there to serve a purpose, as are the various sounds this breed makes. Howling, crying, baying, and whining are distinct vocalizations made by the Bloodhound to communicate to its owner.

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