27 Dog Breeds With Low Separation Anxiety Story


Dog Breeds With Low Separation Anxiety

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From your time spent at work to weekly shopping trips to your annual travel adventures, sadly, you can’t always be at home. But this shouldn’t cause serious concerns about what’s needed to care for your dog.

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Here are 27 dog breeds with low separation anxiety that do well when left home alone.

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Boston Terrier

With proper training and socialization, Boston Terriers are fun to have in the home. They are low-maintenance pups who can busy themselves happily when not spending quality time with their owners.


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If you can take your dog for regular walks and squeeze in some doggy recreation time, they’ll be content with spending some time alone when you can’t be around.


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French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are cheery dogs that bond easily with children and other pets. They’ll quietly enjoy some doggy leisure time until you come back and keep them company.

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They perform well when left to their own devices as long as they are sufficiently trained. You’ll be carefree during your outings, knowing your loyal little friendo is coping just fine without you.

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To ensure your Labradoodle isn’t tempted to fill boredom and your absence with furniture munching, leave some fun chew toys to keep them entertained.

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