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14 Best Dog Vitamins 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

A dog’s health is of utmost importance for any puppy parents. A good way to ensure your furry friend is in optimal health is by feeding it nutritious food.

However, it is very common to find some dog foods that lack essential vitamins. This is where supplements come in. The best dog vitamins can improve your pooch’s health by leaps and bounds.

With so many options within this niche, it might be a tough choice to pick the best ones possible. Nevertheless, it is through articles like these that you make a choice. We have listed down fourteen products, keeping in mind all factors, to help you choose the best one.

14 Best Dog Vitamins 2021

1. Zesty Paw Mobility Bites

Zesty Paw Best Dog Vitamin

With over 35 different types of vitamins present, Zesty Paw takes the top spot in our recommendations for the best dog vitamins.

These highly rated multivitamin tablets come in an attractive orange packaging that is sure to grab your attention. But that’s not all, reading the product label will please you even more.

To make your pet’s coat look it’s best, zesty paws have filled these treats with precisely what’s needed. They contain good doses of biotin, vitamin E, and cod liver oil. All these things make it rich in vitamin C, which is known for its anti-aging properties.

When it comes to dogs, joints and hips are essential for good posture and great strength. To make sure they are in optimum condition, a daily supplement of glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin is a must. Zesty paw treats have given special attention to that and come up with a product containing all 3.

Other than vitamins, the company has also included digestive enzymes inside the treats. This is great to make sure the digestion of these vitamin loaded treats takes place smoothly. Probiotics are also present that improve gut health.

An additional ingredient is Co2q, which is a type of antioxidant. As we all know, antioxidants are very much needed to fight against cancer cells and many other harmful radicals inside a dog’s body.

On top of all this, the treats do the work of 4 different kinds of supplements other than vitamins. These include providing recommended levels of minerals, micronutrients, enzymes, and probiotics. All in all that makes it a strong contender to be the best vitamin for dogs.

2. PetHonesty Multivitamin 10-for-1

PetHonesty Multivitamin

PetHonesty takes it a step further than our previous product. We say that because this product is a substitute for ten other essential things needed in a pooch’s diet. It has some rave reviews online and hence has made it to this list. Let’s check out its feature list.

For improving the condition of your beloved dog’s coat and skin, PetHonesty has included a host of different supplements. These include omega fish oil, niacin, vitamin E, B6, and A, along with a dose of biotin. This is sure to give your pet the best possible coat according to its genetics.

In terms of heart health, too, the company has provided the best ingredients possible in the right proportions. Omega fish oil helps in having better heart health on top of being good for the skin. Folic acid has also been added to the mix. Vitamin C and E are also present and who’s anti aging properties we know well.

For dogs that are lethargic and don’t spend enough time in the sun, vitamin D3 has also been added. This has a huge impact on the immune system of the dog. Vitamin D3 also has anti-inflammatory properties in it.

Pumpkin, as you might know, is a natural ingredient that aids in digestion. This, combined with probiotics, vitamin B6 and B2, will ensure the smooth passage of food all along the digestive tract.

Like many multivitamins, the one from PetHonesty also has MSM and glucosamine. Their usefulness is across many areas like heart health, flexibility, immunity, etc. Also, they promote hip and joint health.

All the ingredients used in this product to get the various vitamins are obtained naturally. This is a big advantage as not many companies offer such products. If ingredients are natural, you don’t have to worry about Supplements having counter effects on your pets.

3. NaturVet Cosequin DS

Nutramax Cosequin

One of the highest selling products in the dog vitamin category is from nutramax laboratories. Their sub-brand, Cosequin, is claimed to be the brand trusted by veterinarians for ages.

The superb reviews that this product has only made the claim credible. It has a ton of features that make it a niche-leading product. Let’s have a look at them.

This is a product that is focused on optimizing the health of senior dogs. It has a good dosage of Glucosamine HCI, which is known to protect bone and cartilage from easily breaking.

It also aids in the better repair of damaged cartilage. It also has many other vitamins inside it, that help in reversing the aging process.

Moreover, compared to other supplements, the one from nutramax is very economical. You will be able to provide your beloved dog the nutrition it needs without worrying about costs.

The product comes in tablet form and has a liver flavor. Since most dogs like the taste of liver, you won’t have any problem feeding it yours.

The disadvantage of this supplement is that it’s made with a focus on senior dogs. It won’t be beneficial for dogs that are quite healthy. However, this is one of the best dog vitamins for older pooches.

4. Naturvet All In One Support

Naturvet All In One Support

A cost-effective vitamin supplement that has great reviews and has multiple functions will definitely be a crowd favorite.

That has been the case with NaturVet all in one multivitamin tablet. The company has made these tablets In the form of chewys, which makes it tempting for a dog.

Coming to the features of this high-selling product, you get the whole host of vitamins that a dog would need. The major use of vitamins that is improving overall health, coat and skin, bone strength, and assisting in digestion have all be taken care of in one chewy.

A special mention has to be given for the different types of omega fatty acids used in this product. It uses the three main variants, that are omega 3, 6, and 9 in combination.

They have a great impact on a pooch’s health, especially on skin and coat texture, shine, density, etc.

Not to mention, it has the needed glucosamine and chondroitin that assist in making joints stronger.

Moreover, they have a positive impact on the heart health of the pup. In the end, we should say that this is a very well rounded vitamin supplement and one of the best there is. It is an added advantage that all of it comes at a competitive price.

5. Zesty Paws Senior

Zesty Paws Senior

Another product from the famed Zesty Paws brand is the senior Multivitamin. As the name suggests, it is made exclusively for dogs in the twilight of their life. Just like all other zesty paws products, it also comes in a great looking blue package. That gives it a refreshing yet classy feel.

As you might know, senior dogs have different requirements than other younger dogs. This means, using the normal Multivitamin might be futile. For example, senior dogs have much weaker joints and hips. Therefore, glucosamine and chondroitin demand will be much higher.

As a pooch gets older, it’s coat begins to lose its shine and hair starts falling. To delay this process as much as possible, using a supplement rich in omega fatty acids, biotin, and vitamin E is needed. Luckily, zesty paws have understood this and provided it with enough of those vitamins.

Worsening eyesight is one of the first signs of aging. For senior dogs, even providing adequate amounts of vitamin A won’t be helpful. In this case, your pooch would need a dose of lutemax to prevent further oxidation of eyes, and it’s parts.

To keep the dog active and alert even during the last few years of its life, CoQ10, Vitamin B12, and omega fatty acids are vital. Zesty Paws has included all of those ingredients in its senior Multivitamin treats.

Every Multivitamin claims to have MSM in its list of ingredients. However, in this case, OptiMSM, a highly pure version of MSM, has been included as an alternative. This will improve bone, hip, and joint health.

Cranberries have been known to be one of nature’s best digestive supplements. Hence, zesty paws have included them in each treat. Moreover, they also enhance the taste of the treats altogether.

All the ingredients we have talked about making these supplements the best dog vitamins for senior pooches. It is commendable that the company has looked into every problem that top dogs face in terms of health and given a solution in the form of supplements.

6. Olaganics Super-V Vitamin Gravy

Olaganics Super-V Vitamin Gravy

If you have a small dog, then the small dogs. If you really like this supplement and want to use it for bigger dogs, you would have to use two packets at the same time. This would not be economical in the long run.

7. Superfood Dog Treats

Superfood Dog Treats

A completely natural dog treat that has great reviews online is the superfood dog treats. It utilizes human-grade moringa powder to provide most of the essential nutrients. It is slightly higher priced than other supplements due to its natural tag.

8. Vetriscience Laboratories- Canine Plus Senior

Vetriscience Laboratories- Canine Plus Senior

One of the lowest-priced items on our list is from puppies and adult dogs.

On the other hand, this would be a perfect supplement for older dogs. To add more credibility, this is Amazon’s choice for senior dog vitamins.

What makes it so popular, you ask? It is the high quality of ingredients and the positive effects it has on senior dogs.

One old age hits, heart, brain, eyes, and bones are the parts that get affected the most. To resist the diseases your furry friend gets in these parts, a range of vitamins have been provided.

With 25 different types of ingredients inside each chewys, you won’t have to worry about any nutrient missing in the combination.

Antioxidants are a major part of the ingredients list. In older age, a dog’s body produces many harmful radicals that need to be taken out. Antioxidants are the ones for the job.

A disadvantage of these chewys is that they don’t have the vitamin K inside them. Although this isn’t a big negative, it would have been a nice edition.

On the brighter side, it consists of every other vitamin possible. If you are on a low budget for the nutrition of your senior pooch, this is one of the best dog vitamins available.

9. Prosense Multivitamin

Prosense Multivitamin

Another high selling product that is also Amazon’s choice for dog vitamins is the one from

10. Zesty Paws Hemp Multivitamin

Zesty Paws Hemp Multivitamin

The third variant of zesty paws multivitamin we have in our recommendations is the

11. Buddy and Lola Chew Treats

Buddy and Lola Chew Treats

allergies and rashes.

Duck meat is always a dog’s favorite meat. It is also a natural prey. Hence, the company has flavored these treats with natural duck meat flavor. Therefore, in every aspect, these treats are a great vitamin supplement.

12. Pet MD Canine Tabs Plus

Pet MD Canine Tabs Plus

13. Wetnoze Health Vitamins

Wetnoze Health Vitamins

Another great product with great reviews that is made to improve your beloved pooch’s health is

14. Mightybites Liquid Multivitamin

Mightybites Liquid Multivitamin

The last product on our list is a liquid concoction of all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that your pooch needs. It is so easy to use that you just have to pour the required quantity over dog food. Let’s check out his good; it is in the next section.

The advantage of using a

Why And When Vitamin Supplements Are Needed?

It would come as no surprise that even dogs need adequate vitamins in their diet. Vitamins are vital because they are important for a range of bodily functions.

They affect a dog’s eyesight, bone strength, coat and skin health, etc. Vitamin deficiency can also compromise your pooch’s immune system, activity levels, and natural aging.

The range of vitamins needed by dogs is quite similar to a human’s. However, you definitely can’t feed human vitamin supplements to dogs.

Their system is completely different and can store only a small amount of vitamins inside their body. Moreover, the water solubility of vitamins is different.

Tenterfield Terrier
Tenterfield Terrier

If you find out that the diet you have put your dog on lacks in certain vitamins, it is time to add supplements.

For example, if you feed it meat and veggies, your furry friend might be deficient in calcium and other vitamins. To compensate, you might need a suitable vitamin supplement.

Another big reason to add vitamin supplements to a dog’s meal is this. Most dog food manufacturers claim to be the best overall: their packaging and advertising boast of providing the complete range of nutrients.

As you might have suspected, this won’t be true in most cases. In such a scenario, preventive action by providing vitamin supplements is crucial.

dalmatian dog
dalmatian dog

In case the four-legged member of your family already has a condition caused by vitamin deficiency, it is high time to supplement their diet.

In this case, you would have to look at the particular deficiency and provide a supplement with a high percentage of the lacking vitamins. In such cases, it’s best to consult a veterinarian.

A word of caution about supplements is regarding the quantity. As the saying goes, “too much is too bad.” This holds true for vitamin supplements too.

Even if you use the best multivitamin for dogs, giving it in high dosage can lead to poisoning. The first sign of it is diarrhea. Additionally, an antioxidant provided in large quantities can lead to cancer cells developing inside your pooch’s body.

black and white border collie
black and white border collie

7 Vitamins That A Dog Needs

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the primary requirements in every meal for a dog. With adequate vitamin A in their diet, they will have sharp eyesight.

On top of that, it also helps for fetal development in pregnant pooches. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means you can find it in foods having healthy fats. Carrots, eggs, fish, and spinach should be your primary sources of vitamin A.

white poodle
white poodle

2. Vitamin B

There are a bunch of different varieties of vitamin B, and each of those varieties is important for a dog’s health. Some of the important ones that spring to mind are Thiamine, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, B6, and Pantothenic acid.

Thiamine helps in maintaining energy levels by optimal usage of carbohydrates, while Riboflavin controls enzyme activity. On the other hand, we have folic acid, which harnesses the protein being fed into the body and Pantothenic acid, which utilizes energy molecules.

By far, the most important B vitamin for dogs is the B6 variety. It controls a range of functions that are vital for overall health. These include glucose generation, hormone production, and regulation, nervous system function, immune system, etc. The best dog multivitamin should definitely have this.

white old english sheepdog
white old english sheepdog

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is highly noted for its anti-inflammatory properties. A good dosage of it in everyday food or supplements is enough to kill harmful radicals inside a dog’s body. It also helps in reducing inflammation. Moreover, it plays a big role in reversing the aging process.

Hence, if you want your dog to look healthy even when it’s older and also prolong its life, vitamin c is much needed. A dog’s liver usually produces adequate amounts of vitamin C on its own. However, if the liver is damaged as often is the case in older dogs, a supplement is recommended.

american bull dog
american bull dog

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4. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is famously known as the sunshine vitamin. If you didn’t know, it is because it can be obtained through the sun rays. Daily exposure to the sun is enough for a dog to obtain good amounts of vitamin D.

The lack of it can lead to stunted growth, weaker bones, and muscles. A problem will arise if your pooch has trouble absorbing vitamin D. In that case, a supplement would be required.

5. Vitamin E

Another fat-soluble vitamin is the E variety. It is known as the body’s defense against oxidation.

brown border collie barking

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This variety plays a huge role in anti-aging and prolonging the life of your furry friend. Due to other uses such as improving muscle synthesis and improving vision, this becomes one of the most important vitamins.

6. Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a minor variety of vitamins that helps in blood clotting. That might be it’s the only function, but it is quite an important one. With a deficiency of vitamin K, hemorrhages can occur easily and lead to even the death of your dog.

7. Choline

Choline is another minor vitamin that most dog foods miss out on. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not important. Choline is essential for having a good brain and liver health in dogs.

Maremma Sheepdog white dog breed
Maremma Sheepdog

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Also, on occasions, it is used to treat epilepsy in dogs. Please look at the dog food label to ensure the presence of choline.

FAQs on Dog Vitamins

1. Why Do Dogs Need Vitamin Supplements?

Vitamins are an essential part of every living being’s diet. They are responsible for a multitude of body functions, and without them, an animal would drop dead.

In dogs, a lack of vitamins can accelerate the aging process, make it weak, and affect eyesight, thinking capacity, bone strength, etc. You wouldn’t want it to happen to your beloved dog, would you?

Tibetan Mastiff black
Tibetan Mastiff

2. What Vitamins Are Good For A Dog’s Skin?

To maintain healthy-looking skin and coat, a dog should get plenty of vitamin A, biotin, copper, omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and zinc in their diet. A shiny and thick coat depending on the breed, is the first sign of sufficient vitamins being provided.

3. Can Dogs Feed On Human Vitamin Supplements?

Human vitamin supplements vary a lot in concentration from a dog’s vitamin supplements. Since most dogs are way smaller in size than a human, it can have adverse effects on their health. So, unless your trusted veterinarian recommend a human vitamin supplement, it is a big no-no.

old english sheepdog
old english sheepdog

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4. What Are Some Important Ingredients In A Vitamin Supplement?

A good vitamin supplement should have glucosamine, omega fatty acids, probiotics, and a variety of different enzymes inside them. Look out for these on the ingredient label.

rough collie
rough collie

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