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Dogs are the best friends of humans. The best thing about them is that they love their humans as much as he loves them. This is a trait that you will find in dogs only, and nobody in this world can love you as much as a dog does. But, with this love and affection for dogs, comes great responsibility. If you have a dog at your home, you would need to take good care of it. This is something that every dog owner should do.

There are no doubts about the fact that dogs are one of the cleanest animals in this world. They can take care of their hygiene themselves, however, up to some extent only. Also, they love to have fun outside, and while doing that, they catch a lot of dirt in their coat. So, you will have to jump in here and play your role.

Things that your dog can’t do on its own need to be taken care of by you. So, you will need to step in here and help your dog friend take care of its hygiene and cleanliness.


Ignoring your dog’s bunking needs can be a huge problem from a health point of view in the long run. Objectively speaking, there might be no such thing as the best dog bed. But this does not mean that the best dog bed for your little friend does not exist. It’s not unlike buying a mattress for yourself. When you go to the store, there are many different types of mattress for different needs.

The process always starts with understanding why you need a product. Presumably, most people here are past this first stage. But you are not quite ready yet. There are a wide variety of beds available based on design, functionality and comfort.

Understand the needs of your dog and what will be comfortable for your specific environment.
This process is paramount to zeroing in on the best-rated dog bed. Once you have this much in the bag, all you have to do is pick the right bed. The choices are endless and we have some of the best dog beds money can buy listed right here.

Reasons To Buy A Dog Bed

1. Replacement

Nothing lasts forever, and dog beds are no different. When you have a new pet in your life, you go and get them the best rated dog bed you can find. But as time passes these beds get tattered or they sink in. There will be parts of the bed where the cotton will turn into hard lumps.

This also leaves empty patches in the base with no cushion. This can get rather uncomfortable for the dog. This is also commonly seen in families with multiple dogs. Like among human siblings, it’s not uncommon for dogs to have ‘hand me downs’ as well.

It is important to find a comfortable bed for your dog, if the old one is bent out of shape. Not to mention, beds that have been around for a long time tend to grow some pathogens over time. Many of these germs manage to survive basic cleaning. For the comfort and general health of your dog, replacing your bed after long term use is advisable.

2. Size And Age

Most of us are shopping for most things we need online nowadays. When we realize a new pup is about to join the family, one gets very tempted. The first thing we go looking for is a dog bed. In the excitement, we might not think before we buy one. A cute little pup in a cute little bed can break the internet.

But it might not be the best idea for the long run. A dog grows at a very fast pace. If you buy a small bed, your dog will outgrow in no time. More importantly, a dog reaches its full size within a year.

It is advisable to buy a full-size bed and be future proof. The other situation is when you get a new dog. The breed might be different from the ones that are already at home. This means that the dimensions of the new addition in the family might also be different. What you already have in your house might not be the best dog bed for a different breed. You might want to buy a more appropriately sized dog bed.

3. Weather

People more often than not sleep on mattresses placed on beds. This helps us trap more body heat. Our dogs on the other have dog beds placed on the floor. This gives them lesser protection in the cold. Dogs like us, are susceptible to extreme weather or sudden change in temperature.

The right bed in time can save a pile of vet bills in the long run. Ideal bed for cold temperatures will be thicker at the base. The fabric used for making the covers should be both soft and can trap heat.

Alternatively, a bed that is raised from the ground will also be good. A plusher and ‘fluffy’ variety of beds are also available.

These give the dogs a burrowing sensation which they enjoy a lot. But do remember, a winter bed might make a very bad summer bed. It might get so heated that the dog might not enjoy sitting in it at all. Sometimes you move to a warmer climate or you have extreme weather on both ends. In such cases, buying a new bed or a secondary bed will be a good choice.

4. Indulgence

The last and probably the most important factor in the pet care industry, indulgence. Not all purchases are made out of necessity. Some of them are often impulse buys or a strong urge to pamper your dog. Don’t listen to others, there is nothing wrong in doing more than necessary for those we love.

If you are a first-time buyer and you have a little extra to spare, you can get yourself the best dog bed money can buy. Beds like these take care of all dog needs imaginable.

You may even want to buy a new bed for your four-legged friend. Maybe it works great but looks old and worn out. Maybe it has a certain smell that you just can’t get rid of. Maybe you just redid the living area and that dog bed is so out of place. If you can afford to, these are good enough reason to buy a new dog bed.

But, even if this is not your first time, still does not hurt to know all the bed options that are available out there – exactly what we will be looking into next.

Types Of Dog Bed

1. Sofa Beds

These are hands down the most commonly found and bought beds for dogs. Some might even refer to them as standard beds. The nest bed is also just another variant of the sofa bed, the only difference are the raised edges. Many consider it to be the best dog bed for the newly initiated. If you know nothing about beds, these are safe beds to go for, especially with a big dog breed.

These beds generally come with high-quality filling or foam to make them very comfortable. But be careful with the quality or the cushion will sink in no time. Also, be sure to buy them with removable washable covers for the sake of maintenance.

One of the things that are widely admired about these beds is the variety. The design choices for these beds seem unlimited. There is a bed for more or less any room that will seamlessly blend into the decor and keep your beloved friend happy

2. Orthopaedic Beds

Many people brush it off, but arthritis and other orthopaedic issues are more common than you can imagine in dogs. These are specialized beds for special needs. If an orthopaedic bed has been recommended while consulting with our dog’s physician, don’t ignore it. It might do much more for your dog’s health than prescription drugs.

Having said that an orthopaedic bed can be the best dog bed for any dog, healthy or otherwise. Many specialists believe that orthopaedic beds have a lot of preventive value for a dog’s health.

These dog beds are fabricated using top quality foam. The use of memory foam is not that uncommon. This helps provide a firm, but soft support for your resting canine. Our dogs are victims of our lifestyle. Older dogs will often develop orthopaedic problems. More common in colder regions. An ortho bed can be a literal lifesaver. These beds are also great for some of the thinner breeds, that have less fur and less fat.

3. Elevated

An elevated bed is another sought after variety of dog beds. Many people don’t like the idea that their pets, who are no less than family, have to sleep on the floor. Even though there is a dog bed, it is still fully in contact with the floor. Some even like to place these beds right next to their beds, like a pseudo extension.

And let’s not even get started on the choices. These beds are generally made of wood for metal frame. A sheet of fabric is stretched out in the middle for a base. In some rare cases, cushioning can also be found.

These beds will keep the dogs from directly coming in contact with the cold floor. It is also good for a lawn or garden. It will keep the dog away from the dirt or insects. But these beds have one major drawback. They lack support in the center. These don’t make them very suitable for most senior dogs. It is ideal for smaller younger dogs.

4. Covered

Do you remember the joy of creating a mattress fort? Was it not fun to have a space where the ceiling was size appropriate for you? It’s not that much different from our furry friends. A small space that they genuinely find personal and private to an extent. Kennel shaped beds, snoozers and tent styled beds are some of the more common covered bed verities. Other than the fact that your puppy will look adorable once inside, it will also provide an additional level of protection.

You will be spoiled for choices if you go out looking for one of these. There are options galore all over pet stores and the internet. The best thing is that they come in all types of cushioning, size and materials. Some people find them cumbersome, and probably not ideal for a smaller house. But if you can make space for your little friend in your heart, you will find some space for its bed as well.

5. Travel

This is a tough one for many. When you are home with your pet, everything is under control for you. But things change quickly when you have to travel. Most of us don’t have it in us to leave our pets behind. They will travel like the rest of the family. But the rest of your family will find a bed anywhere.

Your dog, on the other hand, might not be that lucky. Carrying a dog bed can be a huge problem. If you are travelling by air, the cost of baggage can be exorbitant. Even if you travel by road, a full-size dog bed will take up so much of the boot space.

This is where a foldable option is the best dog bed you can get. These travel beds are not much unlike the standard dog bed. The cushioning can be a bit sparser than the regular bed, but nothing to worry. When travelling, it is all about essentials. The same concept applies here. A foldable bed will do away with all the add-ons and just keep the cushion. This way your dog can have a clean comfortable space to rest after a long journey.

6. Temperature Control Beds

A temperature control bed can be pampering for some dogs but for others, it is an outright necessity. The tech that goes into a hot vs cold bed is quite different. A heated dog bed mostly uses electricity to condition the temperature. This has great value for dogs suffering from orthopaedic problems.

Conditions such as arthritis can severely aggravate during colder seasons. This gets worse during bedtime. A warm bed will soothe the joints of your dog. It is also great for thin dogs, like some of the hounds. But you have to be very careful when you buy an electrically heated dog bed.

The cooling beds are mostly made of synthetic materials with a cooling gel inside. This keeps the temperature regulated in summers. If you have a furry breed in a warm climate, this will be a boon for your dog. Be sure to go for something sturdy that your dog can’t tear into. The liquid inside could be both a cleaning nightmare and hazardous to pets and children if ingested.

How To Choose The Best Dog Beds

1. Size And Breed

The first and foremost thing is the size of the dog. Before you even consider buying a dog, measure your dog from nose to tail. This is the longest dimension in a dog’s physiology and should be a good starting point. If you are buying for pups, things get trickier.

You can consider the average size of the breed. It would be even better to look at the parents of the pup to get a better idea, if possible. Additionally, many dogs find a nesting place proportionate to their size more appealing.

The breed is equally relevant. Some dogs have a known history of having orthopaedic issues. In such a case, the dog bed should be one with an orthopaedic mattress. Same goes for skinner breeds. If you have a breed with less fur, but you live in a cold climate, a material that will keep them warm is ideal.

Going for a heated mattress will be even better. A small dog breed can use a cushion style bed for a very long time. On the other hand, a large breed will flatten it out in no time due to its weight.

2. Sleeping Posture And Activity Levels

Not all dogs sleep the same way. Some dogs have a borrowing tendency. They will curl up within themselves. For such dogs, going for a round shaped bed is ideal. One with raised sides would be even better. They also give the option of a resting place for the dog’s head. Some other dogs sleep on their side with their legs spread out.

A rectangular-shaped bed would be much better suited for such a dog. The last category is the ones that sleep on their stomach. Taking a nose to tail end measurement would be a good idea. Important to note, dogs often start curled up or on the stomach, but many turn on the side in deep sleep.

The activity level varies from dog to dog. The more active dogs might spend the whole day running around and only go to bed at night. Then there is the nesting variety that will sleep all day. This will directly affect the wear and tear of the bed.

An active dog might be more inclined toward chewing up the bed. Here also you have to consider that many dogs will get into a nesting phase during the winters. The best dog bed should be catering to all its needs.

3. Pricing

This is the place where you have much more freedom. At least, as much as your pocket allows. Many might argue, this is more about the pet owner than the pets themselves. If you have the money and the intent, the sky’s the limit. But the best dog bed is not necessarily the most expensive one.

Two things contribute to pricing. The quality and functionality of the bed and the visual value. Beds with special features like heating or orthopaedic mattress will come at a higher price point. The ornamental value of a dog bed is subjective. Some people want the dog beds to match the colour scheme of their house. Then some just love to spoil their dogs.

Top 15 Best Dog Beds 2020

1. MidWest Bolster Pet Bed

MidWest Bolster Pet Bed Best Dog Beds

Bolster brings forth a great dog bed that covers a wide variety of needs. This bed is ideal for mid-sized to small dogs. There is a lot of functional variation with this bed. The size is ideal for all needs. It can be a standalone bed or for a standard dog crate. Many dogs don’t warm up to crates easily. They find it to be a space of captivity and restrictions. The presence of a perfectly sized plush bed makes them more hospitable for the dogs.

The cushioning in the bed is all the more welcome when travelling. It softens the impact of bumps during a car ride. It is great for kennels as well, because it is made of malleable material – hence you can also adjust it even if it does not fit perfectly.

Dogs don’t enjoy a change in their environment too much. If they have their bed in the new destination they settle in much better. An application of such beds is the convenience of space-saving. You can roll it up and carry it in flights and car rides alike. Once you reach your destination, your dog has its very own bed to rest in.

These beds come with some amazing options when it comes to the look. There is a wide variety of colours available that will sit well in any room. Looks alone cannot make the best dog bed. The quality of material and stitching is top-notch and it is very easy to clean and maintain.


2. Ombré Swirl Pet Bed

Ombré Swirl Pet Bed

The most common complaint with dog beds is the flattening and lumping up of the cushioning. The folks at Ombré have created a bed that works towards delaying if not completely solving the problem. This stand-alone bed comes with a poly-fibre cushion that does not fleece up. The makers describe it as overstuffed. Makes it more comfortable from the get-go and for a much longer duration. If a dog bed is not comfortable, then everything else is pointless.

The unique swirl pattern on the outside is both pretty to look at and comfortable to rest on. A very neat feature in the swirl dog bed is the rubber matting at the bottom. It is often seen that the dog bed travels from one end to the other of the room. While this might seem mildly irritating to some, it can be a genuine health hazard. A dog bed that slips around on the floor will not be steady when you step on it either. Particularly, when you are not expecting a bed to be there in the first place. The rubber matting keeps the bed in place and you out of the emergency room.

It is great for the bed at home or even to spread-out in a pet carrier. On occasion when you only need the bed, just roll it up and you are ready to go. There is a wide variety of sizes available as well. So, no matter what the breed, there is a size for everyone.


3. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Ultimate would be a good word to describe this dog bed by PetFusion. For those who will settle for no less than the best dog bed, Ultimate will make it to the top of the wish list. The mattress is made of the best quality memory foam. This is better than most people get and why not. This is ideal for dogs with joint pain. It makes for a comfortable resting place for senior dogs. Above all, it is comfortable and recommended for all dogs. They will age healthier and stay agile.

The memory foam perfectly envelopes the dog, creating a natural but firm support. Memory foam tends to retain its shape for a much longer time. This means you don’t have to keep buying a new bed every year. This makes the relatively higher price point quite economical in the long run.

For those who are fans of comfort and the environment, this is the bed for you. Not only are the bolsters soft to lay on, but they are also made out of recycled material. Like any good dog bed, Ultimate comes with a washable cover as well. It is often difficult to find a replacement cover of the right dimensions. PetFusion is selling replacement covers as well. If the covers get too dirty or if you just want a different colour to match your new walls, you can just get a replacement. The covers are also water-resistant. If you happen to drop some fluids, you will have ample time to wipe it off before it soaks in.


4. BarkBox Dog Bed

BarkBox Dog Bed

Are you looking for something comfortable, minimal and affordable? Then BarkBox Essentials could be the best dog bed for your requirements. At under $30, this dog bed sure is packed full of features. The first thing that you notice is its minimal design. It can neatly take any corner of your house without sticking out. This bed is all about the functionality.

The rectangular shape provides ample space for all sleeping postures. The flat surface also allows you the freedom of getting the cushion of your choice and place it as per the dog’s needs. It can fit in most dog carriers as well, depending on the side of the bed you choose and the carrier. The cover is both machine washable and waterproof. Even if your dog wets the bed, it will be easier to clean it up.

The real magic is in the mattress. This is the best dog bed if versatility and comfort are your priority. The Essentials features a medical-grade orthopaedic mattress made out of memory foam. This gives the much-needed support to dogs with arthritis and creates a good barrier from the cold floor. This BarkBox dog bed is a true all-weather friend. The flip side of the mattress comes with a temperature-regulating gel memory foam. This keeps the mattress cool during summers without compromising on the support. As the season changes, just open the covers, flip the mattress and done.


5. JOYELF Dog Bed


When you see the bed from Joyelf, it really does bring joy to you. This is one good looking pad. This sofa style bed is built for comfort. The raised walls on the side make for a perfect resting place for the head. The ‘comfy pillow’ pillow as described by Joyelf surrounds the bed on most sides. A small gap has been left in the front as a passage. It also gives the dog an option to rest on its stomach without obstruction if it so wishes. The bolsters and the bed itself come with waterproof covers, making it easy to clean and wash. The hidden zipper finish makes for a seamless design.

The fluffy design on the base makes a very warm and welcoming space to rest. A dog with strong nesting tendencies, pregnant dogs and older pets will find this very comforting. The memory foam mattress also makes it ideal for the ailing or recovering dog.

Everyone likes an extra little treat. The small bone-shaped pillow combined stuff toy is something both you and your pet will love. There is more to love. The best dog bed has to take safety into account. This bed is made of flame-retardant material. In case of emergency, it will give you that extra time to rescue your companion. The rubber mat at the bottom keeps the bed firmly in place, out of the unassuming passersby. They are looking out for the safety of the whole family.


6. Aspenpet Pet Bed

Aspenpet Pet Bed

Your dog will have the same sense of attachment for his or her bed as you have to your house. A safe space where you can be relaxed. The cuddle positive design of this Petmate dog bed will further that sense of attachment your dog has for the bed. You can buy the best dog bed money can buy. but if your dog doesn’t feel at home in it, it’s a waste of money. The circular design with perfectly high walls surrounding from all sides creates a great nesting environment. The dog can conveniently rest its head all around. The recycled high-loft polyester in the walls creates a very soft surface.

One tough thing about making your dog very comfortable is that they get used to it. Travelling from one destination to the other in a car can be a nightmare for all involved. And the unfamiliar environment, once you reach the destination, does not improve things for the dog either. This is where an easy to carry bed can be very handy. You can just pick up this extremely light bed and place it on the back seat of the car. Your dog can travel comfortably in its very own bed.

This bed is easy to maintain. It is entirely washable. You don’t have to take it apart and clean it part by part making maintenance very convenient. Aspenpet is best suited for a family with a small dog and a lot of moving around.


7. Long Rich Reversible Dog Bed

Long Rich Reversible Dog Bed

While many swear by round dog beds, rectangular beds have their own distinct advantages. A rectangular bed accommodates more sleeping postures and can neatly fit in any corner. Most dogs prefer a corner, as it feels like a safe space protected from 2 sides. It also does not stick out oddly in a what is presumably an angular house. This is where Long Rich’s bed comes into play. This dog bed is very comfortable with a soft base. The bed makes it perfect to spread out during those warm seasons. But the raised wall on three sides gives protection from the draft and provides two heavenly comers to snuggle in. This makes it suitable for all mid-sized dogs.

There is some additional functionality here. The dog bed is reversible. That means one bed and two distinct looks – talk about changing it up. But that is ornamental and we were talking about functionality. The two sides of the bed are made of a different material. One side has knitted fabric that traps heat and keeps your pet warm in those chilly nights. The flip side is crafted with a smooth, faux suede finish. Your dog can stay nice and cool on those hot and heavy days effortlessly. This bed is easy on the pocket and high on the features.


8. Furhaven Dog Bed

Furhaven Dog Bed

The next one on the list is for the big boys and girls. A dog bed meant for a large breed has its own requirements. The sheer size and weight of the dog puts additional stress on the bed, causing it to wear out quickly. That is why you need something sturdy and agreeable with your pet’s needs. This Furhaven bed can easily support large breeds weighing up to 95 lbs.

Like all great beds, the magic lies in the mattress. It’s orthopaedic support foam maximizes comfort. The egg crate foam design helps distribute the weight of a large dog equally. This means better circulation during sleep, keeping your dog energetic and fresh. The protruding parts of the egg pattern provide massage to the pressure points of the dog. This engineering marvel also keeps the bed cool and ventilated.

The material that drapes the bed is selected with the consideration of the soft skin of our four-legged friends. The surface of the mattress is faux fur, with a great feel and the bolsters are covered with a silken finish fabric. Both of these are very soft to touch for the noses and paws of your pets. These are good for both dogs and cats of any size. The fluffy soft to touch railing on three sides of the bed is stuffed with recyclable materials. There is one drawback to this seemingly perfect bed. It is not very resistant to persistent chewing. So, not ideal for a teething pup.


9. Furhaven Lounger

Furhaven Lounger

Another great bed by Furhaven has made it to our recommendation list. This one too is one for the big dogs. Though a few pounds shyer than the last on our list, it can still support a dog weighing up to 75 lbs easily. While comfort is given, this dog bed is also the best dog bed from a design perspective. This orthopaedic luxe lounger is true to its name, not just in looks but also in comfort. The single piece ergonomic design provides for a very nature like comfort with a lot of cushioning. A dog in its natural environment will dig a hole that will provide for a gradual slate to support its neck. Protrusions like bolster will never be found in their natural habitat. This is why the gradual upward contouring on either end of the bed creates a great resting position.

The quality of the mattress is as good as they get. Coupled with the ergonomic design, this medical-grade mattress provides the right kind of support for your pet. The cushion is layered with plush curly faux fur fabric for premium touch and feel. Always gentle on the soft skin of your pet. The wash friendly bed covers make maintaining the mattress quicker. Just throw it in the washing machine and it’s taken care of. Though designed for larger breeds, dimensions catering to all sizes are available.


10. Blueberry Pet Bed

Blueberry Pet Bed

After a couple of big dog specialists, let’s dive back into the realm of small dog beds. This Blueberry dog bed is called heavy duty for a reason. Even though small, often our pets can be a handful to clean after. Imagine how much worse it can get where your pet spends most time resting. From the dirt that they might drag on their paws to the occasional accident, the cleaning woes are endless. This is why an easy to wash and a clean bed is an absolute must.

The entire cover of this dog bed is removable. Just place it in the washer and your job is done. But often only with a few washes, the covers start to look drab and worn out. However, not with the Blueberry. This dog bed will sustain the same fresh look even after multiple washes. The YKK zippers make it very easy to take off and the zippers can endure multiple ‘unzippings’.

This dog is designed as the ultimate cuddling bed. The bolster wall provides ample protection from the draft during winters. These bolsters are overstuffed with fiber to provide soft support. These have been sewed on to keep them in place. The classic colour block design never goes out of fashion. It fits perfectly in most living spaces without clashing with the interiors. There is always the option of colours to fine-tune the match a step further.


11. MIXJOY Dog Bed


The level of comfort and feel that dog beds provide today can make them enviable for many people. This next bed by Mixjoy is the fluffiest bed yet to be reviewed. This one is ideal for smaller dogs or even cats. The whole bed is covered with faux shag fur. This keeps the bed ultra-warm, soft, cozy and comfortable. Your pet will immediately sink into the plushness that is faux shag fur. Much like borrowing in the wild on a cold night. The shag fur naturally traps the heat generated by the dog. This luxurious experience will leave your dog fully rested, improving both energy and behavior.

On top of all this, this bed cover is washing machine safe. Though machine washed might not be that impressive, this dog bed cover is also dryer friendly. You no longer have to wait for a sunny day to wash the bed cover. Comfortable to use and easy to maintain. Is it not the sweet spot we keep looking for in a best rated dog bed?

Instead of a bolster design approach, Mixjoy has gone the raised rim direction. A similar but softer rendition of the concept. Many people believe even though the dog might enjoy support, a high bolster can be detrimental to the dog’s health in the long run. A subtle and gradual rise provides for a more natural resting posture. The bed is also orthopaedic and joint-friendly. So, comfort is not being compromised in any way.


12. Furhaven Dog Bed

Furhaven Dog Bed

Looking at this list, one might confuse Furhaven as a brand that specializes in large dog breeds. That is not the case at all. This unique design is targeted in providing the same level of comfort to small dogs as it does to their larger counterparts. The design is very specific catering to a much larger resting need. Instead of a 360 ° or 3 sides bolster design, there is a raised wall only on two sides of the bed. This provides for more resting and posture options for the dog. The dog is not forced to stick its head out of the only available space. It can choose what it finds comfortable.

The bolster itself is not very high either. It rises softly from the sides to give just enough support to the neck without straining it. The faux fur sleep surface is an ultimate experience in luxury. When you run your hands through it you realize you would just as happily lay down on this yourself. This, coupled with the microsuede covered sides and bolsters takes this bed to the next level. It is a surface so opulent, that your pet might not want to leave it all. You will be surprised how quickly your dog will warm up to this abode that will always keep him warm. The same high-quality egg crate foam design used in its larger dog variety has been used. This will keep your dog healthy, well-rested and cool.


13. ANWA Dog Bed

ANWA Dog Bed

The cushion style stand-alone beds are not given as much credit as they deserve. A lot of it is also because the market is filled with bad quality dog beds. The standalone variety is the most commonly replicated as well. But don’t let this broader perception make you miss out on some amazing dog bed my ANWA. The most important function of this dog bed is its shape and size. This bed has been designed to fit perfectly in an appropriately sized dog carrier. This has two main purposes.

First, this can help you carrier turn into a kennel. Second, if your dog has to be transported in the dog carrier, it has a comfortable surface to rest on. Such travels are often stressful for the dogs and you need all the comfort you can get. A larger bed with built-in bolsters will not fit in a carrier.

The cushion is substantially thick. This keeps the cold floor away from the dog, thus reducing problems such as joint pain. The mattress is extremely soft, plush and durable. It will not flatten out quickly like an average dog bed. The additional safety feature that prevents the bed from slipping is also provided. This bed works perfectly indoors and, on the road, allowing for full freedom to snuggle, curl up or sprawl.


14. AmazonBasics Pet Bed

AmazonBasics Pet Bed

On a list being curated about dog beds available, an online entry from Amazon itself is reasonable. Amazon provides so many things to so many people all over. They have a keen understanding of the need for an average customer. Drawing from the very same experience, Amazon presents this dog bed for your consideration. Sometimes, first time buyers don’t want to directly go for an expensive purchase. For those people, this Amazonbasics bed at under $ 20 is a great bargain.

The exterior of the bed has been made with very plush material. The tufted design with a stylish swirl pattern has a great feel to it. It will create a perfect surface for your dog to snuggle into. The mattress itself is stuffed with synthetic polyester that will hold its form for a long time. A light easy to carry bed can be placed anywhere in the house. Its malleable shape also makes it ideal to place inside the kennels and dog carriers.


15. Petsure Dog Bed

Petsure Dog Bed

This offering from Petsure has something to offer to everyone. This is one seriously chunky bed. Your pet will feel like it is floating in the air once it settles on this dog bed. It provides a lot of support to the dog and maintains a healthy distance from the floor. A much-needed barrier to protect your pet from the unforgiving cold. The mattress is filled with premium microfiber in separate chambers. The separate chambers help hold the shape for a much longer use preventing the stuffing from moving around freely. This sectioned design has more advantages. It encourages all the shedding to collect on to the bed itself. Makes cleaning up after your dog that much easier.

Maintaining this bed is not an issue at all. The covers are machine safe to wash. But the best thing is they are not easy to get dirty either. The covers are water safe. In case of that occasional bed wetting by a senior dog or pup, cleaning is easy. You don’t have to immediately throw it in the washer. It also has order control. If there is a longer than usual gap in the cleaning schedule, not to worry. The dog bed and your house will not be covered in foul smells.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Dogs Need Beds?

The short answer is yes. Most pet dogs today live indoors, much like their human counterparts. This makes for what one can essentially define as an unnatural environment. Surfaces as flat and hard as concrete or even wooden floors are not found in nature. These can be rather uncomfortable for a dog. The cooling or heating of the floors is also much sharper.

Orthopaedic conditions can easily develop over time in many cases. For skinnier dogs with less fur, the floor can be very unforgiving. A bed is a valuable investment for your dog’s wellbeing.

2. Why Do Dogs Eat Their Beds?

A dog chewing up its bed and turning it inside out is not uncommon. The underlying reason can be categorized into three broad categories:

  • Teething is a natural process that all pups go through. This is even seen in human babies. Pups will chew through anything to soothe the irritation caused due to this.
  • The second is behavior. Some dogs due to lack of discipline or intrinsic nature are on the destructive side. This can be remedied with the right training. This can also be symptomatic of irritation or anxiousness in the dog.
  • The last one is the bed itself. If the dog finds the bed uncomfortable or itchy, they might try to make it right their way. This can also be seen in beds that are suitable for just one weather. It might be cozy in the winter but turns into a furnace during the winters.

3. Is There An Indestructible Dog Bed?

An indestructible bed that is also comfortable for your dog is tough to come by at a reasonable price point. But there are plenty of very durable beds out there. Most of these beds are made using a synthetic material and are much more resistant to breaking or tearing. This could dissuade your pet from trying too hard. Having said that, calling them indestructible would be a bit of a stretch. But if you choose the right dog bed, there’s a very high possibility that your dog just might leave it alone. So, choosing wisely could be the key here as well.

4. What Fabric Is Best For Dog Beds?

Most dog bed fabrics have been chosen to serve a specific purpose.
The material ideal for a warm climate and cold climate will be very different. Some fabrics are good for all seasons.
Maintenance is another issue. If you are unable to clean the dog bed with relative ease, it might not be the best dog bed choice.

Durability is the next thing to consider. The fabric should be able to endure different temperatures and common liquids. It should also hold strong to regular wear and tear and when necessary – especially with the urge of your dog to chew.


The key to buying the best dog bed is observation. We all spend a lot of time looking at our pets. It is very tough to take your eyes off when you see these bundles of joy in deep slumber. This is where more than half of your job is done. The amount of knowledge we have gathered if correctly used cannot go wrong. No one knows your dog better than you.

By the end, if this article, we have spoken about all the factors to consider and the various types of dog beds out there. Many would have understood their dog’s resting needs even before they got to the recommendation. Now all you have to do is put all the information gathered together. Then all that is left is the selection. But you and I both know; the real satisfaction will come when you see your pet in deep sleep on its new bed.