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From choosing the right dog breed to looking after puppies to all types of dog behavior, The Dog Snobs wants to support you and your furry friend in living your best lives.

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Dog Breeds

Choosing the right dog breed for you and your home is a big decision. We provide you with information about specific dog breeds, different breeds which share common characteristics and comparisons between dog breeds.

Poodle Mix Dogs

Poodle mix dogs are super popular. We’ll explain some of the most common poodle mix dog breeds, compare the most popular breeds and help you make the right doggy decision for you.

Shih Tzu Mix Dogs

The gorgeous Shih Tzu breed was bred to be an affectionate and happy companion dog. No wonder it is such a popular dog for mixes.

German Shepherd Mix Dogs

This large, muscular dog is beloved by many. Here are some of the most popular German Shepherd Mix Dog Breeds.

Dog Behaviour

Ever wonder why your dog behaves as it does? Understanding your dog is essential for a good relationship.


While they don’t sleep as much as their arch enemies cats, dogs spend a reasonable amount of time sleeping, often in unusual places and positions. Find out why


We all love puppies, but looking after one can be a lot of work. Find out everything you need to know to look after your puppy.

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