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25 Best Poodle Mix Dogs You’ll Love

The Poodle is hands down one of the most popular dog breeds out there. These confidently independent doggos are both affectionate and surprisingly athletic too. And they do so while remaining their heir of dignified elegance which makes them somewhat of a power package. 

It’s no secret Poodles are smart. These little designer canines are the perfect combination of beauty and brains. This is why you will find some bizarre Poodle mix breeds out there because who wouldn’t want a little Poodle mixed into their pooch?

This list delves into all things Poodles to look at the best poodle mix dogs. From the smallest and sassiest of the lot to the large and in charge hounds, there’s a pooch to suit every lifestyle, taste, and personality on this list.

What is a Poodle?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of all things Poodle mixes, let’s establish the basics of this breed’s temperament and history. There has been much debate over where the Poodle originated. Some believe it has its roots in Germany while others believe the French popularized this dog. However, the Germans can take the bow on this highly sought-after pooch.

golden toy poodle with tongue out

While these curly-haired hounds exude grace and prestige, they are more than just a pretty face. They were bred to hunt water animals like ducks. These little fur friends are excellent swimmers and hard-workers. In fact, their iconic fluffy coats are ideal for keeping them warm and protected in cold waters.

Speaking of their luscious curly coats, these low-to-no-shedding dogs make them the perfect hypoallergenic pooches for those who struggle with dog hair. They are also flexible so they adapt easily to new environments.

standard poodle brown
standard poodle

Poodle Temperament

These pooches have excellent personalities that make them popular companion dogs who bring so much to the table. When you sign up for a Poodle you sign up for a best friend you can build a real rapport with.

white poodle
white poodle

In addition to this, they are canine intellectuals through and through. These highly intelligent little guys are in a league of their own. They are fast learners and very eager to please too. This means ‘do as you’re told’, won’t be a problem for these fur babies. Throw in some nifty tricks and commands and you’ve got yourself an impressive canine companion.

Let’s dive right into this list of impressive pooches.

25 Best Poodle Mix Dogs

1. Goldendoodle

First up is one of the most popular Poodle Mix breeds out there. This Golden Retriever and Poodle mix is perfect for anyone looking for a larger-sized Poodle variety.

minigoldendoodle vs goldendoodle

With wittiness and good looks at the ready, both parent breeds have excellent temperaments for family dogs. They are not aggressive in the slightest, plenty affectionate, and always ready to play.

Parents of the Goldendoodle are both highly intelligent breeds, easy to train, and great for families who are new to dog-owning. Allergy-prone households will also love this mixed breed for its relatively low shedding fur.

shaggy goldendoodle good bad

They are on the larger end which means they don’t do well being cooped up too long. Plenty of exercise and play-time will make these fluffy guys the happiest.

2. Bernedoodle

This cross between the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle is one sizable but adorable combination. If you’re a fan of the silly but gentle Alpine giant as well as the intelligence and loyalty of the Poodle, then you will love this mix.

This goofy breed loves being around people and makes for an excellent family companion. In fact, they are particularly kid-friendly so if you have a home of little ones, these dogs definitely gravitate towards children.


Bernedoodles are far from intimidating dogs, despite their heftiness, and they will consider themselves valuable and contributing members to your household.

3. Labradoodle

This mix is a clear crowd favorite. One of the most popular family dogs is the Labrador and combined with the witts and temperament of the Poodle, you will have a smart, loyal, and loving furry companion.

Labradoodles are similar to Goldendoodles, minus the golden coat, and boasts shorter curlier hair. Similar in nature, they make for excellent family dogs. These canines are also the ultimate guide dogs.

grey labradoodle sitting up

Their size and consistent temperaments make them patient and friendly companions. Not to mention, the fact that they’re relatively hypoallergenic, is a sure bonus.

4. Cockapoo

Back when Poodle breeding just began, Cockapoos became a favorite. These affectionate and friendly dogs are the ultimate man’s best friend and will be the perfect tail-wagging addition to any family.

cockapoo best poodle mix dogs

This is an intelligent and easy-to-train dog thanks to their Poodle genes. They are fun-loving shaggy pooches that make friends very easily. Their eager-to-please streak makes them a pleasure to have around as well.

Cocker Spaniels can be crossed with various Poodle varieties including the toy and miniature varieties, which means that Cockapoos come in a range of sizes.

These little fellas will chase and smell anything they see, so playtime is a must. Sadly, Cockapoos are plagued by blindness and dementia as they get older, but this shouldn’t be a determining factor when it comes to parenting one of these angels as most live long and healthy lives.

5. Maltipoo 

The fluffy faces of these Maltese cross miniature Poodle pups will simply melt your heart. And walking down the street with one of these little guys will definitely attract cooing crowds. This gorgeous Poodle mix is cheeky, fun-loving, and full of life.


Regular playtime with these pooches will make you very popular, they love spending time with their favorite humans. And while they love to engage, they are low-maintenance when it comes to exercise and can generally be considered ideal lap dogs.

However, they can’t be left alone for long periods of time so be prepared to spend plenty of time with your Maltipoo. However, these dogs do well on the move so if your lifestyle includes frequent traveling then these pups will be more than happy to tag along and will go pretty undisturbed.

6. Yorkipoo

Speaking of lapdogs, this tiny pooch is the cutest combination of the beloved Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle creating the ultimate designer dog. The Yorkiepoo is the epitome of a cross-bred toy variety and boasts an excellent set of parents.


While they have Terrier in them, their personalities are strongly influenced by the Poodle. These pups are rather verbose too. Particularly in loud surroundings, they may take to persistent barking which might take some getting used to.

7. Schnoodle

This Schnauzer Poodle mix is a popular choice and for good reason. Not only do they make wonderful companion lap dogs, but their good-natured temperaments also make them excellent therapy dogs. Plus their wavy coat is incredibly soft so cuddles will be sublime.

Not to mention, if you want to make a star out of your dearest fur baby, they make for dazzling show-dogs. This tendency to excel in show-business is because of their stellar breed combination.


Their energetic, athletic genes are inherited from their Schnauzer side while their Poodle passes down their eager-to-please drive.

While they hold a lot of talent, these dogs can be higher maintenance. They don’t do well being neglected or left alone, so no amount of attention is too much. They also require plenty of room to play and move around.

8. Pomapoo

This dynamite in a small package inherits the personality of both its Pomeranian and Poodle parents. And luckily for us, the result is an optimistic and all-around enviable companion pup.

black pomapoo dog

There is a spectrum between Poodles and Pomeranians when these dogs are mixed. For example, depending on your pooch, they may lean more towards the calmer demeanor of a Pomapoo or towards a Poodle’s extroverted side.

black and white pomapoo

Because these tiny hounds are naturally enthusiastic and easy to train, they thrive best with positive reinforcement. This will create a loyal, happy family member. With the proper guidance, training these pups will no doubt prove very rewarding.

9. Whoodle

This teddy bear-looking pooch is the ultimate cuddle buddy to have in your bed. Being the offspring of the delightful Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier and the Poodle, it’s no surprise that the Whoodle is equally adored much like its parent breeds.


You can expect plenty of playtime with your energetic Whoodle fur-baby. Their terrier side means they love a good hunt and chase. Socialization is therefore important from a young age, particularly with other animals and small children.

These pooches are rather rare and definitely one of the least common Poodle mix breeds so if you get your hands on one of these cuties then hold on tight.

10. Shihpoo

This Shih Tzu cross miniature Poodle is a sprightly little pooch and the ultimate designer dog. Boasting an heir of elegance, these playful pups love to love and be loved. These pooches don’t require much in terms of grooming and they are excellent at obedience training.

maltese shih tzu poodle in the garden

These little dogs are affectionate, perky, and easy to train. But it takes very little to keep these pups happy other than being present. Their favorite pastime will likely be curling up on the couch with their pet parent for a cuddle and a snooze.

11. Cavapoo

Another Poodle mix breed that thrives off of obedience training is the Cavalier King Charles and Poodle mix. They require plenty of mental stimulation toys or activities. They would thrive best in a loving, structured environment, where they get plenty of bonding with their humans too.

golden brown cavapoochon

They love to play fetch and run about. However, they have a hard time being left alone and are prone to separation anxiety. But their cuteness levels will make this extra love and attention easy to deliver on.

brown curly cavapoochon

12. Sheepadoodle

These entertaining little hounds are popular for good reason. Not only do their Old English Sheepdog genes make them energetic and playful, but they are also highly intelligent and can be rather comical which provides great entertainment and companionship.


Their work-driven Sheepdog nature makes them fun pooches to train and putting these doggos to work will be excellent for their mental health. All in all, if you have a relatively active lifestyle, your Sheepadoodle will slot right in.

13. Poogle

The Beagle-Poodle mix was a genius one for allergy sufferers. You will get to enjoy all the loyalty of the trusty beagle and witty intelligence of the Poodle with no hair shed. Poogles are kind, happy dogs that will easily suit a big family or multi-pet household.


These affectionate family dogs are great with kids and are the perfect furry family member. Instead of following their nose distractedly in true Beagle fashion, the Poodle in Poogle means these dogs can be nicely trained.

What do you get when you mix a dopey but loveable hound and an energetic pooch with a stellar IQ? Why you get a Poogle of course.

14. Aussiedoodle

These good-natured dogs are the mix between a hyperactive Australian Shepherd and the relatively chilled Poodle. Their eager-to-please attitude inherited from their poodle parents makes them excellent trick-training candidates.


These loyal hounds don a variety of coat colors and sizes (depending on which Poodle variety they are mixed with). But these hard-working dogs are generally lean, muscly companions that love getting active. All in all, they are wicked smart and brimming with a zest for life.

15. Pyredoodle

When it comes to large dog breeds, this mix is a highly intelligent combination of the Great Pyrenees and the Poodle. They make doting family pets and are a great fit for family life. They’re also handy dogs to use around livestock.


Pyredoodles aren’t exactly teacup size, however. And with most larger dogs, they require space to move about. Not to mention they can weigh in at an impressive 100 pounds as full-grown hounds so perhaps opt for a smaller poodle mix if you live in an apartment.

16. Boxerdoodle

If you’re looking for an unlikely combination that works surprisingly well, then look no further than the Boxerdoodle. While both of these pups are loyal companions and rather territorial, their personalities definitely differ.


These pooches make for excellent guard dogs as they are courageous and lively – you’ll even get an excellent running partner out of these guys. But the calm, even-tempered Poodle nature shines through in these doggos which creates a perfectly balanced, well-mannered dog. 

Be sure to properly socialize these hounds as the Boxer in them means that playtime can get a little rough or aggressive. It will be important for you to get your Boxerdoodle used by other animals and humans in order to ensure peaceful interactions.

17. Doxiepoo

Are you a fan of all things German? This iconic mix includes two popular German breeds – the Dachshund and the Poodle. They are low maintenance when it comes to grooming, shedding and because of their tiny stature, do well in most environments including apartments.


While they have a streak of stubbornness inherited from their Dachshund parent, they make up for it in heaps of affection and personality. These little pups love being the center of attention and will prove to be thoroughly entertaining.

18. Bassetoodle

These little hounds are low on the ground, short-legged, marble-eyed and sure do ooze cuteness. This Bassethound-Poodle mix certainly yields an unusual-looking end result. But the personality traits inherited from both parents combine to form a well-tempered, laid-back companion.


They are excellent company for both humans and other pets and they love family life. However, their slow-moving Basset side along with a healthy appetite, means they are prone to weight gain if an eye isn’t kept on their diet. Some regular movement should also be encouraged in order to keep them living a long and healthy life.

19. Corgipoo

Calling all Corgi lovers, this beloved mixed breed is perfect for you. In fact, most Corgi-Poodle mixes result in a predominantly Corgi-looking pooch. Including the long body and adorable short, stubby legs of these beloved little canines.


But the bonus of this mix comes in when you add the Poodle’s gorgeous curls and get an extremely low-shedding pooch. Furthermore, these pups will prove to be intelligent, independent, and obedient little companions. It’s no surprise they are highly sought after.

20. Rottle

These Rottweiler cross Poodle pups are perfect for anyone looking for a relatively friendly pup who knows how to turn on the Rottweiler aggression when needed. This makes them excellent candidates to guard your home.

Rottweiler cross Poodle
Rottweiler cross Poodle

In order to keep them well-behaved, proper training is necessary. So be sure to have plenty of time for these furry guys – and plenty of roaming room too. And if you love the fluffy coat of a Rottie but struggle with pet shed then fret not, the Poodle genes have got you covered.

21. Dalmadoodle

Can you imagine anything cuter than a spotted Poodle? Well, you don’t need to because a Dalmation and a Poodle created the adorable Dalmadoodle. These unique-looking hounds flourish in an energetic, fun environment.


They can be slightly sensitive so beware of tone and body language when it comes to these pooches. They also tend to get anxious and bored if not given stimulating toys or activities. The best way to love these dogs is to make them feel useful and busy.

Another way to help them thrive is to give them a hose down or encourage a dip in the pool during summer as they overheat rather easily. These attentive doggos make for excellent companions, guard dogs, and best friends.

22. Bossipoo

This is one of the more common Poodle mixes and started in an effort to reduce the health problems that befall the Boston Terrier. What resulted was the loveable, independent, and easy-to-train Bossipoo.


If you live a less active lifestyle, these pups will fit in perfectly. They only require around 30 minutes of exercise and some thorough at-home play or a short walk should do the trick. They are also easygoing when it comes to their even-temper and enjoy a balanced ratio of chill to playtime.

23. Jack-A-Poo

If you’re looking for a breed with a stellar IQ then you can’t go wrong with a Jack Russel and a Poodle mix.

While they are a fairly new Poodle mix, they have been growing in popularity at a steady rate, and for good reason. They are energetic little companions and learn commands with ease. They are also excellent family pets and great to have around young children and other pets.


If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, low-shedding dog that will happily get along with humans and animals alike, then a Jack-A-Poo is the pup for you.

They are vocal little guys like most smaller breeds, so some more-than-usual barking can be expected. This would serve you well in a guard-dog capacity as they will be excellent notifiers.

24. Bordoodle

This combination included two of the most intelligent dog breeds out there, the Border Collie and Poodle. This duo sure looks good on paper as parent breeds, so combining them creates quite the Bordoodle powerhouse.

These pooches are both beauty and brains. When it comes to children, you can think of these hounds as overprotective older siblings. They are loyal defenders and will serve their household with utmost joy, energy, and passion.


Bordoodles will thrive in big open spaces where they can run, play and explore. The last thing you have to worry about is having a lazy or lethargic couch potato on your hands.

If you’re looking for a dog to learn an impressive routine, chase a ball or hike a mountain with, you will find a man’s best friend in this pooch.

25. Peekapoo

The Pekingese and Toy Poodle hybrid create the miniature Peekapoo – they are as cute as their name sounds. Without an undercoat, they are particularly easy to groom and brushing is a breeze.

These little dogs make for the ultimate lap-dog pet. In fact, the Pekingese part of this breed used to be royal Chinese dogs for the elite. So they have had years to perfect their lap-living. If you work from home or enjoy plenty of PDA from your pup then these little furballs will be the ultimate companions.


Peekapoos may be small in size but they are dynamite. These pooches are incredibly loving and fiercely loyal. Their bark may be louder than their bite but they will certainly defend their human with every ounce of their being.

Final Thought on the Best Poodle Mixes

As bizarre as some of these mixes may sound, they work for a reason. So if you’re looking to add a four-legged friend to your family, it’s clear that you can’t go wrong with a Poodle mix. These companions all offer unique, loveable traits and promise to sprinkle your home with joy, affection, and very little hair.

Whether you’re looking for a guard dog, a dazzling performer, a chilled lap dog, or an active companion, you’ll find it all in one of these Poodle mix breeds.

labradoodle in profile

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