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9 Reasons Your Dog Rolls in the Grass That Might Surprise You

Your dog may be your best friend, but sometimes they do really strange things. You’ve probably seen it many times: Your dog spots a patch of grass, immediately flops down on his back, and starts wiggling around.

Rolling on the grass certainly isn’t considered standard human behavior, but it is actually quite a normal thing for dogs to do. But why do dogs roll in the grass? Is it for fun, or is there some deeper reason behind this behavior?

In this article, we’ll explore the different reasons for this dog behavior. We’ll also look at when you should stop your dog from rolling in the grass and how to achieve it.

happy dog rolling in the grass

Why do Dogs Roll in the Grass? 6 Good Reasons

Experts believe there are many good reasons why your dog would roll in the grass. This behavior can serve several useful functions. Or your dog may simply be having a good time.

If your dog seems happy and relaxed while rolling around, there is no need for you to worry about this behavior. Here are some common reasons they may be doing so:

1. Masking Their Scent

One explanation for why dogs roll in the grass is an ancestral instinct to mask their scent.

Dogs’ noses are far more sensitive than those of humans. While we might only smell grass, they pick up the scents of the environment, other humans, and other animals. When your dog rolls in the grass, it covers its fur with all those other scents.

dogs tummy rolling in the grass

This was a way for their ancestors to disguise their own scent when they were hunting prey. Instead of smelling like a wolf on the prowl, they could conceal their scent with that of a harmless rabbit, for example.

So even though your dog may not be hunting anytime soon, rolling in the grass is still a behavior that comes naturally to them.

2. Marking Their Territory

There is another smell-related reason for why your dog may want to roll in the grass. When your dog rubs against something, they add their own scent to the mix of smells already there.

dalmatian sniffing

After their sensitive noses have picked up the smells of other animals, they may feel the need to mark the area as their own again. Rolling in the grass to leave their scent can be a way of telling other dogs that this territory belongs to them.

Rolling in a certain patch of grass is not always territorial behavior. Sometimes your dog may just like the way something smells and want to add their own scent. They also do this with favorite toys or sleeping spots.

3. It Feels Good

A soft patch of grass might simply feel good to your dog. It is a chance to stretch out, rub their back, and soak up some sunshine.

Observe the way your dog rolls in the grass to understand if it feels good for them. A slow, relaxed roll with legs kicking around in the air shows that your pet is happy. There is no need to worry about this type of grass-rolling behavior.

goldendoodle reclining on the grass

On the other hand, if your dog is rolling around frantically and rubbing their face or back more forcefully, there could be something wrong. The grass-rolling behavior might be an indication of allergies or obsessive behavior.

Let your dog’s level of relaxation give you a clue about whether or not the rolling is good behavior.

4. Expressing Their Personality

This is an interesting reason you may not have thought of before. Some dogs may roll in the grass as a way to express their personality.

Just like some humans choose to wear bold-colored clothes to make a statement, dogs use their behavior to express their unique character.

By rolling around excitedly in the grass, your dog may be seeking excessive sensory stimulation. This is simply a way for them to express themselves.

5. Getting Rid of Objects in Their Fur

There can also be a practical reason for your dog to roll in the grass. Often it helps them to get rid of something on their back.

dog rolling grass why do dogs roll in the grass

Grass is actually mildly abrasive. That is why it feels prickly or ticklish when we walk on it with bare feet. Those prickly individual blades of grass can work like a comb for your dog.

Throughout the day, there may be something itchy or uncomfortable that got stuck in your dog’s coat. Dirt, pine sap, or even bird droppings could be irritating them.

Rolling in the grass can then be an effective way for your dog to get rid of whatever is stuck in their fur.

6. Brushing Off Loose Fur Clumps

For a similar reason, grass can help your dog to self-groom. The abrasive grass blades can function like bristles on a brush.

Some dogs shed their coats in clumps. There may be loose clumps of fur in hard-to-reach areas that are bothering them. Rolling in the grass provides an easy way to help with this.

Just remember that your dog’s self-grooming behavior is not a replacement for your grooming sessions. If your dog is shedding a lot, help out by brushing its coat on a regular basis.

dalmation rolling in the grass

3 Reasons Why Your Dog Should Stop Rolling in the Grass

In most cases, your dog has a fairly good reason for rolling around in the grass and the behavior is harmless. But there are times when this behavior is an indication of something that is wrong.

Here are some unhealthy reasons why your dog might be rolling in the grass, as well as advice on how to stop the behavior:

7. Allergies

Your dog may be rolling in the grass to scratch an itch related to allergies. If you notice that your pet is also rubbing themselves against carpets or furniture, allergies may be the reason.

There are a few things that could be causing this irritation. Your dog’s allergies could be due to food, environment, flea bites, or a skin condition.

dog sneezing

In all of these cases, it is a good idea to make an appointment with the vet. They can give you a clearer answer of the cause and how to treat it.

If your dog has an allergic reaction to their food, there are special dog foods for allergies that your vet may recommend. If the issue is fleas or ticks, it is always a good idea to start your pet on one of these flea treatments for dogs.

8. Getting Rid of Unwanted Smells

If your dog has the annoying habit of rolling in the stinkiest grass they can find, they may be trying to get rid of another smell. Remember that what smells good to us might not be pleasant for them, and vice versa.

You might think your dog smells wonderful after using a scented shampoo to wash them. But the fragrance could be overpowering to their sensitive noses.

If your dog rushes to a smelly patch of grass after its bath, it might be time to change its shampoo. Every dog is different, so try a variety of brands and fragrances to find something that works.

If your dog is very sensitive, an unscented shampoo or wipes might be the best option. This will keep your pet happy and stop the unwanted behavior of rolling in smelly grass.

black and white dog rolling in the grass

9. Obsessive Behavior

It can happen that rolling in grass becomes a compulsion for your dog. If they constantly want to roll in the grass for no good reasons, you should redirect this behavior.

Simply telling your dog to cut it out won’t be effective long-term. Positive reinforcement training is the best way to help your dog stop their obsessive grass-rolling habit.

When your dog starts rolling, quickly redirect its attention to something else. Grab a favorite toy and keep your dog occupied with a fun game. When your pet obeys and joins you, be sure to reward them with some special treats for dogs.

This type of training is effective because you show your dog something positive that you want them to do, instead of just telling them what not to do.

It may seem like a tedious process at first, but in the long run, it will improve your dog’s behavior. No more frequent baths needed after they’ve rolled around in who-knows-what.

labrador rolling in the grass

Final Thoughts on Why Dogs Roll in the Grass

Now you know that your dog is not just fooling around when they are rolling in the grass. There is often an instinctive or practical reason for this behavior.

However, there are a few unhealthy reasons why your dog might roll in the grass. Pay close attention and intervene if your dog is struggling with allergies or does not like their current shampoo.

You can also help your dog if they have obsessive grass-rolling behavior. Remember that shouting at them won’t help. Your dog needs a kind and guiding hand to show what you expect from them.

Most of the time, rolling in the grass is a harmless behavior that shouldn’t cause you any worry. Your dog is acting perfectly natural and enjoys being outside.

sleek brown dog rolls in the grass

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