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16 Most Common Dog Behaviors and What They Mean

We love our furry pooches but let’s face it, sometimes they can do some slightly strange things. It can be difficult to judge when these dog behaviors are normal and when they are a reason for concern.

There are usually reasons that dogs exhibit certain behaviors. But considering our pooches don’t speak how do you figure out what are those reasons? Also, sometimes a behavior can mean one thing, and the next time it could be for a different reason.

So it is critical that as a dog owner you learn how to interpret your dog’s different behaviors within their context whether it is shaking their head, licking their paws, rolling in the grass or many other activities.

Here are 16 of the most common dog behaviors and what they mean.

why do dogs shake their heads dog behavior

15 Most Common Dog Behaviors and What They Mean

16 Most Common Dog Behaviors and What They Mean

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