Reasons Why Do Dogs Stick Their Tongue Out

The internet loves a video of a dog with their tongue sticking out. It’s cute, it’s quirky, and it gives your pet a fun personality online.

There are a couple of reasons why your best furry friend may leave their tongue sticking out, even when they’re not actively licking you.

They’re Too Hot

Dogs don’t sweat, not like we do. So sticking their tongue out and panting to circulate fresh air and encourage evaporation of water from their tongues and lungs is how they cool down rapidly.


They’re Relaxed

A tongue hanging out can be an indication that your furball is extremely relaxed or comfortable.




Sometimes your canine companion will lift their cheeks to get a better sense of a smell. They may even stick their tongue out and lick at the air to catch as much of the smell as they can.



When a new medicine is introduced to a dog, any number of possible side effects can occur. One of them just might be a lolling tongue.

Dental Issues

If your dog’s tongue is hanging out of its mouth, some toothy abnormalities may be to blame.


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