Reasons Why Do Dogs Bark at Night

With dogs, it’s that infuriating habit of barking at inappropriate times. When it’s at night, it can distress us, keep us out of sleep, and make enemies of our neighbors.

Let’s look at what may be causing the nocturnal nagging, the moonlit moaning, the barking dog in the darkness.

Your Dog Could be Hungry

Do you feed your dog at an appropriate time? Sometimes, when a dog is hungry, it may become anxious and fidgety, and yes, may start barking for food.


There May Be a Problem With Your Dog’s Diet

It could be a case of the food causing bad reactions, allergies, or even indigestion. Check with a vet to see whether your dog may react to a food component in its diet.



Your Dog Could be in Pain

If the barking is new, your dog may have picked up an injury or be suffering from some sort of painful condition.


Your Dog May Need the Loo

One of the most obvious reasons for barking and anxiety may also be the simplest. Maybe your dog’s body routine is such that it needs to pee in the middle of the night.


Something May Suddenly be Different in the Routine

When a well-established routine gets changed or thrown out of whack, some dogs may feel unbalanced by the change.

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