Useful Things to Know:  What Does It Mean When a Dog’s Nose Is Dry?

A dog’s nose is very important. They have 50 times more smell receptors than a human.

If you’re used to your dog having a cold wet nose, it can be concerning when their nose is suddenly dry. So what does it mean when a dog’s nose is dry?

5 Reasons Why Dogs Have Wet Noses

1. It Helps Them Smell Better 2. They Lick It 3. Noses Emit Mucus 4. Keeps Them Cool 5. They’re Anxious

What Does it mean when a dog’s nose is dry? 5 Reasons

1. They Were Napping 2. Weather Change 3. Their Age 4. Allergies 5. It’s in Their Genetics

When Should You Be Worried? 6 Things to Check


Check their gums

A dry nose is one possible symptom of a sick dog. If they have a dry nose and discolored gums then it could raise concern.


Odd Mucus Color

When you’re examining your dog’s nose, pay close attention to the color of their mucus. A healthy nasal discharge color is a clear color that isn’t too runny.

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