Smartest Small Dogs – Find Your Favourite Intelligent Pup


Many tiny dogs were bred to be compact and make wonderful travel companions. However, a small body doesn’t always mean a small brain. Some of the smartest small dogs can outsmart their bigger cousins.

Small dogs make great companions because they don’t need a lot of space but usually give a lot of love. Many small dogs are both super smart, loving, and great companions.


Cocker Spaniel

Both the American and English Cocker Spaniels are highly intelligent dogs. They can learn commands quickly with only a few command repetitions.


Bichon Frise

These little white dogs are instinctively good at companionship and will pick up an owner’s needs quickly. They aren’t difficult to train and love attention.



The long and silky-haired Havanese pups have an average working and obedience intelligence. They are able to learn new commands with little repetition and can learn them in a few hours.



They are gun dogs who are instinctively good water retrievers. Among all water retriever breeds, Poodles have the highest instinctive intelligence.



A Schipperke is a highly intelligent dog that needs constant stimulation, or their boredom will manifest in destructive behavior like chewing and barking.

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