Things You Need to Know: How Long Can a Dog Go Without Water?

Dogs must always have access to water, especially if your dog spends extended periods of time alone at home whether you’re working at the office or grabbing groceries. 

How Long Can a Dog Go Without Water?

Body Water Percentage in Dogs

Like humans, water is a major component in a dog’s body. Humans and dogs are both made up of about 60% water. 


Amount of Water Needed Per Day

You cannot make a claim on how much water your dog needs per day. Instead, you must have an estimate of how much water he needs based on his weight. 



Factors Affecting Water Consumption

- Climate - Age  - Pregnancy  - Exercise 


Exactly How Long Can a Dog Go Without Water?

The number of days dogs can go without water is the same as humans, and your dog will succumb to dehydration after two to three days. 


Unhealthy Reasons for Irregular Drinking Patterns

- Kidney Abnormalities - Diabetes  - Infection or Liver Disease 

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