German Shepherd Corgi Mix | Everything Owners Need to Know

This German Shepherd Corgi mix brings adorability to the table and has dog-lovers swooning at their sweet and spunky nature.

If you’re wondering whether this dog is right for you, this guide to the Cormon Shepherd will teach you all about their temperament, health, exercise regimes, diet, and so much more.

The Corgi

This tiny counterpart to the German Shepherd Corgi is a sweet-natured, loving, and intelligent breed with very little drooling.

The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a strong breed of dog. They are best known for their easy-to-train nature and protective instincts.

The German Shepherd Corgi Mix

This beautiful designer breed looks like someone took a shrink ray to a German Shepherd. Many facets of their appearance and personality are copied and pasted from the parent breeds.

The Nature of the German Shepherd Corgi

Considering the nature of the German Shepherd and Corgi, respectively, it’s not hard to believe that your Cormon Shepherd will be exceptionally intelligent and over-protective.


Initially, they’ll take some time to smell everything before they warm up to new people or pets. It’s good to remind them who is boss by providing them with firm, consistent rules around the house.

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