Things all Owners Should Know: Chow Chow Husky

Have you heard about a dog called Chow Chow Husky? It’s a hybrid breed – borne from a cross between a husky and a Chow Chow.

20 Things to Know about the Chow Chow Husky

Chow Chow Husky Size – What to Expect

On average, a Chow Chow Husky will be between 18 and 24 inches high. Anything taller than 27 inches will be considered large (or rather, tall).


Chow Chow Huskies and Grooming Needs

The big, fluffy coat is known for being beautiful, but also extremely difficult for people with allergies. As such, prepare to brush your Chow Chow Husky on a daily basis.



Chow Chow Husky Temperament & Behaviour

These dogs become very protective of their households. If not trained properly, they will react aggressively to any visitors or strangers.


Protective Instincts

Chuskies are famously alert to anything strange. They will bark at the slightest foreign noise outside your home. Without proper socialization, they may act aggressively towards visitors.


Secure Grounds

If you live in a suburban or urban environment, make sure your property is secure enough to prevent your Chow Chow Husky from escaping to wreak havoc upon the outside world.

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