Black Lab German Shepherd Mix | All about the Sheprador

Whether you’ve heard intriguing things about the German Shepherd, or you consider yourself a fan of all things Labrador, the black lab German Shepherd mix will be the perfect household hound to have and to hold.

So for anyone looking to embark on parenthood with one of these fur babies let’s dive right in.

The History of the Sheprador

These two pedigree pups, German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever have been barking since the 19th century. Both bring enthusiasm and athletic abilities to the table.

The Nature of the Sheprador

When mixing two different dog breeds, each with their own unique nature, there is a possibility for random and unexpected results.


Proper socialization will ensure that all parties are comfortable and that your pooch has the confidence to get out there and interact in a healthy way.

Do Shepradors Make Good Family Pets?

If you’ve got plenty of indoor space for a big dog or you have a garden for playtime, then these dogs make for the perfect additions to the family.

The Appearance of the Sheprador

Your Labrashepherd will stand tall at about 25 inches and will display the high intelligence and athletic ability of their parent breeds.  

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