Things Owners Need to Know: Why Do Dogs Chew On Their Feet?

What some dog parents may not know is that dogs chewing and licking their feet is very common behavior. Plenty of owners observe this behavior in their dogs and wonder if they should rush their four-legged friend to the nearest vet.

However, don’t go speeding off to the vet just yet. Take a look at these common factors that could be triggering the chewing and see which suits your pup.

Your Dog Licks Their Paw


If your dog is aware that its owner gets annoyed by the paw licking, they may use this as a way to get their attention. The reaction to the licking can inadvertently reinforce it.

Chewing One Paw versus Chewing Several


If you notice that your dog is chewing just one paw, it could be a reaction to a physical problem such as an injury.

Types of Dog Allergies


If the behavior coincides with a change of seasons, this offers a clue that an environmental allergen, such as pollen, mold, or mildew, might be triggering them.

Diseases and Illnesses


Another possibility for your dog incessantly chewing at their feet could be because of a skin issue. There are numerous between-the-toes skin diseases that can cause a dog to chew at its feet.

Anxiety or Depression


Your pet might try to tell you that they are stressed by pushing their ears back, tucking their tail, salivating, yawning, licking their muzzle, or lifting their front paw.

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