Tallest Dog Breeds You’ll Absolutely Love

Image by Šárka Jonášová from Pixabay  

Everyone has their favorite breed. Some really love toy dogs, others love working dogs, and then there are those of us that simply cannot resist a big beast of a pup.

Image by Doz777 from Pixabay 

When considering tall breeds, note that most are also hefty in weight. Some are deemed giant breeds, and here are the 17 most recognized. 

Image by Aleksandr Tarlõkov from Pixabay  

Himalayan Sheepdog

Of the dogs on this list, they may not be the tallest, but they look enormous owing to their thick coats. That said, they can carry a hefty 90 lbs and stand about 28 inches. 


Image by David Mark from Pixabay  

Irish Wolfhound

Some believe the Irish Wolfhound may be the tallest breed in the world on average. The minimum size for one of these dogs is 32 inches.


Image by NATHALIE G. from Pixabay  


Kangal Dog

The Kangal is a wonderfully rounded dog standing about 34 inches and weighing 140 lbs. They originate from Turkey, where they were used to guard livestock in open fields.

Image by Wolfgang Beuthin from Pixabay  



The Landseer or Landseer Newfoundland breed looks like a loving and sizable dog, standing about 30 inches high. They can weigh as much as 170 lbs.

Photo: Lukas3~commonswiki  


Polish Greyhound

The Polish Greyhound stands 31 inches and is a surprisingly strong dog, even though it does resemble the traditional greyhound. 

Image by HANSUAN FABREGAS from Pixabay  

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