Smartest Small Dogs – Find Your Favourite Intelligent Pup

Many tiny dogs were bred to be compact and make wonderful travel companions. However, a small body doesn’t always mean a small brain. Some of the smartest small dogs can outsmart their bigger cousins.

Here are the smartest small-sized dogs, so you don’t have to compromise between a cute pup or an intelligent one.

Brussels Griffon


Brussels Griffons bond easily with their owners, making them want to please them as much as possible. Their people-pleasing behavior makes them very obedient and easy to train.

Miniature Schnauzer


The miniature breed is a mixture of a poodle and a schnauzer and inherits intelligence from both these super-smart breeds.

Fox Terrier


Fox terriers are naturally quite playful and curious dogs. Their instinctive intelligence makes them good watch or hunting dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier


The Yorkshire Terrier developed in the 19th century. They originate from Yorkshire, England, and that is where they got their name. These fluffy little dogs are highly intelligent, and they don’t shed.

Boston Terrier


Boston terriers are quick to adjust to new environments and people. They are adaptively intelligent and were bred for jobs that require decision-making.

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