Reasons Why Does My Dog Nibble on Me

If you want your dog to stop its odd nibbling habit that sometimes hurts you, the goal should be to figure out why it’s nibbling on you in the first place.

Whether it’s gnawing, biting, or mouthing issues, there is always a reason which will take some effort to figure out.


Nibbling can become problematic when it indicates aggressive behavior and worsens if ignored. For example, when a dog nips at your arms, it may mean it’s being malicious and giving you a warning. 


It’s A Puppy

If you just adopted a puppy from a local pet store, it’s normal for it to nibble, bite, or gnaw at you until it’s properly trained.




Since dogs don’t have access to the internet as we do, the only method canines have to investigate and research what they want to know is by using their sense of taste and smell.


Showing Possession

Another reason your dog might be nibbling on you is to show other dogs you belong to them.



Nibbling is a behavior dogs perform since they were puppies and bring the habit into adulthood. It’s a coping mechanism to help them calm down when faced with a stressful situation.

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