Top Reasons and How to Help:  Why Is My Dog Pacing?

Image from Jorge Gardner on Unsplash

Although pacing can be a common dog behavior, in some cases, it might also be a cause for concern.

Let’s examine the top reasons why dogs pace and go over the ways in which you can help your furry friend settle down if this action is caused by stress or anxiety.

Stress or Anxiety 

- Loud noises like fireworks, thunder, blasting music, or yelling are common causes of stress in dogs.  - Separation anxiety can also cause your dog to pace.


They’re Searching For Something

No one likes losing their belongings, including dogs. Your pet may pace when they’ve misplaced something, like their favorite toy.


Image from Vinícius Cezário on Pexels


Your Dog Is Excited

Anyone who’s had a dog knows they can be full of energy, especially when they’re excited. Pacing can be a way for them to release some of their built-up energy.


They’re Hungry

Some dogs love mealtime more than others. The pacing could be your pet’s way of letting you know that they’re ready for food.

Image from Lum3n on Pexel


Your Dog Needs More Stimulation

Your dog could be pacing because they’re bored. They might not know what to do with themselves, so they’ll resort to walking back and forth.

Image from Steshka Willems on Pexel

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