Why Is My Dog Panting and Restless? | When to Relax and When to Call the Vet

A panting dog is quite normal. Unlike humans, dogs don’t have sweat glands and instead sweat through their paws and nose or pant to regulate their body heat.

Find out why your dog keeps panting and won’t settle down, and when to visit the vet when they do.

Why is my Dog Panting and Restless? 8 Reasons Not to Worry

1. (Flat-Faced) Breed 2. To Cool Off 3. Excitement 4. After Playing 5. Anxiety 6. Stress 7. Fireworks 8. Separation Anxiety

When Should I Worry About My Dog Panting? 7 Reasons You Should Worry


Heat Exhaustion

While dogs can pant to cool themselves down, sometimes that isn’t enough. If your dog becomes excessively hot, they can get heatstroke.


Old Age

As dogs get older, they are more prone to illness. These illnesses might cause them to breathe heavily or become restless as their anxiety, and joint pain grow.



If your dog has acquired a bodily injury, you might notice them taking shallow breaths or not finding a comfortable position.

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