Possible Reasons Why Does My Dog Sleep on Me


Many dog owners wonder why their believed pooches like to snooze on top of them throughout the night. Maybe your dog sleeps on your husband instead of you which may also have you perplexed.

As pup parents, you want to know that your fur baby is happy and healthy and that their behavior isn’t indicative of an underlying concern.


The History of Wild Dog Packs

When it comes to the history of dogs, there are still many pack-related behaviors that have remained over time and that your pups may still exhibit from time to time.


Dogs Also Lie on Other Dogs

In the wild, it’s normal for wolves and wild dogs who live in packs to assert dominance over one another.


Dogs Assert Their Dominance By Lying On Other Dogs

When there is more than one dog in your household, it’s normal for one to try to assert their dominance by lying on the weaker dog.


They Like Leaving Their Scent

In this way, it makes sense why your dog likes to perch on top of you – they are likely marking you as an important part of their surroundings.


It Could be a Bad Habit

So if you’re tired of sleepless nights and of waking up with stiff joints, you may be feeling desperate to get your pooch off your back or your chest.

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