Interesting Reasons Why Does My Dog Sleep at My Feet

Image by LauraHalsel from Pixabay 

Nothing is cozier than that familiar feeling of your floof snuggling up to your feet and keeping your toes warm.

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Let’s take a closer look at why your dog sleeps at your feet and whether you should do anything about it. 

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Pack Instinct

To your dog, you’re more than likely their alpha or pack leader, and as such, they’ll want to stay close to you in a subordinate position during times of rest.


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They’re Seeking Warmth

Yes, it could be that simple! Your pupper might just be feeling a little chilly, and by snuggling up to you to get close to your body heat, they’re trying to warm themselves up a bit.


Image by Alice Castro from Pexels 


They Simply Love You  

As any dog owner will know, your puppers and floofs love to let you know how they feel about you. They’ll nuzzle, lick, and puppy-kiss their way into your heart with wagging tails to show their deep affection for you. 

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They’re Marking Territory

Not all marking comes with the dreaded lifting of the leg. You see your dog as something that belongs to you, and chances are your dog feels the same way about you.

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They’re Seeking Protection

When they decide to sleep at your feet, they’ll feel secure and safe knowing you’re there to protect them from the big scary things in their lives.

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Image by Alice Castro from Pexels 

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