Reasons Why Does My Dog Keep Licking Its Lips

Lip licking in dogs could be something medical or a sign of stress triggered by some external stimuli they find unpleasant. Or it could simply be because they are happy to see you!

In this article, I’ll take you through several of the most common reasons why your dog might keep lapping its lips and what you should do if you notice this behavior in your pooch — read on for more details.

They are Feeling Anxious


When dogs lick their lips while stressed, they might attempt to relieve these symptoms by cooling down their body or calming down their brain.

They are Happy to See You 


Rhythmic and repetitive lip-licking might be a sign that your canine is bored, happy, or looking for something to do. 

In Response to Another Dog Or to You


You can’t generalize all types of lip-licking across dogs, but it’s typically a sign that they are irritated or angry.

They are Dehydrated


By doing so, they attempt to increase their moisture content in the mouth. Additionally, it serves as a way for them to cool down the tongue, which can become too warm when dehydrated. 

They Feel Nauseous


They do this because it’s a way to relieve themselves of excess saliva, which is a sign that they’re feeling queasy. This could be the issue, especially if they are also drooling and swallowing. 

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