Reasons Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere


Sometimes it can be endearing and other times it can get on your nerves. Either way, the age-old question of ‘“why does my dog follow me everywhere?” is a tricky one to answer.

While some breeds are friendlier than others, even the most stand-offish of dogs will have moments of expressing affection for a loving owner.


Leadership & Pack Mentality

Dogs will sometimes favoritize one specific individual over others. This person is usually the primary caregiver and handles the feeding process.


Separation Anxiety & Velcro Dogs

While the concept of Velcro dogs and separation anxiety can appear to be the same phenomenon on paper, there is a major difference in these two terms.


To Keep you Safe

Some dogs will insist on escorting you through your lavatory endeavors in order to stand guard against possible threats.



If you find yourself wondering “why does my puppy follow me everywhere?” odds are they’ve established you as their honorary two-legged parent.


They’re Getting Older and more vulnerable

Cognitive dysfunction syndrome or CDS can cause disorientation and anxious behavior as well as a shift in sleeping patterns.

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