Reasons Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere

Dogs are sensitive, intelligent creatures and their reasons for following you can range from separation anxiety to too many dog treats.

Here are some of the possible reasons why your canine companions insist on following you around.

Leadership & Pack Mentality

In your dog’s eyes, the one who brings the food and entertains exciting matches of tug-of-war is the leader and sole provider of the pack.


Separation Anxiety & Velcro Dogs

While Velcro dogs have a strong preference for sticking to their owners’ side 24/7, this is not caused by extreme feelings of panic that come with separation anxiety.



To Keep you Safe

Some dogs will insist on escorting you through your lavatory endeavors in order to stand guard against possible threats.



Puppies are still learning and growing and will naturally want to stick close to their mothers for protection and comfort. Puppies that have imprinted on their caretaker will want to do the same.


They’re Getting Older and more vulnerable

As a dog ages, it’s more prone to dwindling eyesight and a number of other complications depending on the breed.

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