Reasons Why Do Dogs Wink

It’s too adorable when dogs mimic human behavior. We love to see them giving high-fives, wearing big grins, or even giving us a cheeky wink.

Get ready for a deep-dive on all the possible reasons why your dog could be winking at you.

They’re Copying You

Ironically, dogs can be copycats. There are a lot of our facial expressions and behaviors that they can mimic to varying degrees of success, depending on their intelligence.


They Enjoy the Attention

Dogs are smart—some breeds arguably more so than others—and they can quickly learn that a certain action leads to plenty of pets and treats.



They’re Communicating

If you look over at your dog and they wink at you and start wagging their tail, that might just be their way of sending you a signal to tell you they love you. 


They’re Being Submissive

Sometimes they don’t look away completely but wink instead, which breaks eye contact momentarily and sends the same message. 

There’s Something In Their Eye

This most basic answer is sometimes what it comes down to. Just like us, our puppers and doggos can get a bit of dirt or hair caught in the soft membrane of their eye.


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