Reasons for this Odd Love Story: Why Do Dogs Like Sticks?

There are a lot of things that can attract a dog to sticks, whether it’s an opportunity for a pleasurable pastime or the satisfaction of an ancient urge.

Let’s take a deep dive into all the reasons why dogs like sticks and what motivates their behavior.

It’s All Fun and Games

Dogs love toys, and owners love to spoil their favorite cuddle buddies with plenty of them.



Certain types of wood may be especially appealing to them, as well as the scents of any wild animals or delicious moss attached to the bark of that stick.



They’re Similar To Bones

Even when there is no tasty reward hidden within, the act of chewing or simply carrying a stick is no less pleasurable to your pupper.


It Cleans Their Teeth

Doggy toothbrushes don’t exist in the wild though, so dogs developed their own natural way to keep their plaque and tartar in check — by chewing on readily available sticks.

It Satisfies Burying Behavior

Dogs bury something to protect it from competitors by keeping it hidden until such time as the dog plans to use or eat it.


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