Potential Reasons Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws

Watching your pup lick their paws can be a very cute sight to behold. Most of the time, this light afternoon licking is totally harmless and to be expected.

So while it is a totally normal self-grooming action across all dog breeds, it can also be indicative of a bigger root problem. Therefore, it’s handy to know all the possibilities in order to best care for your fur baby.

Why do Dogs Lick their Paws? Normal Reasons

1. To Communicate 2. Grooming

Worrisome Reasons for Paw Licking


Interdigital Cysts

These appear as red, blood-filled nodules or bumps between your dog’s toes. Usually found on the front paws, these painful lumps form on the haired skin when follicles get clogged or dilated.



Fleas and ticks are an unfortunate element of being a dog owner. These intruders cause itching and irritation which could cause your dog to lick their paws in an effort to alleviate the frustration.


Pain or Discomfort

Our canine friends often lick as a form of soothing. This means that your pup may be licking its paw because it feels pain, even if the pain is elsewhere in the body.

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