Reasons Why Do Dogs Lay On Your Feet 

Dogs are the friendliest pets and share a strong bond with their owner. If you own a dog, you might have experienced your dog refusing to leave your side, laying by your feet, and even pawing at you.

These cute behaviors are indeed adorable, but there are specific reasons behind their actions. So why do dogs lay on your feet?

Natural Instincts

Dogs are pack animals, and this behavior is rooted in their genes. Even if dogs have never lived in the wild, they can still exhibit their canine instincts.


PC: Eva Gronblad 

Seeking Attention

Besides being adorable, our fluffy companions are great observers and fast learners. Your dog might lie on your feet as they have learned that doing this will get their owner’s attention.



Protecting The Pack

They lay on your feet to protect you from danger and put themselves in harm’s way. If there’s no danger around, your dog will still lay near the feet with the intention of protecting the alpha. 


Exhibiting Dominance

The first time you meet a dog, it might instantly jump on your lap. There are two reasons behind this attachment. Either the dog is happy to bond with you or wants to assert dominance and let everybody know they are in charge.


Exhibiting Affection

Putting behavioral instincts aside, your dog might sit on your feet only because they adore and admire you. They want to be near you and show their affection.

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