Useful Reasons Why Do Dogs Have Tails


Have you ever stopped to wonder why dogs have tails? Making dog owners happy seems like a good reason, but surely that’s not a tail’s only function?

Since dogs are born with tails, it’s safe to assume that there is a good reason for having them.


Assists in Movement

When your dog is simply walking around, he doesn’t really need his tail to help with movement.


Helps with Balance

Besides acting as a counterbalance when your dog is moving at high speed, a tail is also useful for balancing on tricky surfaces.


Shows Mood and Emotional State

Your canine’s tail isn’t always busy helping with movement and balance. Most of the time, as our pets go about their daily lives, their tails are active in other ways.



Indicating their emotional state with their tail is part of a dog’s communication.


Spreads Their Scent

A dog’s tail-wagging behavior also serves the purpose of spreading its scent. There are two sacs, called anal glands, located underneath a dog’s tail.

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