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25 Best Dog Costumes You’ll Love (2022)

Halloween is an enjoyable holiday when kids dress up in adorable and spooky costumes to collect candies, but why not increase the fun and take your dog out for trick or treat? Your dog is amazing just as it is, but at times you may feel like boosting its appeal and putting it in a costume. Costumes for dogs are available in a variety of holiday-specific as well as just fun-to-try attires.

You can dress up your dog on a special occasion like a wedding, a birthday party, or a small family gathering. In this guide on best dog costumes we have listed and reviewed a couple of dog costumes. Not only does the guide mention reviews, but also features to consider before purchasing the best dog costume.

When it comes to dog costumes, it is important to consider your pooch’s safety and comfort, this is why we have compiled a few tips to make sure your pup feels comfortable. All the products are reviewed based on the quality of material used, their overall value, and what Amazon customers had to say about them.


25 Best Dog Costumes

1. Tomsenn Lion Wig

Tomsenn Lion Wig Best Dog Costume

The first product on our list of best dog costumes is a very popular costume manufactured by a renowned brand called TOMSENN. This fluffy lion costume is very soft, comfortable, and perfect to add a little fun to an evening outing, a Halloween party, or any other special occasion.

All eyes will be on your pooch if you dress up your dog in TONSENN Dog Lion Mane. It easily slides onto a dog and there is enough space under the hood to fit in your dog’s ears comfortably. It is an adjustable outfit, so you can tighten or loosen it depending on the size of your dog.

It also features a tail tuft to make the outfit look funkier. The material used to make it is wool, which is easy to clean and dry. If you live in a hot climate, then you should refrain from buying this woolen costume as your dog will definitely feel uncomfortable in it. It fits dogs with a neck size of 60 cm to 80 cm.

2. California Costumes UPS

California Costumes UPS

The second costume on our list is by California Costumes. As the name suggests, it is a US based brand famous for manufacturing fancy dog costumes. This UPS Pal Pet costume is extremely adorable and humorous.

The material of construction is polyester. If you have a small dog with very short hair, avoid buying an outfit made of polyester because your dog might feel cold in this light fabric.

The costume features 2 stuffed “arms” that are holding a parcel. The visor features a chin strap to keep it securely attached to your dog. Velcro is used to attach the box with the arms. This costume is available in several sizes, so you can accurately measure your dog and select a size that suits it best.

This fancy dog costume made of polyester and polyurethane is a good option to consider if you want to try out something different. It’ll look cool on any dog. You just need to assemble the box by attaching it to the stuffed arms. The box may cause a problem if your dog dislikes accessories and can’t carry them properly.

3. DC Comics Superman Cape

DC Comics Superman Cape

If you are looking for an affordable Halloween costume for your dog that is extremely cute, look no further than DC Comics Superman Cape with Chest Piece. If you think that Superhero costumes are only popular among kids, then you’re wrong. Superhero costumes are also loved by pet parents as they look incredible on all kinds of dogs.

It is made by Rubie’s, a well-known brand that manufactures both human and pet costumes. This outfit is adjustable, soft, and washable. No Superman outfit is complete without a cape, similarly, this one also features a cape. All eyes will be on your dog if you were to take it out while wearing a Superman cape.

This costume includes a drawstring to snug up if required. Also, some Amazon users stated that the cape is a bit too long for smaller dogs. This can be easily remedied by simply cutting off the extra length using scissors. It is a budget-friendly product that would make an amazing costume to have on hand in case you need to dress up your dog for a special event.

4. FLAdorepet Dinasaur

FLAdorepet Dinasaur

When it comes to buying the best dog costume ever for your pooch, you need to consider your dog’s height and size. Some dog costumes only look good on large dogs, while some suit smaller breeds. The FLADorepet Dinosaur Costume is our top pick for large dogs.

It comes only in large sizes, so if you own a German Shepherd or a big Labrador, you can’t go wrong with this one. Your dog will look absolutely adorable as a bright green dinosaur. This outfit is ideal for pets living in cold climates, where it snows quite often. It is made of fleece and will keep your dog nice and warm.

This costume could also be used as a bathrobe of sorts to keep it warm if it loves to snuggle with a blanket on chilly mornings. The product’s lovely green color with yellow accents adds a funky touch.

You don’t need to worry about fasteners as it securely closes with snaps, making it easy to put on. It won’t come off on its own if your dog’s jumping or playing around. You just need to measure your dog’s neck to buy the right size.

5. Animal Planet Peacock

Animal Planet Peacock

The Animal Planet Peacock Dog Costume is another best dog costume. As the previous one was specially made for big dogs, this one is ideal for small dogs. It is made of polyester and comes in bright colors like teal, rich blues, and yellow that will make your little pup a dead ringer for a peacock.

It also features a good with printed eyes plus a huge plumage on the rear of the costume. The headpiece as well as the jumpsuit fasten with hook-and-loop fasteners, making it easy to put on and unlikely to come off on its own. Amazon customers have stated in their reviews that their dogs find this costume comfortable and don’t mind wearing it.

Both the headpiece and the jumpsuit fasten with hook-and-loop fasteners, making it simple to put on and unlikely to come off on its own. Amazon users have reported that their dogs find the costume comfortable and don’t mind wearing it.

6. DC Comics Wonder Woman

DC Comics Wonder Woman

This is another Superhero inspired costume. It is based on Wonder Woman’s costume and includes a headpiece as an added accessory. It is an adjustable costume but please note that it won’t properly fit all breeds even after some adjustments. So, you need to consider your dog’s shape and the style of the costume.

Check the Rubie’s pet size chart that mentioned different sizes with their corresponding measurements and watch the measuring video before selecting the final size. This costume is officially licensed by DC Comics. You can also check out other Superhero costumes manufactured by the same brand, like Batman, Robin, Superman, etc.

7. Nacoco Pirates Of The Caribbean

Nacoco Pirates Of The Caribbean

Are you a Pirates of the Caribbean fan? If you like the movie franchise, then you’ll definitely find this Pirates of the Caribbean style dog costume extremely adorable. It includes clothes and a funky pirate hat. It is easy to wash and clean. If you want to try something new and funky, then look no further than NACOCO pet dog costume.

8. Nacoco Santa Claus Suit

Nacoco Santa Claus Suit

This is another best dog costume by NACOCO. It is a Christmas party costume that can also be worn on Halloween or any other costume party. It features a cute Santa Claus cap that comes with the red suit. Your dog will absolutely look amazing in this Santa Claus costume.

It is a two legs dog costume, so make sure to measure the height of the chest to the ground. It is also available in Green color, so you can choose the one that suits your pet the most.

9. Nacoco Cowboy Rider

Nacoco Cowboy Rider

This cowboy rider dog costume by NACOCO is a funky eye-catching costume. If you’ve tried a lot of costumes on your dog and are looking for something new this season, then a cowboy costume is a very unique choice. It is easy to put on and take off, features hook-and-loop fastener that can be adjusted according to the pet’s size.

It is made of breathable, soft, and skin-friendly material; a blend of cotton and polyester fiber. This fiber won’t irritate your dog’s skin and make it feel comfortable all day long. It is suitable for Pug, Maltese, French Bulldog, Corgi, and Russell Terrier.

10. Pandaloon Panda

Pandaloon Panda

This best dog costume ever is a patented design with over 150 million views on Viral Thread, Unilad, and more. The set includes one full length costume with hoodies, bamboo accessories, and fitting instructions.

It offers a customizable fit as you can adjust it according to your pet’s size. You just need to accurately measure your pet’s girth (widest part of the chest) and height to select the right size.

It is made of soft plush material and features Velcro fasteners. The Velcro can be an issue because the costume might come off a bit or unfasten on its own when your dog’s playing around. As it is a jumpsuit design and not a sweater or a t-shirt, you need to carefully measure your dog’s build. Your dog’s body weight won’t be enough for you to select the correct size.

11. Gimilife Stitch Costume

Gimilife Stitch Costume

Are you a Disney fan? Then you can find a lot of best dog costumes based on Disney characters online at Amazon. This costume by Gimilife is a Stitch dog hoodie, the main character from the show “Lilo and Stitch”. It’s an ideal costume for chilly weather as it is made of high-quality shorn velvet and sponge fleece. It is comfortable and easy to wear.

The pet costume covers the big Stitch head, ears, and tail. Enjoy the cute sight of your furry friend walking around as little stitch. The pajamas feature a stick strap, thus, are easy to put on and take off. The costume is not too light as it is made of velvet and will keep your pup nice and cozy.

Please make sure to measure your pet and check the size chart. This outfit is perfect for both cats and dogs. It’ll suit some dog breeds like Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Toy Poodle, Pug, Maltese, Boston Terrier, etc.

12. Zoo Snoods Bull

Zoo Snoods Bull

This product is 100% original, authentic handmade knit dog snood that’ll keep your pet’s neck and ears warm and safe from moisture, cold winds, and dirt. This costume is ideal for large dogs that weigh between 60 to 180lbs. with head circumference measuring between 20 to 26 inches. The length of this costume is about 10 inches.

We recommend you double-check the size guide picture and measure your pup to purchase the right size. Every dog’s head size is different, so you shouldn’t decide without measuring. Zoo snoods pet costumes look great on different breeds like Corgis, Dachshunds, French Bulldog, Golden Retrievers, Pitbull, Terriers, Poodles, Pugs, etc.

The smallest size offered by the brand is perfect for teacup dogs and can even fit cats. No pet likes to wear uncomfortable, itchy yarn- hence, these knitted snoods are made with super soft yarn to ensure warmth as well as comfort. It won’t cause or aggravate allergies.

13. CPPSLEE Halloween Lion Mane

CPPSLEE Halloween Lion Mane

When it comes to the best dog costumes, animal costumes are the most popular choices. This one is another fancy lion hair costume made by CPPSLEE. It is made of fur and polyester to keep your pup cozy and warm. This lion hair wig made of fur will blend with your pet’s fur shade, giving a fabulous look.

The lion mane looks fantastic and features 2 cute ears to authenticate the look. This costume will look great on Beagle, Labrador, German Shepard, Mastiff, etc.

14. RYPET Bat Costume

RYPET Bat Costume

RYPET dog bat costume is an excellent choice for a spooky Halloween party. These mysterious bat wings are a great cosplay accessory. Your pup will look cool and funky in these bat wings. T

he wing is made of 5 mm thick felt cloth to maintain the shape of the bat for a long time. The felt fabric used to create wings is not only thick, but also soft to maximize comfort.

It features a Velcro design for neck and chest fastening straps that allow you to make some adjustments. Still, it is recommended that you refer to the size chart and measure your pock before placing the final order. It is suitable for several occasions like a Halloween party, costume or Christmas holiday party, masquerade, etc.

15. Zack & Zoey Show Jockey

Zack & Zoey Show Jockey

This affordable Zack and Zoey show based saddle dog costume is a great choice if you’re looking for something different. The navy blue and white garbed jockey figure looks really cool and adds to the fun.

Its small size fits a dog with a chest ranging from 12 to 16 inches and a neck 8 to 12 inches. The D-ring allows a leash to be attached, so the outfit doubles as a harness.

16. Mogoko Shark Costume

Mogoko Shark Costume

Mogoko Shark Costume for dogs is suitable for winter or Autumn season. It’ll keep your pooch nice and cosy throughout any party or outdoor activity. It is made of velvet and the inner material is microfiber that helps in keeping your pet comfortable all day long. Do check the size chart carefully before selecting any size.

It is easy to wear as it features a four-button closure and elastic. The costume also includes Shark jaws Hat to add to the shark appeal. It is available online in various sizes. With this funky costume, get your dog involved in the entertainment you have at the party.

17. Alfie Pet Formal Tuxedo

Alfie Pet Formal Tuxedo

This best costume for dogs will make your dog look splendid for any special occasion. It’s a well tailored and fully lined tuxedo that includes a replacement black tie as well as a red bow tie to provide 2 different looks. It is suitable for dogs like Jack Russel, Shih Tzu, and Italian Greyhound.

18. Skeleton Costume

Skeleton Costume

This is another unique costume manufactured by Casual Canine. It is a fun two-piece dog outfit with a matching hat. It is made of machine-washable cotton, thereby, ideal for summers. It has a fitted trim plus a stay-dry gentleman’s cut. It is available in medium size and the length of the costume is 16 inches.

19. Rubie’s Business Suit

Rubie's Business Suit

This dog costume by Rubie’s features a blue suit with an attached red necktie and white-collar. It is a jumpsuit-style outfit with Velcro closures at the neck and belly. We recommend you check out Rubie’s Let size chart and measurement instruction video before placing the order. You can combine this costume with the brand’s pet billionaire wig and other accessories.

20. CreepyParty Halloween Costume

CreepyParty Halloween Costume

This costume may be a little small for a big dog’s head, but it looks amazing on a poodle. It is made from natural latex, non-toxic and environment-friendly. This brand offers a variety of products at the best price. It is a white fur head mask that’ll look funky on your pooch.

21. Princess Paradise Tarantula

Princess Paradise Tarantula

This costume will look so cute on your dog that even the biggest arachnophobes in your gang won’t run away from this furry tarantula. This Princess Paradise Tarantula dog costume is made from polyester.

It goes on and comes off easily so that you don’t have to hassle getting your dog into this outfit. It features an attached hood. Its hook and loop closure makes sure that the dress doesn’t come off while your dog is playing around.

22. Rubie’s Bumble Bee

Rubie’s Bumble Bee

If you’re bored of the regular animal costumes for dogs, try out this Bumble Bee best dog costume manufactured by Rubie. It is a bee-striped shirt with antenna and pompoms to make your dog look like an adorable bumblebee that you’ve ever seen.

It features a snap closure and open leg holes. As it is made of a lightweight fabric, it won’t irritate your dog. This bumblebee costume is a great option to consider if you’re looking for something unique plus affordable.

23. Rubie’s Giraffe Hoodie

Rubie’s Giraffe Hoodie

This one-piece giraffe costume is the best costume for dogs living in cold climates. It is made of acrylic fur and polyester stuffing that will keep your dog warm while out in the cold weather. It also features a detachable hood, so if your dog doesn’t like wearing a hood, you can remove it.

This budget-friendly costume by Rubie’s is hand-washable.

24. Lanyar Cute Hooded

Lanyar Cute Hooded

If your dog’s skin is extra sensitive and it feels uncomfortable in most of the outfits, then look no further than Lanyar Cute Hooden Cloak Witch/Wizard costume. It is made of soft plush fabric that won’t irritate your pooch’s skin. This witch/wizard costume is ideal for Halloween parties and fancy-dress balls. Avoid washing it in a machine as its fabric might get damaged.

25. Mikayoo Christmas Costume

Mikayoo Christmas Costume

The last product on our list of best dog costumes is by Mikayoo. This is a great product to consider if you’re looking for a Christmas holiday costume for your dog. You can dress your pup like St. Nick this Christmas. It features stuffed hands and a seasonally perfect black and gold belt buckle to make it appear authentic. It also includes a coat and Santa hat.

Who Should Buy A Dog Costume?

Anyone who is a pet parent to a dog and would like to dress it up should consider buying a dog costume. You might like to dress up your four-legged friend on a regular basis, for a celebratory occasion like a wedding, or for a costume party.

A dog costume also makes a marvelous gift for someone who loves their dog and isn’t scared to show it. Can you think of a friend who considers their dog as a family member? Then the best dog costume may be the perfect item to gift them on any special occasion.

25 Best Dog Costumes You'll Love (2022) 1

12 Tips For Choosing The Right Halloween Costume For Your Dog

1. Your Dog’s Safety Should Be Your Number One Priority

You need to ensure that your pooch’s costume is safe for it. There are a few important points that you need to consider before buying your dog a fancy costume. They are listed as follows:

  • It should not limit your dog’s movement.
  • It should not hinder your dog’s ability to see, bark, and breath.
  • It should not feature anything that could be choking hazard.
  • You need to make sure that your dog’s Halloween costume does limit its movement in any way.

When you try the costume on your dog check if it is struggling to sit down, get up, or even walk while wearing that outfit. If you feel that your god is struggling to perform certain movements, then take it off and look for another one no matter how fantastic the former one looked on your dog. If it’s a size issue then look for a bigger or smaller size.

Sometimes, dog owners buy the wrong costume size for their dogs. This is one of the major reasons why your dog may struggle to breathe, see and bark while it is dressed up in that ill-fitting costume. We recommend you avoid costumes that include masks as a mask may restrict your dog’s ability to breathe and make it panic.


The best dog costume shouldn’t feature anything that could pose a threat to your dog. For example; some costumes feature accessories, dangling objects, etc. that your pet may pull and chew on it. If it can manage to pull it off, it can also end up swallowing it. Hence, avoid purchasing anything that could potentially be a choking hazard.

Another important point is to constantly supervise your dog while it is in its costume. If you take your dog to a costume party or any other celebration, make sure you never leave it unattended.

2. The Size Of Your Dog’s Costume

Size is one of the major factors you need to consider before purchasing a costume for your pup. It also falls under the safety tip because a wrong-sized outfit can cause a lot of trouble. This is why you should always have accurate measurements of your dog so you can buy the perfect size costume for it.

Shetland Sheepdog
Shetland Sheepdog

Most often best dog costumes are packaged. In such a case, you need to check the size and measurements table on the package. Use the reading of your dog’s measurements to figure out its perfect size from the measurements table. Make sure you check that the unit of measurement listed on the table matches the unit you’ve used to measure your dog (inches, centimeters), or else convert and then check.

Your dog’s costume shouldn’t be too big or too small. If it’s too big for them, they might trip on their costume and as a result, it may tear down. If the costume features a headpiece that is too big for a dog, then its sight might be blocked which could lead to severe accidents and injuries.

If the costume is too small, then it is going to fit them very tight and restrict their movement. This could make it difficult for your dog to walk, sit, or stand properly. It could also impact their breathing, this is why you need to make sure that the costume you get for your dog fits them well.

Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu

3. Take Your Dog’s Temper Into Consideration

If your dog gets easily scared, anxious, or aggressive when you touch a certain body part, then avoid getting a costume that makes it necessary for you to touch that specific body part/parts while you are dressing it up.

For example; if your dog gets annoyed if someone touches its feet, do not buy a costume that requires you to insert your dog’s feet inside the outfit.

4. Be Mindful Of Your Dog’s Costume Design

One important thing that many pet parents of a dog overlook while buying a Halloween costume for their dog is the design of the outfit. Quite often people are attracted to funky, cute, comical, and spooky looking outfits. However, they overlook the costume’s efficiency in specific aspects.

For example; if your pooch does not often get dressed up, absolutely avoid getting a costume that comes with too many accessories. On the other hand, if it loves getting dressed up, then you can try on different outfits. But if your dog is highly energetic, then it is more likely to lose some parts of its outfit (like additional accessories).

Another significant costume design element that you should consider is the back of the costume. Will it be easy for your pup to go to the bathroom without the costume becoming a hindrance? Can it go to the bathroom without getting its costume soiled? The answer to both the questions should definitely be yes.

5. Be Patient

This tip may sound a bit cheesy, but it is important to be patient as a pet parent. Any kind of dog training requires a lot of patience on the parent’s part. Patience is not simply a virtue, but it is also one of the basic foundations and building blocks of any kind of puppy training.


When it comes to the best dog costumes, your pup needs to get used to its outfit and be able to do all the regular tasks comfortably (walking, sitting, peeing). If you’ve bought a costume for a special occasion, make sure you make your dog wear it a couple of times before the main occasion to avoid any mishappening. Train your dog and teach it how to comfortably walk in its new costume.

6. Gradually Train Your Dog To Get Used To Its Costume

No matter how much your dog loves dressing up, always remember that each costume is different and your dog needs to get used to its new outfit. Never put them in their costumes directly on the day you’re planning to take them to a costume party or invite guests to yours. Like anything else, you need to train your dog to get accustomed to its new outfit.

Pharaoh Hound
Pharaoh Hound

The best way to train your dog to get used to its new costume is by implementing positive reinforcement. It is the best training tool that all dog experts recommend. What makes it great is that it is not a cruel method, unlike training methods that were implemented decades ago.

Positive reinforcement is such a safe method that puppies who are only a few months old can also be trained to do anything using this technique. It is a kind of behavioral training method where you praise your dog when it displays desired behavior and reprimands it when it displays the opposite.

You should turn a blind eye if it exhibits bad behavior, but never hit or yell because it is considered to be animal abuse.

Begin training your dog a few weeks before Halloween or any other event where you want to dress up your dog. Dress your pooch up, keep some treats aside, praise it when it behaves the way you’ve taught it by giving it a treat. After a few days, do the same but leave it five minutes more inside its outfit. Do not immediately take off the costume.


Continue increasing the duration gradually until your pooch gets comfortable enough to have lunch or go on a walk in that costume. As mentioned earlier, in order to succeed you’ll need to be patient and keep implementing positive reinforcement. Reward your dog with verbal praise and treats.

Even if your dog is wearing the best dog costume ever, very comfortable and easy to carry, still it could get anxious or terrified. Do not ignore that. Take it out of the costume and try to find out why it is so scared, maybe the costume doesn’t fit it properly.

Eventually, after a few tries, you’ll understand these things and figure out whether your pup should or should not get dressed up in fancy costumes. It’s quite obvious that not all dogs are going to enjoy getting dressed up. However, if your pet gets used to it, keep on practicing with your dog.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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7. Praise Your Dog When It’s Wearing The Costume

You’ve implemented positive reinforcement for a couple of weeks and now your dog is completely comfortable in its new costume, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop praising. Continue with your verbal praises whenever it is wearing its costume to give your dog the sensation that it is behaving the right way.

8. Carry Some Treats With You To The Costume Party

Continue practicing positive reinforcement even if it’s the main day. It is recommended that you carry a few treats with you even if your dog is completely comfortable in its costume. So, before you leave your home, make sure your bag contains some treats to keep on rewarding your dog for its good behavior.

9. Keep The Human Candy Out Of Your Pup’s Reach

If you’re taking your dog to a Halloween costume party, it is obvious that there’ll be all sorts of candies for kids. But in any condition, you need to keep the human candy out of your pet’s reach because if consumed, it could send your dog to the ER. Make sure you carry with you some dog treats or snacks so you can distract your dog.

Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu

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10. Material

The material of your dog’s costume is one of the major factors you need to keep in mind before investing in a new outfit. If you live in a hot and humid climate, you’ll probably not want to buy a fleece costume.

On the other hand, if you live in a place where it snows regularly, then a thin polyester costume will not keep your dog warm enough, especially if you have a small dog with short hair.

11. Fasteners

If the costume requires fastening, check to see how it stays together. If you have an active dog, it might be able to easily remove a costume that features a single hook-and-loop fastener. In such a case, you need to get a costume that features several fasteners or snaps instead of Velcro.


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12. Comfort

This is the last factor on our list of important features to consider before buying the best dog costume for your pet. You need to consider your dog’s preferences, for example; Does it like wearing hoods? Does it have very short hair, which might make a frilly costume rub against his skin uncomfortably?

Keep your pooch’s comfort in mind and select an outfit that is soft on its skin and doesn’t feature accessories that you know your dog dislikes.

This is the review section of our guide on best dog costumes. We have reviewed a couple of popular costumes manufactured by great brands. All the products listed here are available online. If you feel the options listed here are limited, you can check out other costumes offered by the same brands.

Löwchen dog
Löwchen dog

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4 FAQs on Dog Costumes

1. Do all dogs like being dressed up?

Not all dogs like being dressed up, some enjoy it and some do not. It depends from dog to dog. Make sure you consider your dog’s comfort level before purchasing a particular costume for it.

Remember, that your pet might like wearing a specific costume and it might dislike wearing another one (like one with a headpiece). However, don’t be afraid to experiment.

2. How do I know what size would fit my dog?

Accurately measure your dog to find out what size it needs. Generally, a lot of costume brands ask you to measure around your dog’s neck and sometimes the length from its neck to the base of its tail.

The measurement details depend on the design of the costume. In most cases it is better to measure than to go by weight because for example; a 60-lb dog could be tall but narrow or short and stout.

Icelandic Sheepdog
Icelandic Sheepdog

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3. Can my dog still wear a leash while wearing a costume?

The answer to this question is yes (in most cases). You might need to put on the collar and leash first if the costume covers your pooch’s neck. You can put your dog in a harness and thread the leash via an opening located on the back of the costume.

4. How do I get my dog used to new costume or clothes?

If you have a puppy or a young dog and you’re going to put clothes on it for the first time, then you need to be gentle. Put the clothes on for a few minutes and then see if it’s getting uncomfortable or restless. Try offering it treats and verbal praises so that your pup associates the costume with something good.

If you’re buying a dog costume for the first time, we recommend you go for something simple, an outfit that doesn’t feature a hood or added accessories. It is important to check the material used to make the costume as crinkly fabrics might scare your dog. Once it gets used to the costume, try incorporating other kinds of accessories to see its reaction.

You need to be slow and full of patience. If you have a stubborn and anxious dog who dislikes costumes, it might not be a good idea to continue to push the issue. In this case, you can try a simple bow tie or a vest that can be clipped to its collar without causing undue stress or discomfort.

Great Dane
Great Dane

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