Reasons Why Do Dogs Follow You into the Bathroom

It’s frustrating when you need time alone after a long day at work, but your dog follows you everywhere you go. This includes even the bathroom, which is supposed to be your sanctuary for privacy.

Following are some reasons why your dog follows you into the bathroom.


When they are tiny puppies, dogs depend on you like babies and want to be near you day and night. The scientific term experts use to explain this situation is imprinting.



Pack animals like your canine hunted and traveled in groups before they became domesticated. To this day, dogs in small villages still move around together for safety. 


PC: Eva Gronblad 


Breed Characteristics

Velcro dogs come from breeds more likely to follow humans than any other animal. For example, species used for chasing sheep, like Border collies, cattle hounds, and German Shepherds, have these traits.



Dogs are inherently inquisitive animals and love to know everything that’s going on. When you go to another room in the house, your dog’s ears will point upwards, and it will get curious about where you’re going.



No matter how you react, acknowledging their presence makes your dog want to follow you again in the future. 

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