Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? I Everything You Need to Know

New dog owners may be familiar with that awkward dog park moment of seeing your pup eat its own feces.

Many owners find it quite upsetting when their dogs eat their own feces, but it’s a more common behavior amongst canines than you might think.

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? 3 Causes

Coprophagia Explained

The action of eating one’s own feces is called coprophagia, a practice common in young dogs and puppies.



Medical Causes

One possibility is that your dog isn’t absorbing enough nutrients in its diet. This doesn’t necessarily mean they have a poor diet. Instead, something is getting in the way of their nutrient absorption processes.


Behavioural Causes

Another possibility is that your dog is practicing coprophagia for behavioral reasons rather than medical ones.  They simply do it out of curiosity or as a form of playing.

Preventative Measures

One of the easiest ways to stop your dog from eating poop is to make sure they never get the opportunity to do it in the first place.

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